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  1. Damn, this was supposed to post at midnight. Sorry about that! 😳

  2. [quote comment=”631328″]Damn, this was supposed to post at midnight. Sorry about that! :oops:[/quote]

    The wee-bitching hour would have been more appropriate.

  3. Drusky

    Butt Floss! It must make it more enjoyable when he rides ‘bitch’… 😯

  4. DaPopster

    See, this is why the gene pool should be thoroughly chlorinated and THEN FLUSHED !!!!! :puke:

  5. hey! he’s wearing my thong! that’s the last time i use that laundromat!!!!
    :wtf: :thong: :dead:

  6. Sturgis trying to catch some Mardi Gras action by sponsering Big Fat Gay Wednesday.

  7. Margaret

    He’s asking “Who offered to let me ride on the back of their bike yesterday?’

  8. Patrick

    My Big Fat Greek Gay Uncle, with color-coordinated hat, Harley and butt floss! GROSS! 🙁

  9. Sherri

    Grandpa? Time to get you back to the home and heavily medicated so you can’t escape again. ❓

  10. jdn

    hey why didnt you warn us to get the eye bleach ready ahead of time now i cant see to find it

  11. fruf

    who do I ride now?

  12. rem1967

    :puke: :limp:

    Nothing else need be said.

  13. BK

    Yessssssssss. :kiss:

  14. Bigwavdave

    Again I say – Is this the line at Starbuck’s? :wtf:

  15. Flash Gordon

    Someone please tie his braid to his thong. :puke: :troll: :limp:

  16. Phoenix1313

    Is that a very wierd, very ugly, half-naked dude…or a VERY wierd, very ugly, half-naked chick? 😯

  17. caity

    i think its a fuking ugly he-she. or an it either way thts fuking nasty. :puke: :dead:

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