Note to Self, No. 6,502

Find a way to change our appearance. This year, I was told no less than 19 times to “Have a safe 4th of July,” indicating that I somehow resemble the Latchkey, redneck children that seem to lose useful parts of their anatomy each July by securing coal mine explosives in their teeth or in the rectum of the neighbor’s dog while yelling, “Hey fellers! Lookit this!”

Note to Self: No. 6,444

There is a vile invention, one which I was seduced into buying in a weak moment. The product is known as the SudaCare Shower Soother, a blue tablet that when dropped into a shower stall, alleges to release menthol vapors, much as a cyanide capsule does to a condemned prisoner.

The cyanide capsule, I am led to believe, smells faintly of almond. This would be far preferable to the scent offered by the Shower Soother, whose own musk resembles a cough drop that has been generously marinaded in kerosene and set ablaze.

Note to Self: Find the group responsible for this tablet and force-feed them several of them.

Notes to Self: No. 6,221-6,223

  1. There is a finite limit to the amount of bluing that can be applied to a load of whites
  2. No matter how good it seems at the time, consuming three brownies and a Coke in rapid succession before a meeting is really not a good idea
  3. When you go out this weekend, your shoes will be vomited on by the cat. There is no escaping this inevitability, as she will find them and can pick locks
  4. Michigan roads can suck it. Just blew out two tires this morning on my way to the airport