Note to Self: No. 6,444

There is a vile invention, one which I was seduced into buying in a weak moment. The product is known as the SudaCare Shower Soother, a blue tablet that when dropped into a shower stall, alleges to release menthol vapors, much as a cyanide capsule does to a condemned prisoner.

The cyanide capsule, I am led to believe, smells faintly of almond. This would be far preferable to the scent offered by the Shower Soother, whose own musk resembles a cough drop that has been generously marinaded in kerosene and set ablaze.

Note to Self: Find the group responsible for this tablet and force-feed them several of them.


  1. FeverPitch

    I tried those things too. Suckage. :puke:

  2. family jules

    I saw those things advertised and thought immediately that it must be like showering with a wad of Vicks Vapo-Rub. What a wonderful way to smell when you get dressed! I had no doubt I would NOT be buying them any time soon. Soothing……not so much.

    Words to avoid when looking for aromatherapy:
    Clears your sinuses

  3. Spud

    Yeah, and those white tablets in the mens room aren’t after dinner mints either.


  4. Bigwavdave

    How about some nice sandlewood soap?

    Dave – What advertising gimmick forced you to try this product?

  5. Knkangaroo

    THANK YOU, I had considered trying them, and knowing that they can peel your skin off from head to toe was QUITE helpful……

  6. junkman

    we are selling our cottage and were told by the agent to freshen up the place with a “nice” glade plug-in. the only one available in the small town was “hawaiian breeze” or some such rot. what a dispicable smell not found in nature. if lilacs could vomit blackberry cotton candy bile, maybe that’s what it would be like. you know a smell is bad when it permeates your tongue and heads for your internal organs.
    ps. one night this horny she-manatee gave me free tequila until i was as drunk as that santa. when i woke up in the morning i hightailed it out of my own apartment and left the snoring mass of a stranger there. went back in the afternoon and she was gone. thank god there are no photos to post on that web-site.

  7. Bigwavdave

    junkman regarding your ps. – A good cautionary tale. As far as the photos are concerned, don’t try running for public office. ❗ :wtf: :puke:

  8. Sher

    They also make a plug-in wall version of the Suda-Care Vapor so you can bask in the toxic waste smell for a full 8 hours.. :puke: :dead:

  9. sledge

    I have had the misfortune of smelling this stuff,my nostrils almost fell out of my head.Reminds me of a barn in winter time with too much ammonia

  10. MJaz

    Public Service Announcement:

    If you are a kook like me who likes the smell of Vicks… but hates the grease.. try the Triaminic Vapor Patch. It’s made for kids, but it works great. Honest.

    *logs in to buy some more stock in Novartis, real quick*

  11. I used to work in an area where there was a welding shop and next door to a candle factory. My god the two smells together when you walked up the driveway were horrible.

    It will suffice to say welding smoke and strawberries should never be mixed together.

    And yet some marketing director some where will make them into some kind of scented thing. :puke: :wtf:

    I am allergic to most of the glade things too.

  12. [Comment ID #81161 will be quoted here]

    No gimmick. The fact that I have bronchitis and pneumonia right now.

  13. So sorry you’re sick, Davezilla. I’d recommend some Rosie’s Merry Mint soap, instead except you’re scent-free until May 13th.

  14. Knkangaroo

    [Comment ID #81181 will be quoted here] I think they were out of focus. Hope you feel better soon, Dave……….

  15. Sher

    [Comment ID #81175 will be quoted here]

    I actually love the smell of Vicks too.
    The Sudacare stuff smells like someone made a really bad generic version of Vicks.

  16. scamper

    I had a glade thing to, I had to put it on the lowest setting of 1, at 3 it ran me outa my apt.
    p.s. Dave, maybe Natilie well come and rub you in vicks, or vicea versa.

  17. jeffro

    [Comment ID #81172 will be quoted here]
    that must be what happened to Michael Jackson.

  18. family jules

    Hey Dave, I got something that will help you a lot more than those nasty tablets. Have you tried ColdEeze lozenges? I am a natural born skeptic of the herbal remedy type of thing, but I was so sick I was willing to try anything. Also, if I catch a cold, it stays with me for a good two weeks out of pure meanness.

    The last two times I caught a cold, I started taking them at the first sign, and both times the cold only lasted a couple of days and it was gone! That has never happened to me before. It’s worth a try if you’re really miserable. Hope it works! Good luck and get better!

  19. Riss

    I tried the SudaCare shower tabs. The smell reminds me of an airplane restroom. :dead:

  20. Regular Fisherman’s friends. Very natural and they stop a runny nose while you eat them. I swear by them.
    Chicken soup instant protein that goes right into your system because it is a liquid. :java:
    Get better soon. It is going around here too.

  21. Mandy

    You’ve got pneumonia? Poor baby! I hope Natalie is giving you hot baths and soup. Feel better, babe. :kiss:

  22. Zilla the Younger

    Dave this is the sister-in-law do the three eggs!!!!!!!!!

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