24 thoughts on “Note to Self, No. 6,077

  1. Have you got these two items mixed up again Dave?

    tsk tsk tsk

    Post its don’t taste so good, and breath strips don’t stick so well.

    Write this out 100 times on the board.


  2. Silly Dave post it’s are for paper!

    The idiot in the next cube who leaves his cell phone at his desk all day unattended has “The Final Countdown” as his ring tone, makes me want to drop it in the toilet ever time I hear it ring…

    What no legoland pics I mean come on what could be more exciting?

  3. and ive been stickin those little strips up my ass all this time,thanks dave
    i will miss my cool mint farts though

  4. Note to self: Don’t confuse a Listerine breath strip with a Benadryl Sinus strip. My breath may smell better, but my sinuses won’t be any clearer.

  5. If you put tape on a cats paws, it runs around in circles. If you put tape on your tongue.. does it make you talk in circles? And if it does, then I guess the mints will help as well. 😀

  6. Now do one for chap-stick and glue-stick. Got em right next to each other on my desk, the tubes are identical size, and even similar colors. Yep, stop paying attention for one minute and I’ll end up in the ER going “Mmm Mmmm-mm-MM-mm mmmm mm MMM mmm!”

  7. [Comment ID #77589 will be quoted here]

    Oh I did. “Why isn’t this thing dissolving? Why does it taste so weird? Why doeas the package say Post-It?”

    t doth sucketh mightily.

  8. Well if you’re inclined towards these kinds of minty mistakes, Dave, I would highly recommend that you don’t leave your toothpaste and your Preparation H beside each other on the bathroom shelf.

  9. I was watching some TV show the other day. This guy had a party trick for impressing the women. He explained how you take one paper stapler, empty the staples from it and take one piece of post it paper. You allow the girl to believe that the paper is a standard every day piece of paper, you hold it to your head and then bang the stapler against it.

    The post it paper sticks to your head and the girl thinks wow, the only problem is he forgot to empty the staples and spent the night with two red dots and a continuous trickle of blood running down his head.

    Now even if the fool had got it right, hands up any girls that would really be impressed with a guy attempting or seeming to have the ability of stapling a piece of paper to his forehead :wtf:

  10. Never mistake prune juice for any other juice when making “Jungle Juice” for a party. You don’t have that many bathrooms in your house…

    Zilla – you need laser surgery. Loose the specs.

  11. Yeah, well, those Listerine strips are nasty anyway. They feel like minty glue in my mouth once they start to melt. Though I would guess the post it’s aren’t much better.

    Wow….that Countdown website was sure exciting *eye roll*

  12. Apologies for not posting today. Got back from a grueling business trip. :dead:

    Wow….that Countdown website was sure exciting *eye roll*

    The idea is guess is to make that someone’s homepage at work, particularly if they work for the gov’t. 👿

  13. [Comment ID #77591 will be quoted here]
    On the flip side, I’ll bet your co workers said you had ‘fresh’ ideas on the notes you left…


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