Remember: cats with claws + goosedown comforters = a big, honkin’ mess to sweep up.

16 thoughts on “Notes to Self: No. 6,322

  1. For me it is cats, a marble bathroom counter and carefully placed puddles of softsoap. Claws or not, that pussy jumps up on the counter and it slides right into the sink. Might be a tad mean but like old people falling down it is funny every single time. 😈

  2. Probably better than claws on your chest. To keep kitty out of your hair put scotch tape on his paws and stand back

  3. For my household: Cat with claws plus brand new butcher block dining table equals lifetime claw marks for her first and only attempt to grind to an unsuccessful screeching halt!

  4. Reminds me of the time that I accidentally released my flock of pet hummingbirds at that badminton tournament. Boy, those tiny feathers can really stick to a sweaty polo shirt.

  5. my 1 year old + a box of cornstarch he found (since he figured out how to work the baby locks) = big honkin mess to vaccum, sweep, and scrub off the table, chairs, sofa, carpet, and kitchen floor.

  6. 90 lb yellow lab pup + unsupervised in house after breaking fifth chain/leash and choker = broken window to get out, broken door to get back in cuz it’s too damn cold in the snow and shredded comforter to keep warm in the cold ass house since the window and door are now broken and wide open. ❓

    Loving cat + Family of pigeons = Gift of dead pigeon placed lovingly at your feet. :puke:

    Trespassing lost drunks + Devoted guard dog and cat = Mess you can’t clean up until the coroner and police get to your house. 😈

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