Failed Horror Movie Ideas

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Things I Learned from Movies, Part V

Whenever magic is being performed for the first time, black clouds instantly roll in. If a cop or some para-military soldier pokes at his own eyes, then forwards twice in the air, trouble is coming. Giants and large dinosaurs move in slow motion. Small dinosaurs move with lightning speed. In real life, putting up your open palm signals someone to stop. In the movies, this is how Native Americans greet each other. In real life, putting up your closed fist means Black Power. In the movies, this is how Ninjas signal each other to stop. Women have always worn thongs,…

Mr Sensitive? You BET!

The other day I made a comment to someone that got an unanticipated response (I know, right, me saying something that bothers someone? how … odd).

I suggested that if superpowers were on the bartering table, I would see my way through to selling my soul. I mean, superpowers. Come on. Who wouldn’t want that. Even assuming that I’m not completely serious about bartering an unsubstantial, non-recordable and altogether magical essence for the concrete power to teleport, or shoot laser beams from my eyes, or whatever power I chose, it’s a good topic of conversation. It gets the ball rolling. From there we could have gone with ‘WHat would you sell your soul for’ or ‘What’s the nastiest place you had the sex in?’