It’s Science!

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  1. Drusky

    Let’s see those dirty Romans try to crucify me now that I have my new ride…

  2. If my science lessons taught me anything about the dinosaurs, it was that they were HUGE………so that would make Jesus in this picture……300 ft tall……

    Now we know why we hide the eggs on Easter…the dino-parents had to do it to trick Jesus, so it’s a tradition….right?……right???…….right??????????

  3. “Hey Dad, I gotta great idea for a fuzzy compact version….we’ll call it the camel….whaddya think Dad?”

  4. Wow, I didn’t know that Jesus invented the alligator handbag.

    And what a wimp! He rides side-saddle.

  5. Spud

    I feel so happy to see a smiling dinosaur, it’s so wonderfully calming, I feel so much better for having seen this picture.

    Confucius say – ‘Man who stand on toilet – high on pot’

  6. AlexBallew

    Well recent scientific theories state dinosaurs are most related to chickens. Did they taste like them too?

  7. Proof that when I die, there’ll be dinosaurs waiting for me in heaven.
    “You’re using our bones for what?!” :wtf:

  8. If Monty Python has taught me anything, it’s that every sperm is sacred. So wouldn’t that semen cookbook be considered heresy?

  9. Da Popster

    That cookbook is stating what I’ve said all these years ladies, it’s good for you!!!!!

  10. Phoenix1313

    Sooo…these wouldn’t be low sodium recipes? :wtf:

  11. Heidi

    Just when I think I have seen it all….. Semem-based recipes?
    No wonder my boyfriend is exhausted when he gets home from cooking school……

  12. [quote comment=”521029″]They died off for our sins.[/quote]

    So we’ve got to keep on sinning so that they did not die in vain.

  13. Patrick

    Didn’t I see an article in the paper yesterday where some doofus got busted for launching his load into his stalkee’s water bottle, not once but twice while at the gym? She actually drank the first ‘soup’ but complained to the cops on the second go-round. :troll:

  14. Cooking With Semen…
    Just in time for Thanksgiving! When they ask, “What’s the secret ingredient?”… “The secret’s in the jizz!”

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