I need your help

Tell some jokes today. I got up at 3am yesterday for a day trip in and out of Washington, D.C. and it fried my brain. I got home in plenty of time to post, but I was dry. Nada. So please, entertain me. I need a recharge.

New look

I guess I never did get around to updating this site’s appearance last year. There are of course, a few bugs, missing features and visual tweaks still. Safari is not displaying the comment editing buttons, but you can tell what they are by hovering your mouse over them. More new features to come over the […]

Rest in peace, St. Augustine

[1998-2005] This weekend while I was in Toronto, my cats managed to open the screen door and get onto the balcony. When I came home, the youngest one was nowhere to be found. Tuesday night I found him huddled and shaking under a bush. He died Wednesday evening from internal injuries (he fell two stories […]

The first one’s always free

You may be hooked emotionally and psychologically. You may have developed a physical dependence, too. If you’re addicted to Flickr — whether it’s legal or illegal — you have intense cravings for it. You want to use it again and again. When you stop seeing your photostream for even ten minutes, you may have unpleasant […]

A favor

I have a confession. I’ve not been very pleased with this site over the past year. No, I am not going to give up posting. I just want to improve the content. I reread some of my older entries and in 2001-2003 I wrote some great entries. Last year, I could count on one hand […]

Hells Yeah

I just want to thank all of you that have been giving that link on the left a click. This is now the #1 WordPress site thanks to all of you. Keep clicking. We’re number one!

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