Story time #1

“After our adventurers had finished polishing all the troll’s silverware, swept his dungeon and adjusted his satellite TV dish, they decided to … ” [Add your lines and keep the story going] viagra free viagra buy viagra online generic viagra how does viagra work cheap viagra buy viagra buy viagra online inurl viagra 6 free […]

Welcome to my world

Ever watched the credits roll at the cinema or on television all the way to the end? Your eyes get so used to the upward motion of the credits that when they finally stop your eyes suddenly get the illusion that the room is falling slightly. My whole life is like that. viagra free viagra […]

People we can safely dislike #2

Guys who wear t-shirts with tuxedos printed on them. People who finish their sentences by clucking their tongue. Every time. I don’t mind the odd lawn gnome or statue of Mary, but when it gets to be a village… People whose entire philosophical base can be summarized through the 18 bumperstickers littering their Chevy Astro. […]

American Badass

Image via Larfus

All right, who befoozled the Intraweb again?

Tech Support Person in Bangladesh: “Good evening and hello today. I am please to help you very much.” Clueless computer user in Duluth: “It’s morning, sonny. Do you know stuff about computers and all cause I don’t know a thing.” Tech Support: “Yes, sir. I am having the Microsoft Certification last year.” Clueless in Duluth: […]

Consensus needed

Does the message on her shorts say: Spoiled Soiled Oiled Foiled Boiled Who cares? Nice ass!

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