People we can safely dislike #2

Guys who wear t-shirts with tuxedos printed on them. People who finish their sentences by clucking their tongue. Every time. I don’t mind the odd lawn gnome or statue of Mary, but when it gets to be a village… People whose entire philosophical base can be summarized through the 18 bumperstickers littering their Chevy Astro. […]

American Badass

Image via Larfus

All right, who befoozled the Intraweb again?

Tech Support Person in Bangladesh: “Good evening and hello today. I am please to help you very much.” Clueless computer user in Duluth: “It’s morning, sonny. Do you know stuff about computers and all cause I don’t know a thing.” Tech Support: “Yes, sir. I am having the Microsoft Certification last year.” Clueless in Duluth: […]

Consensus needed

Does the message on her shorts say: Spoiled Soiled Oiled Foiled Boiled Who cares? Nice ass!

Davezilla’s Dictionary #528

Apecurious: [APE-ih-KYUR-ee-us] Noun One who considers himself a gourmand, but is in fact utterly devoid of basic table etiquette. Bistrough: [BEESE-troff] Noun An overpriced, overrated, trendy restaurant with food not suitable for most scavenging mammals. Dipster:* [DIP-stir] Noun A poseur hipster. Faute Cuisine:* [FOTE-kwee-zine] Noun The food served at a Bistrough; beautifully presented, yet completely […]

I guess I’m here to protect you, or something.

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