The Contents of Our Pug’s Stomach

We have a fat, old pug named Bennie.

He’ll be 14 years old this year, so we don’t really give him shit about being husky.

I’ve heard that Pugs cannot eat chocolate. That it’s poisonous to them. No one sent that memo to Bennie. He’s eaten chocolate, literally by the pound. He’s also eaten a pound of fudge from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, hunks of soap and bath bombs from Lush, glitter, an entire bunch of bananas, brownies and a loaf of bread. Not all at once, mind you. He does have some restraint.

My favorite story about Bennie is when he stole the brownies. They in tin foil and up on a kitchen counter. Pug owners will know that this presents a problem as Pugs are verticals, ally-challenged. Bennie is prevented from entering the kitchen by a baby gate. How then, did he get to the brownies?

My wife found out one day, quite by accident. She locked him behind the gate as always and left for work. A minute later, she realized he had forgotten her coffee and headed back inside. Bennie was scaling the gate like a Green Beret. He turned, saw Lizz and froze mid-step with a, “Oh, this? How did I get up here?” expression on his doughy, wrinkled face.

So we know how he scales baby gates. Bennie also pushes stools up to the counter, which explains why our bananas were always missing. After stealing food, Bennie has the presence of mind to push the stool back, and creep back over the gate, hiding all evidence.

Clever bastard.

So, fudge. One day, he pulled his usual wall-scaling maneuver after smelling a pound of cinnamon fudge in the kitchen. Wrapped in tin foil. Which itself was shrink-wrapped in plastic. In a paper bag. No problem.

Slipping over the gate with the stealth and grace of an arthritic hippo, Bennie nabbed the fudge and devoured all evidence of its existence. Fudge. Tin foil. Wrapper. Bag. All eaten.

When Lizz came home, she found Bennie sprawled spread eagle on the ground—no simple feat for a Pug—making a low, moaning sound. He also appeared to be several inches thicker in the midsection, like an anaconda that recently swallowed a feral pig.

Lizz looked at Bennie, and he belched cinnamon in her face, giving himself away in the process. She put him out in the yard to poop but he just lied there in the snow, a miniature, beached whale. Hours later, his business done Bennie was back to business.

The following day, it snowed again. Our neighbor Margaret told Lizz that our snow looked “especially shiny, glittery and beautiful, more than anyone else’s yard!”

“Oh, that would be Bennie’s shit,” Lizz replied calmly. “He ate a pound of fudge and pooped tin foil all over the yard.”

Stay classy, Bennie.

My Asshole Cats

My Asshole Cats

  1. …Refuse to chase their toys until I’m in 4th stage REM sleep.
  2. …Only get nauseous when the floor is clean. And only on the hardwood.
  3. …Are responsible for 99% of all poltergeist activity in the lower 48 states.
  4. …Inform me their claws need trimming when they are sitting on my crotch.
  5. …Allow my baby to pull their hair, slap them and bite their heads. If I so much as pet them too close to their tails, I lose a vital organ.
  6. …Love our cranky old Pug, but are plotting the slow, painful death of our gentle Italian Greyhound.
  7. …Want to decimate every wild bird outside, but have no interest killing indoor spiders.
  8. …Can pick locks with the skill of a hardened ex-con.
  9. …Shit next to their litter box.

I have a quwestion

Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
Welcome! You are now chatting with ‘Vanessa
Vanessa: Hi David, Thanks for chatting, let me help you with your concern
Dave: thank you
Vanessa: Your welcome!
Dave: You’re, not your.
Vanessa: I’m not sure what you mean.
Dave: You wrote “Your welcome”, but you should have written “You’re welcome.”
Vanessa: Do you have a quwestion?
Dave: No, but I have a question.
Vanessa: ok. Please inform me once done.
Dave: Once what’s done?
Vanessa: Go ahead
Dave: What?
Vanessa: I see. So everything is ok now
Vanessa: Or you would still want me to assist you in doing it?
Dave: I haven’t asked a question yet. Or even a quwestion.
Vanessa: Ok let me verify that
Dave: I didn’t ask. Scroll back up.
Vanessa: No problem
Vanessa: Is there anything else that I can assist you on your wireless account?
Dave: Yes, I’d like to ask a QUESTION.
Vanessa: I can see how that can be frustrating for you.
Dave: Um, yes?
Dave: I just want to know why I am not getting a paper bill when two months ago, I requested to receive paper bills again.
Vanessa: change settings
Dave: What?
Vanessa: When you click profile, scroll down till you get Billing contact info
Vanessa: I am seeing that you made the request in December. You must be patient. It takes up to 48 hours to process.
Dave: It’s the last day of January. I think we’re well past the 48 hour mark.
Vanessa: I can see how that can be frustrating for you.
Dave: sigh…
Dave: Can you perhaps direct me to the page on the site where I can change that.
Vanessa: When you click profile, scroll down till you get Billing contact info
Vanessa: Then change settings
Dave: Thank you
Vanessa: Your welcome.
Vanessa: j/k You’re welcome. See I’m learning!!
Dave: Word.