Close encounters of the work kind

A former coworker posted something today about the awkwardness of running into coworkers in public places. How, despite liking that person, you instantly lose the ability to form speech.

It reminded me how even passing coworkers in the hallway at work can be awkward and soul-destroying.

First Encounter: You smile, exchange pleasantries, and move on.

Second Encounter: The briefest of eye contact, the “I’m busy, pal” dismissive smile and a simian grunt that resembles the word, “Hey.”

Third Encounter: The upward head bob. No eye contact is made. The exchange is silent and understood.

Fourth Encounter: You pretend to be immersed in something very important on your phone. You are, in reality, staring at the app arrangement on your home screen.

Fifth Encounter: You have recombined your own DNA and are now an as of yet, undiscovered species, perhaps a cryptid.