The reason for the high gas prices

So I came across a very interesting post on a forum recently. I defy you to make sense of it.

“The reason for the high gas prices is to force people not to travel very much and stay in their locale. Due to the fact that the Purebred Reptilian race that lives in the hollow part of the earth are trying to come to the surface. The 13 Bloodlines that rule this earth and are each given section of continents of Earth to rule over are scared of their own people the Pure Bred Reptilians who are pissed off at the 13 bloodlines failure to capture this planet for the Draco Empire. Mainly in the news mine collapses and always fires out in the California and the western area to keep people from seeing these creatures as they come to the surface. Their have also been Caves closed to the Public due to their entryway into the hollow earth area where the Purebred Reptilains been seen and their have been many battles underground by these Purebreds trying to get to the surface to take immediate control. Chemtrails are also being used to target these Purebreds genetics and eliminate them.