19 thoughts on “Not dead.

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    Sounds like you need the Dick Pharmacy quick!…

    “Dick, (oww) do you carry (ohhhh) talcum powder?”

    “Sure, just walk this way…”

    “(Oww) Listen Dick, if I could (ow) walk THAT way I wouldn” need (ohh) the talcum powder!”

  2. Dave’s been working so hard I’m not sure he’ll be able to get it up. And if he does, will it stay up? Oh, and I’m wondering about the new post as well. 😛

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    Let’s fill him up with Cialis and see if he produces a four-hour :wang: Or perhaps
    the Zillagirls could accomplish this without the chemicals? :wang: 😕 😛

  4. :wang:I love my wang being inside or outside, I love my wang. NOW!!! Who up and died and forgot to tell me? Why! How cheekie of the “ol SOB”. Just like that. Up and died. Can you believe it? And didn’t even have the nerve to let his auntie know!!! What’s a person to do? The times, they are changing… “Oh!” I almost forgot. So, Dave I heared through the grape-vine that you are not getting it ( :limp: ) up lately. You need to slow down and get your skinny butt over here to auntie’s house. Auntie knows how to make it feel better. “Yea-baby”

  5. A local DJ used to play the game “Dead, Deader, Deadest”, naming deceased celebrities and letting listening audience try to rank order them for prizes. Seems someone took offense and complained to station managment. Seems someone needs to get a fucking life and let us live ours. Betcha someone’s radio had a fucking tuning knob or button on it. Use it bitch!

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