blend in

Call me picky, but this isn’t how one blends in when wandering about Detroit.

16 thoughts on “Tourism Rule No. 23: Blend In

  1. Please, please, please don’t be the waitresses from the topless diner heading for the unemployment office. Oh and Uke boy (per video of the day) it may be time to do an instumental next time.

  2. Well now, hold on a minute Big Guy – – – How do you know these are tourists? Maybe everyone in Dey-twah dresses like this. Could be the Uniform of the Day. Might even be the line at Starbuck’s!

  3. Definately tourists, over fifty RED HATTERS watch out for the Bingo calllers just inside ! and don’t forget the cups of tea…. :knickers:

  4. [quote comment=”633284″]I say we call in the Flying Purple People Eater to take care of the problem.[/quote]

    I Presume any Properly Proud Purple People Eater would Probably Puke Ppppledge Pppppins if Presented with that Particular Purple Person Problem.

  5. [quote comment=”633288″]Ya these idiots from San Fransisco really need to blend in when visiting Detroit[/quote]
    See, now that explains it. I didn’t realize these guys were drag queens in town for the Gay Pride Parade.

  6. red hat cult had a member hunting convention here is wash state was so scared had to run away to canada 😮

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