Collective Nouns for Web 2.0

Back in the Middle Ages, knowing what collective noun was applied to a group of animals was taken quite seriously. We all know the common ones, such as herd of cows, a pack of dogs, a flock of birds, but there were plenty of obscure ones like an exaltation of larks, a murder of crows, a shrewdness of apes, etc. Time for some new collective nouns for Internet groupings.

  1. If a group of whales is a pod, is a group of teenagers an iPod?
  2. A nuisance of 4Chan members
  3. A nest of Tweeple (Twitter users)
  4. A channel of YouTube watchers
  5. A pool of Flickrites
  6. A patch of hackers
  7. A flaming of trolls
  8. A backdoor of hackers
  9. An absence of MySpace members
  10. A wall of Facebook friends
  11. A time suck of Farmville players

Which ones did you think of?


  1. Bigwavdave

    A hoard of hearses…Uh, I guess that’s more of a pun…

  2. a Waste of Bloggers… NO! Wait, that’s a Waste of DNA!

  3. Cobe

    A Pair of Nuts…..resting on your chin.

  4. [quote comment=”637457″]a Waste of Bloggers… NO! Wait, that’s a Waste of DNA![/quote]
    Hey now. 👿

  5. t1nyturtle

    A plague of spammers.
    A forest of ads.
    A flotilla of phishers.
    An ocean of videos.
    A thicket of links.
    A waterfall of email.

    Corndog lip balm?!?

  6. fruf

    a garbage truck of junk mail
    a barf of bloggers
    a plethora of psychologists
    an account of nigerian bankers
    an erection of drug sellers

  7. A 4um of texters.
    A pride of lions, a shame of lolcats.
    A warren of World of Warcraft players.*
    An ostentation of members.
    A clutch of internet porn users.

    (*try saying that when you’re drunk without sounding like Elmer Fudd)

  8. JulesOdeNile

    😉 to an ipod of teens, a stedging of Zgirls!!!

    A Lie of Politicians
    A Runaround of bureaucrat,
    A Blithering of Co=workers
    A Cheapness of Hoes

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