18 thoughts on “Braised Fresh Dave

  1. I’m Chinese, and I think the fish is “DACE” – I have a can of Fried Dace in my cupboard. It’s actually quite good with rice.

  2. [quote comment=”637473″][quote comment=”637471″]akshully, it kinda looks like a… :limp: …but cut into bite sized pieces. OUCH![/quote]
    Shunde style[/quote]

    Then what are those round things next to it?

  3. [quote comment=”637479″]At least he is worth $48.00
    does he come with veggies ?[/quote]

    No. But a feather duster artfully employed can do wonders.

  4. [quote comment=”637480″]I always wondered why two hours after commenting on this blog, I feel like commenting again.[/quote]
    Nice! I no longer have the MSG plugin on my blog, so you shouldn’t get a headache after commenting, either.

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