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  • YankeeRose33

    Mommy, can we get the shoulder roast?

  • cbatdux

    Mommy, can we get some of the Unicorn for dinner?

  • Makya

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless it’s Mr. Dead

  • Lung the Younger

    Butcher shops for horsemeat are quite common in France.

    I remember going for a day at the races at the Longchamp track many years ago and to be honest, the animals did look a bit nervous. Probably because the first prise was a silver cup but the last prize involved getting served in a red-wine sauce on a bed of haricot verts.

  • fruf

    Welcome back Dave
    everytime I eat this meat I neigh
    Do I ride it or eat it?
    Is that horse sausage or horse c— behind the sign
    this section is right down from the dog and cat section

  • junkman

    mommy can i have a black beauty? sorry honey i only do crystal meth these days. :dead:

  • rust

    Look Mommy! It’s “My Little Pony!”*

    *Unrelated to Hasbro, its products, services or foodstuffs.

  • StevieC

    My burger has a first name,
    It’s H-O-R-S-E ….

  • Meagan

    “When I said I wanted a pony, I didn’t mean like this.” 😯

  • chainstay

    I wonder if there are silhouettes of pigs, cows, and other things? Handy signs if one does not speak the language. “No, no, no, I wanted three cat legs! Not bat wings!

  • Lung the Younger

    Something to throw on the barbaro-que and to serve with a nice salty sea biscuit.

  • nevets

    you should shoot it here .

  • DaPopster

    Is that where the burgers you eat at the Golden Horse come from ? 😉

  • rust

    [quote comment=”637435″]
    Is that horse sausage or horse c— behind the sign
    Well, if you must ask, it *is* horse dick. I’ve heard that they are quite tasty when served up with a cream sauce…


  • Big Grif

    Deli Motto: What you rode on yesterday, you crap out tomorrow!

  • Timm

    Little girl: “I don’t unnerstand it but Mommy say that Daddy is hung like one of those.”

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