Ugh. Mucho apologies for my absence. I’ve been ill. Getting better. Writing some new posts. Up by midnight. morning Carry on without me.

20 thoughts on “Not dead.

  1. Are you really sick or has someone abducted your identity? Do we need to look for pods?

    RE Mucho thanks = food poisoning at the Mexican restaurant?

  2. Be careful…take your time and get lots of sleep and don’t worry about us…we’ll manage somehow. Take care now, OK? Good.

    Hey zills & zillettes…he’s asleep…it’s PARTY TIME!

    BYOTABTs! [Bring Your Own Tacos And Blue Tarps!]

  3. In Southern California, many of us are dealing with allergies. Hot, dry, and winds picking up all the junk and blowing it all around. Take your Claritin or Zyrtec, and if it sneaks into you, Benadryl might save you, still! Be well, all of my friends!

  4. Good Lord Janet. I’m a chemist by trade and you frighten me.

    I was going to recommend orange juice, hot soup, maybe some herbal tea and lots and lots of sleep but you’ve just made me feel very, very outdated. Anyway Dave, whether you choose my ‘Grandma Jones’ solution or Janet’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ solution just get well soon and get back to fighting the good fight.

  5. Get well soon Dave. Similar things happening here as well. I don’t have anyone named Mucho to apologize for my absence but then again I’m not a celebrity so I can’t afford assistants. I’m assuming Mucho is your illegal burrito manufacturer/PR agent?
    (Scientific name: burritos illegalis)

    My favorite quote of the week: “Childrens do learn.” — Dubya

  6. Dave – take 2 aspirin and masturbate 10 times every 4 hours. That always makes me feel better. :kiss:

  7. [Comment ID #202467 will be quoted here]add Nyquil at double the recommended dosage. You won’t get healthier any quicker but you really wont’ give a damn!

  8. [Comment ID #202467 will be quoted here]

    10 times every four hours? I really need to get in touch with my feminine side. Or Aystrid. :wang:

  9. Or AnnieB, or Nikki, or Meagan, or a certain perky, pouty Zilla girl who seems to be MIA these days… Oh, what the hell…bring ’em all on :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang:

  10. We’re glad you’re not dead! We’ll hold down the fort while you’re healin’!

    [Comment ID #202467 will be quoted here]

    AnnieB, I do believe I am in love with you! 😳

  11. Get better, Dave. Too much (or too little) Starbucks?

    [Comment ID #202467 will be quoted here]

    How do you masturbate asprin and do they enjoy it? 😈

  12. In Georgia you have to be an apprentice bater
    before you can become a master bater.[Comment ID #202472 will be quoted here]

    Yeah, what has happened to our Mandy? Perhaps the
    other Zilla gurls have offed her?
    🙄 😕 😕 :wtf: :wang: 🙁

  13. [Comment ID #202527 will be quoted here]

    Damn straight! No way a true Zilla Girl would have a tawdry emotion like jealousy among each other. We’re all about the love! :wang: :boob: :boob:

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