38 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Suggestion #3

  1. Mae West had a great line in her last movie…After walking down the front hall of her talent agency, lined with young studs on both sides, she turns to her assistant and says “I’m a little tired this afternoon…one of those boys will have to go”

  2. [quote comment=”470200″]And finally…“There ain’t enough whiskey in Texas” 8O[/quote]

    Fuck Texas, there just ain’t enough whiskey!

  3. If you bastards stop drinking all the whiskey there might be enough for me.

    Damn I didn’t know old people were on heroin.

  4. so old instead of whipping a guy she has them whip themselves and change her diaper. Safe word is mashed bananana. 😯

  5. so many emotions hit me all i could come up with, coherently, was AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ as i bowed down to you Dave. i don’t whaich one it is, a case of “right place right time with the right equipment? or wrong place wrong time RIGHT equipment ❗ you are king, dude!

    in an unrelated story: AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ❗ ❗ ❗

    and in an even more unrelated story: Nice nails πŸ™„ who did ’em for you, girl?

  6. ***Sits down with morning coffee and opens home page, spies Dave’s RSS update, puts down coffee, poises mouse pointer over link, covers eyes with left hand, debates the pros and cons of clicking said link for several moments, clicks link anyway, slowly uncovers eyes, slowly opens one eye, notices new pho…***


    ***Immediately hears a familiar jingle in his head but tuned for the moment….***

    The worst part of waking up, is barfing up in your cup…

    …fade to black…

  7. [quote comment=”471717″][quote comment=”470090″]Amy Winehouse’s grandma[/quote]
    Grandma? Hell, that is Amy Winehouse.[/quote]

    In that case, congrats on making her look better.

  8. It was later discovered that Betty’s doctor knew about the broken ‘off’ switch loooong before her liposuction…


    Skeletor’s wet dream revealed! 😯

  9. [quote comment=”473061″]I’d do her. Actually, I think I have![/quote]

    So…There IS enough shiskey…somewhere…

  10. She looks O-kay to me, and this percocet I’m doped up on is O-kay too………. Everthin’ iz Aye O-Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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