Blogging Tips for Beginners

A lot of people write me and ask me how to make their blog as ground-shakingly popular like this one. Are there any magic formulas for winning blog content? You bet there are! Here are some simple Google searches to perform that will give you content for years to come. Simply combine two words that are not normally seen in close proximity to one another, enter into Google Images and the search results will give you the basis for many meaningful, influential posts! One exception: Pants may be combined with any other word.

  1. awesome unicorn
  2. squirrel workout
  3. uncomfortable pants [MNSFW]
  4. bacon explosion
  5. origami platypus
  6. executive pterodactyl
  7. fish pedicure
  8. happy pants
  9. mysterious knees
  10. What search terms would you look up?


  1. Craigaroonie

    astryd bec – it hasn’t worked yet but i’m patient

  2. john in co

    oily discharge

  3. fruf

    orgy woof
    perpendicular fuzz
    rednecked etiquette
    trivet orgasm

  4. Spud

    Intelligent – Government

    Free – Taxes

    Petrol – Bonus

    Lottery – Win

    Good – Work

  5. Electric underpants

    Hilarious dysfunction

    Dalek crochet

    Braille Porn

    Ultimate Gerbil

    Christian Furries

    And so on….

  6. chainstay

    voluptuous nincompoop

    spiffy whoremonger

    wretched bliss

    dandy bastard

    snotpocket (yes, one word)

    untimely correctness

  7. I was rather pleased when someone found my blog by searching for “yoga pussy.”

  8. Ppprick

    Military Intelligence
    Happily Married
    Politically correct

    Can you say oxy moron?

  9. [quote comment=”630954″][quote comment=”630951″]Ultimate Gerbil[/quote]

    My favorite result from Ultimate Gerbil[/quote]

    “Thank you Detroit!”

  10. Bec

    [quote comment=”630961″]Military Intelligence
    Happily Married
    Politically correct

    Can you say oxy moron?[/quote]
    I couldn’t agree more!

  11. Don

    Let the cat do the google search

  12. – Sticky lips

    – Bee pee

    – Fat bunny

    – Salty boobs :boob: :boob:

    – Bare bush

    – Poke muffin

  13. Bec

    Going on the edge here, but what about poke boobs? Or…

  14. junkman

    bush hammered
    potty, fartwell & knob
    dinky bomb
    arse face soap
    vagianni versnatchy (just made it up)
    beer schlong guy
    kitler (cats that look like hitler)
    snapper mower
    lube tube humsurfer

  15. chainstay

    “meet commander Happy Pants” was a great photo. It was worth the search.

  16. Bigwavdave

    :wtf: Are you F***ing kidding me with that PeePee link? I weep for America

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