We’ve all asked ourself the question, “Where does the time go?” I think I have the answer to that question. Look at the photo below:

The City of Tomorrow, Today

It’s quite obvious. Troy is stealing time from the rest of us. How else could they be the city of tomorrow, today?

14 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. That art display in the link was…disturbing. Very disturbing. Watch the movie and decide for yourself.

  2. If today is actually tomorrow ……. hooray …. one day closer to the weekend.

    Now those sculptures …. those are CLASS!!

  3. Wooden horses parked on Main Street from 8am-1 pm and from 2pm – 6pm Mon.-Fri. will be towed.

    Imagine the adds in the local newspaper:

    This week the local Catholic Association will host a seminar entitled – ‘Trojans Against Contraception’.

    Local businesses:
    Agamemnon Marriage Guidance Counseling.
    Achilles Chiropodists
    Cyclops Opticians

  4. Shouldn’t the sign read TROY – City of YESTERDAY…TODAY?

    I also wonder if the Poopybara had just visited that theater of the Ass-turd, um, absurd…

  5. art is a confined melody to sooth the mind or destroy all thoughts of happyness cause it pissises you off but art is also a delicate part of society:idea:

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