What is your kryptonite?

There exists one thing in everyone’s life that makes them shiver with fear, double over with nausea or curl into a fetal position. I have several of these bugabooos including, but not limited to:

  1. Clowns and mimes
  2. Bacon (S’OK, I’m pesco-vegetarian)
  3. Hummel figurines
  4. Sock garters
  5. Chinese opera
  6. Gauchos and skorts
  7. “New country”
  8. Czarnina
  9. Journey, Air Supply and REO Speedwagon
  10. Broadway musicals

So tell me, what is your kryptonite?

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Show 128 Comments


  1. Spud

    If I share my kryptonite failings I will be exposed.

    Ah what the hell…

    1. Wham, Janet Jackson, Bay City Rollers.
    2. Politicians
    3. Insurance people
    4. Telephone canvassers
    5. Asparagus
    6. Finger nails on a chalkboard
    7. Spandex
    8. Chinese/English menus
    9. People who drop in
    10. Umpires


  2. djemm

    Puppets and those large dolls. I’m aii so uncomfortable with Priests

  3. – Puppets and mimes
    – Comic Sans
    – people with B.O. and/or bad breath
    – Web sites filled with animated .gifs
    – Pop up ads


  4. Lisa

    My kryptonite…
    1) Visible lip liner
    2) Fake finger nails with fake French manicures
    3) People who lie to impress
    4) Used car salesmen
    5) Tomatoes
    6) Roaches
    7) Small dogs that bite
    8) People who just drop in and bring their children
    9) Small children
    10) People who are chronically late

  5. Lisa

    Oh and I forgot the one that chaps my ###
    People who see orbs everywhere and hear EVP everywhere.

    My tea maker sounds like its talking to me, too. Maybe I should sell it on E-Bay for a couple of thousand…
    Nah, it makes a really good pitcher of tea, so what should it matter if the voice of Satan rolls out of it everytime it perks. 😛

  6. family jules

    1. Waterbugs
    2. Tornados
    3. Finding out half way across the parking lot that it is covered with ice, not water
    4. My mother having any control over anything even remotely near my life

    Oh God, after number 4, I just can’t go on any further…..I need a valium now….

  7. Ace

    1. hair balls left in the tub
    2. the word “hella”
    3. paris hilton
    4. pickles
    5. the fact that I can’t remeber more stuff when I’m asked… I’ll be back

  8. I can’t believe another human expressed a distaste bordering on fear of those three “power ballad” bands which I will not name again…but would also point out that solo Steve Perry and solo Brian Cetera belong in that group.

    I will have to add:
    1.having my nostrils pinched shut, even for a moment
    2.actually smelling anything following the command, “Smell this!”
    3.the mere thought of any medical/surgical procedure involving my feet, down to mere splinter removal
    6.chunks of bell pepper cooked into any dish I’m eating
    7.superfluous apostrophes and/or quotation marks
    8.romance novels
    9.Benecio del Toro *shudder*
    10.The Bridges of Madison County, book form. *death rattle*

    I also am driven mad by not knowing why Davezilla comes to Little Rock twice a month, but that is not quite Kryptonite.

  9. Ace

    My FINAL tomorrow!!! And the one the day after!!! I’m sweatin’ already!

  10. minansi

    1. Tony Danza
    2. being asked “hey, did you watch Desperate Housewives, The Soprano’s, American Idol….etc, etc etc last night?” ahhhhhhhhhhhhh NO!!!!!
    3. licking envelopes/stamps
    4. waking up at 4am and not being able to fall back to sleep…. :wtf:
    5. small children with add…… ❓

  11. 1. Coffee
    2. Pots
    3. Ghosts

    By themselves, they’re all scary. If I ever encountered anything that somehow combined all three, I would just piss myself.

  12. Becky

    Good luck Ace!….love the pic BTW!
    Now on to my list….
    1. Clowns
    2. Women who tap everything with their artificial nails.
    3. People who “run” to their cars in handicapped parking spots.
    4. Bratty kids
    5. Kids not in car seats
    6. Yappy little dogs.
    7. People who have all their kids sports shown on the magnets on their cars.
    8. People who ask me about my kids hair.
    That’s it for now, Love you Dave!

  13. Marcus

    Kryptonite… hmmm.. here is my list.

    1. Any foreign objects in my food.
    2. A bad joke
    3. Non-talkers… Are they going to kill me?
    4. Coffee pot ghosts.
    5. Throat clearers.
    6. Nose pickers.
    7. Sea Urchin.. in the sea or on the plate.
    8. Baby pooh. The worst chemical weapon in the world.
    9. Same as number 9 in Dave’s List. Add Flock of Seagulls.
    10. White bread.. actually makes me vomit for real. :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:

    :puke: :puke: :puke:

  14. Stevie C

    1) Face-licking dogs
    2) Women with a waistline greater than their age in spandex


  15. mitch

    A most impressive list everyone. I can only add:
    1. Clowns. Scares the bejesus out of me.
    2. TV preachers.
    3. Republicans.
    4. Kids at the movies.
    5. Boy George.
    6. VH1

  16. [Comment ID #35676 will be quoted here]

    Simple. My multi-million dollar agency client is headquartered there. Little Rock is a pretty town, however the ducks at the Peabody Hotel are about to join this list. :limp:

  17. Mandy

    1. Guys who volunteer their penis size on dates (as if we can’t tell)
    2. Puce anything
    3. Talking to a hot guy and your period starts
    4. Dog owners that dress their dogs up and say, “Ginger just LOOOOOVES to wear her Harley Davidson dew-rag” :puke:
    5. Mullets
    6. Loud commercials that try to shout you into buying their shit. The Oxi-Clean ad comes to mind
    7. New age women who embrace their period like it’s enjoyable
    8. Persian cats
    9. Men who gun their cars or motorcycles. It doesn’t make us hot. Seriously. Go beat off.
    10. “You should wear…”

  18. Paige

    Clowns and just dolls in general. People who are obssesed with their cell phones. Children who need a good ass-whipping when they throw a fit in the store and all their parents do is stand there looking dumbfounded.(Id like to whip the parents asses sometimes.) :troll:

  19. Craig

    1. Democrats
    2. People who ride their bike on the jogging path
    3. David Lee Roth
    4. The local fox affiliate
    5. Tyra Banks and her wigs
    6. Cheeseburgers

  20. tander

    1. Palmetto bugs (fllying monster roaches)
    2. Jefferson Starship or any mutation thereof
    3. snails as food
    4. any medical procedure or injury to the eye
    5. Bill O’Reilly

  21. Driver

    1. LIVER or the thought of eating any internal organ.
    2. The guy that sells that Gazell exersize machine, and his kind.
    3. Bell peppers, any whare any time.
    4. Rosie Odonnel,

  22. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

  23. bob

    1. Democrats
    2. Al Frankin
    3.Al Gore
    4. people named Al
    5.the fact that my middle name is Allen
    6.did I say democrats?

  24. Spanky

    1. People who do not use turning lanes. It’s a TURNING LANE…*GO THERE* to turn. This is *NOT* complicated.
    2. *Special bonus points if they also fail to signal.
    3. People who hold conversations while using public restrooms.
    4.* Doubly so if they’re pooping. Loudly.
    5. **Triply so if they’re on a cell phone.
    6. Seeing someone’s nasty thong coming out the top of her pants. Or worse, no undies at all & just crack. Yes, you may be young and pretty and that’s nice, but the general public (at least the female half) still doesn’t wanna see your crack. Pull up your damn pants.
    7. Carrot Top . He may very well be the anti-Christ.
    8. Anything, even water, in my eyes.

  25. bhamm

    It’s amazing how many people share the same weaknesses… maybe I could use that to my advantage when I TAKE OVER THE WORLD! HA HA HA!
    Sorry… the fact that it’s your personal “kryptonite” threw me into a super-villian mode for a moment there.
    Anyways, onto my list:

    1: Coins in the mouth
    2: “kewl”
    3: Any stupid, rich, bit… I mean “socialite” (ex. Paris, Nicole, Kimberly, etc.)
    4: Jimmy Fallon
    5: Wet Socks
    6: Bosses that just don’t get it even after you’ve told them 40 times

  26. 1. Janis Joplin

    Other than that I’m fearless.

    Sidenote: Many of you would be absolutely terrified in my house. It’s full of clowns and bugs. Neither of them living, of course!

  27. Pam

    1. Frogs
    2. Going to dinner with my boyfriend and being seated next to people who bring their kids, move me PPPPLLLLEEEAASSSE 😡
    3. People who like their finger to turn a page. Groossss :puke:
    4. Frogs
    5. Mice
    6. Rats
    7. Frogs

  28. Pam

    3. People who lick their finger to turn a page. sorry

  29. Pam

    8. People who rub coins together or shake the lose change in there pocket. Stop it.

  30. franklito

    1.bush(makes me hurl)
    2.daisy dukes(cant keep my eyes off them)
    3.100 proof vodka smirnoff(cant just take one sip)
    4.steak(do i have to explain)
    5.football & Boxing(cant change the channel)
    6.techno music, house(makes me bang my head against the wall)
    7.my girl in my bed with lingerie on(flawless)
    8.ruf 2001 twin turbo 4wd canary yellow(ultimate adrenaline rush 0-90 in 4 seconds)
    9.american idol(what the :wtf:)
    10.people who judge you cause your democrat or republican(get a clue, if you dont like it bite me, like i said before punch the sh.t out of the first person who annoys you today, you will have a great day :P)

  31. HomerRules

    1. Stepping in dog doo on the carpet right when you get home! Go to the damn linoleum, you stupid dog! (it’s my boyfriend’s dog. I’m allowed to bitch.)
    2. Anyone who interrupts, gets louder so you have to let them talk. Shut the hell up for once!
    3. Guy who buys 3 one dollar tickets with a 50 dollar bill. I just want to punch him.
    4. Semis anywhere near me. Aaah! Run away, run away! I guess that would be drive away, drive away.
    5. Eggs and/or bacon. I love them both, but they hate me. Puke every time. 🙁

  32. As A self-confessed noise neurotic, the things that most make me shrivel up like a well salted slug are:
    Gum sloppers, gum poppers, knuckle crackers, nail biters, cell phone yellers, guffawers, excited squealers, scrapers of knives across plates in restaurants, door slammers, car revers, radio blasters, owners of incessantly barking dogs, commuters who sing along to the music on their headphones, people who weep out loud to look for attention, AM lawn cutters, parents of obnoxiously loud children, horn honkers, pompous loudmouths on airplanes, firecracker throwers, rehearsing drummers and so on and so forth ad nauseum.

  33. HomerRules

    Ooo! I thought of some more!
    6. Having to repeat myself. I don’t know why..it just drives me nuts.
    7. My coworkers that are so dumb sometimes, no wait..all the time!
    8. Sunday drivers
    9. People who feel the need to walk up to me (I don’t know them) and ask to see the rest of my tattoo. It’s on my chest. Good Lord, I don’t know you from Adam. Piss off!
    10. The drunk dirty old men I serve beer to that ask what it would take to see the rest of my tattoo. Eek! Now this is right- Run away! Run away!

    I just thought of something. I could rule all of you that are afraid of clowns. I’ve been a rodeo clown the past 3 years for Halloween. But I’m a cute clown, I even put a little heart under my eye. I scared the crap out of a coworker last year, but I understood later when I got home. I forgot to put red lipstick on my nose, so I was a noseless clown. That could be scary, I guess..

  34. Tom

    Bowell movement stench
    Larry the Cable Guy
    Vinyl Siding
    Top 40 radio
    Rap videos
    Condoleeza Rice
    Lotto players

  35. shawn

    1. People who think that you could identify “ADD” in a child younger than 8. Hate to tell you childhood forgetting imbeciles but we were all cracked out little monkeys when we were 6!

    2. Same people as #1 but with the added brilliance of trying to convince someone else that their child should be “medicated” look turn your own progeny into drugged out semblances of life.

    3. domesticated cats.

    4. people that don’t like children. Now, I understand that so-and-so’s son Billy can be a real handful and maybe he accidentally broke one of your matched set of Ikea glassware, but so what. If so-and-so didn’t discipline the boy to your satisfaction then take it up with the bad parent but don’t dislike all kids out of turn because you love your adultness. You must really be a riot at parties. To be a child is to instinctively know how to enjoy the world.

    5. Teachers that don’t like kids. Just a know brainer.

    6. “Pro wrestling is fake, y’know” Yeah! I figured that out about 17 years ago, but these guys are tremendous athletes (for the most part… sorry Mick Foley) and they put their bodies on the line for my entertainment and for generations maintained in their daily lives the illusion so as not to spoil it for anyone.

    7. People who think your being pretentious for saying “the book was better” Sorry I’m not your run of the mill American who barely deigns to read something that hasn’t been processed through msn or yahoo. I read a lot. So just maybe when I say “the book was better” just maybe 1 person out of 1000 semi-illiterates will crack the spine of 1 book this year.

    8. 19 year old kids who hate GW out of turn simply because it’s easy to hate someone born into a successful family who didn’t turn out to be a drunken rapist (Kennedy family anyone?)

    9. That Fabian guy from filthy rich cattle drive.

  36. shawn

    correction to #5. “NO brainer” duh! 🙄

  37. clowns, spiders, and roaches. I can’t kill spiders and roaches. I freeze up when I see them. as for clowns, I’ve told the story about why I hate them entirely too many times.

  38. Da Popster

    George DUHbya ❓

  39. Jen

    1. Squeaking your fingers on tupperware.
    2. drowning, burning, basically death altogether.
    3. Any kind of bugs, especially spiders.
    4. People who are constantly correcting my grammar. The way I speak is what makes me unique!
    5. People who believe children should behave as if they are robots. Let them be children!
    6. People who have to stand inches from you when you are having conversation with them.
    7. Men who think that they are always right. And when you prove them wrong, they do not apologize.
    8. Dark, confined spaces.
    9. Sharks, deep ocean water. If I cannot see the bottom, something with teeth will gobble me up.
    10. Slobber, spit, drool, loogies, anything related to saliva makes me gag.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, and sorry if I offended anyone.

  40. Bjorn Freeh

    Well, I hesitate to say this, and maybe I shouldn’t, but I’m not sure, but I’m afraid of making decisions. At least I think I am, but I really haven’t made up my mind about it. The whole thing scares me.

  41. Bjorn Freeh

    Sorry… I accidentally clicked on the “Add my comment” button. I had the cursor hovering over the button while I tried to decide to click or not. Something startled me and I clicked. Oh, I worry that I’ve done the wrong thing.

  42. Burnsy

    – Sloths, Vile creatures with horrendous faces and daggers. I believe the slow bit is merely an act to lure unsuspecting victims within their vicinity before they slash them.
    – people in giant costumes like those you find at amusement parks
    – evil siamese cats that hide under couches and attack your feet whenever you walk by and then when it feels it has to do more damage proceeds to shred & eat your favorite pair of flip-flops. This can scar you forever when you are only 10 years old.
    – praying mantis
    – thinking about or seeing any type of injury involving knees, especially my own.
    – needles

  43. Dawn

    Porcelain Dolls…….. 😳

  44. Duke

    In a recent reminder to myself I realized that I had forgotten, or perhaps I never remembered. Whatever the case, I wish I could forget what I dont remember and subsequently clear my mind of no thoughts. Sounds hard but I think I can manage. Oh yea, hearing a crunch and seeing someone backing into your brand new car 😡

  45. -flipping through the channels and glancing at some horrific medical procedure i cant help but keep glancing at and trying not to pass out….. while praying somehow i never get a blunt object lodged in any crevice such as that one :wtf:
    -people who talk to me about god when i didnt ask them to
    -people with weeping rashes who scratch and dig at them and then touch the door knob(or anything else i have to touch) on the way out
    -hearing my name whispered close to me but noone being there when i turn around
    -tele-maketers (i hand the phone to my 3 year old, sweety its for you)

  46. Kim

    Mine are:
    2. The Word “smorgasborg”
    3. The phrase 24/7 or 24/7/365
    4.Muscle Heads
    5. The City of Croswell
    6. potheads

  47. charlie

    -Those stupid little tunes that keep getting stuck in my head.

  48. littlejohnny

    The phrase “hey ya’ll watch this” :wtf:

  49. Nef


  50. Duke

    I thought the question today referred to what scares you, not what ticks you off. Maybe I’m confused, scary.

  51. tenderflower

    Puppets and clowns. All I have to see is a puppet moving without assistance and I am scared wtiless.

    One of our friends worked with John Gacey. THATS when I became askeered of clowns.

  52. logan

    1.naked men
    2 male porn
    3 animal sex
    4 inbreeding
    5 ugly people
    6 fat ugly people
    7 girls asking me if a think a guy is hot as if i were gay and they know my girlfriend
    8 people who are walking ass holes

  53. Becky

    [Comment ID #35996 will be quoted here]

    Everyone of my daughters had to be boxed up……they spooked even me. But I HATE having to explain why to my mother…..repeatedly

  54. Peaches

    I never knew so many people were afraid of clowns.

    I have chased a black bear with three cubs across a field, trying to get a picture. And I’ve got three feet away from an alligator poised on the bank looking straight at me to take a picture. But what really strikes fear in me is spiders.

    The most nauseating thing I can think of is going to the dentist……….did you ever notice how many times they adjust the light and go back inside your mouth. Of course they have the little covers they put on it, but it doesn’t really cover. All I can think of while I’m lying there is of all the mouths those hands have been in, and adjusted the light and now those hands are in my mouth. Gag…. I guess I am just very particular about what goes in my mouth.

  55. MrDoug

    Gutting any animal. Nothing quite like plunging your hands into a animal to remove it’s organs. Never fails to make me squirm. Not sure if it is the smell or if it is the feeling of the organs and warm blood oozing over your fingers. It is even worse when they are still alive….

    JustJim: Creepy that people like that still exist in this century.

    :boob: :boob: They have the power to render me useless 8)

  56. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #35924 will be quoted here]

    I take a little offense to number 6…I’ve been in the wrestling business for almost 10 years now(started when I was 13), and I have had enough stitches put in my body from the “fake” action in the ring…yeah, WWE is staged…no problem…and in almost all companies you have to pad your punches, kicks, and other impact moves(so your opponent can come back to work the following week)…but having a 300lb+ guy leap on you with a legdrop from the top turnbuckle, there is no way you can pad it…I know, it’s one of my finishing moves, and I’ve been told how much it hurts. I do thank you for your support of the business itself…we do have a lot of tremendous athletes who put their bodys on the line just to get reactions from a paying(and sometimes not) crowd.

  57. [Comment ID #36003 will be quoted here]

    what scares me ticks me off 👿

  58. 1. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes – the thought of which leaves me quaking in my boots.
    2. The combination of morning and coffee breath – GAG!
    3. People who think it is appropriate to use condescention and general bullying to get their way.
    4. Texas drivers.
    5. Dogs that jump and lick.
    6. People who keep speaking after I have asked them to stop speaking (This is especially applicable when it comes to instances where I am angry.)
    7. The smell of old fish.
    8. Cutting in line.

  59. JFLY

    Lisa has experienced “the sound of tea” !!!

    1. Feet, toenail clippings…eeewww
    2. The aftermath of worming your dog
    3. Ron Howard’s brother (he gives me the willies)
    4. Rap music…PLEASE MAKE IT STOP
    5. Maggots
    6. The sound of someone sharpening a knife on a whetstone.
    7. That feeling you get when you touch the unfinished bottom of something ceramic
    8. Undercooked slimy eggs
    9. A fish flopping around after jumping from its tank (this one will make me run…)
    10. The gorilla at Chuck E. Cheese’s
    11. The people who wear the huge heads in the Mardi Gras parade
    12. Looking up at skyscrapers
    13. Crossing rickety bridges
    14. Nose pickers (although seeing them do it while they are driving is pretty funny)

  60. Detroit Dave

    Biters of silverware and Oprah. Oh, and those that insist on paying with exact change.

  61. tabbie

    the dark– yes i am afraid of the dark!!!! like a little sissy
    mean people
    violence– especially when it is aimed at me!!!
    being totally alone forever
    my kids growing up and hating me
    the creepy guy in the store that just seems to follow you around and when you stop he just seems to stand closer and closer…. and then follows you out the door and coincedently he is parked right next to you!!!!! *shudders* lock your doors, light a cigarette and check your pants and make sure they are still clean!

  62. scamper

    1. the IRS, them money grubbing bas#rds
    2. offshore computer thec support (they don’t evan have computers yet.
    3. stupid people that cut you off in traffic while talking on there cell phones. (I’d like to shove them up there ass
    4. people who put collers on there anamils to tight
    5. people who let there kids run wild in stores, while there on the cell phone
    6. reallity tv shows, it’s time for them to go

    Ok I think I’ve bitchec enough for now
    oh u got a cute ass mandy and that thong adds to it.

  63. Master Solace

    as for my list

    1. Indiana weather – the weatherman’s job would be a lot easier if they’d just give him a blindfold and a spinning wheel with all the kinds of weather on it.
    2. Fake people – people who need to be dishonest to cover up any pitfalls they might have
    3. People with fake – people with augmentations to their bodies, that aren’t medical
    4. American Idol – I hate that show…so far only one winner has gone on to have a career in pop(or whatever)…what’s the point?!!!?
    5. Survivor – who cares about getting stuck on an island…they know that they are going to get of the island by the time the season’s over…where’s the realism…strand their asses there and don’t return until the season’s over…that’s “Reality” TV
    6. Whatever type of spackle is used in Donald Trump’s hair?!!!?
    7. My one true kryptonite…the future.

  64. family jules

    One major thing that turns me into jelly, a powerless, cowering useless sack of human flesh…..

    June bugs.

    Coming home from the store one day, I was barred from my own house for over an hour because one got inside my screen porch. The milk went bad before I could bring myself to kill it, and that was the single most courageous thing I have ever done in my life to date.

  65. digger

    1. clowns…especially Ronald McDonald. 2.oh..and the Burger King dude…WTF? 3.people who chew with their mouths open. 4. paying for something with coins….yeah.. im broke. 5. monkeys. 6. git-r-done. 7. homophobes. 8. anything with more than 4 legs…unless its dead and im eating it. 9. peeing while another guy is at the urinal next to mine…can you say pee shy? 10. being stuck in a room with a stranger…and at a loss for words. 11. gwb.

  66. Infernos

    in no particular order…

    1. Clowns
    2. Women with an ass in front bigger than the ass in the back
    3. Undercooked eggs
    4. Bush — your choice
    5. sand/sugar/salt/anything of the like on my fingers, yes I eat fries with a fork
    6. Urban Slang
    7. Reality TV. No, I don’t want to watch your trainwreck life
    8. Sharing my bed… you can get dressed on the way home, right ?
    9. Cell phones that ring as loud as possible while the owner ignores it in a restaurant
    10. Parents who ignore their children while they act like animals in public.

  67. Mine are rather fundemental for any man..

    1. Running out of toilet paper
    2. Porta-potties
    3. Having to hear someone else take a dump
    4. Seeing another dude naked.
    5. A remote control with no batteries.
    6. Closed-minded people (I know, there are a lot).
    7. People who talk louder on their cell phone as reception gets worse.
    8. Maggots
    9. Running out of duct tape
    10. Atrocities again the public.

  68. Bobby

    And by the way, Mandy, as much as I appreciate your bringing back the old icon, I can’t stop thinking about them 34b’s… :wang: please? oh please? 😆

  69. Lace Valentine

    Being a songwriter and musician, much of my kryptonite can be found in tremendously awful but catchy songs that are sheer fudge for thought.

    Sometimes it’s the tone of the singer, say the smart-ass vocal delivery of Edie Brickell with “What I AM” I know what I know (If You Know What I mean). It’s also a vocal delivery she uses quite often; probably that way even when she asks her significant other to throw out the trash.

    Sometimes what gets me is polly-annie sappy material: “Chucky’s In Love.” Thank you RICKY LEE JONE’S, Your chorus makes me want to turn sniper. No one is that upbeat and sweet and why would you be so happy about somebody else being in love?

    Now that I think about it, female singers are better at annoying songs, my kryptonite. One of the most depressing songs to my mind is Heart’s sell-out tune, “These Dreams.” This 80’s big-hair production shimmers with glossy whine. Such a song repels me to the utmost.

    Perhaps such a song inspired the entire cannon of Bon Jovi’s song catalogue. To call it shit would demean feces. His albums were number one in numerous countries in the world, revealing the fact that white trash taste isn’t limited to America.

    It could only be worse if I was approached by a girl wearing black T-shirt with coyote art howling at the moon, listening to Bon Jovi in her rusted out Camaro while smoking generic cigarettes. “Hey, wanna go to Walmart?” :dead: :troll:

  70. laceylegacey

    Alot of mine have been covered already….Shaun #7
    JFly#4 Rap is NOT music!!!!! 🙁
    People that don’t EVER shut up
    Pee-Wee Herman
    Mandy #4
    People who say you should do this with you hair/make-up…
    By the way Marcus what is your pic from? i’s driving me crazy trying to remember where I’ve seen it at before.

  71. laceylegacey

    People who leave their kids in the car by themselves while they are shopping 😡 👿 😡

  72. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #35991 will be quoted here]

    dammit man, ye stole my routine! (I think, well, maybe not). OK, no wait….

  73. cbatdux

    Is it me, or did this list morph into the “things I hate most” list, rather than the krytonite thing….

    Chocolate/sweets – can’t pass it up.

  74. benendetto

    1.people that say “huh” more than once
    2.stupid questions ( if i have a sling on do you really need to ask if i broke something)
    3.most little kids
    4. parents that cant tell there kids to shut up
    5. christians that get mad at me for saying jesus christ
    6.preppy rich people who act like they have no money and there from the ghetto.
    7. people that buy already ripped jeans for more than 20 dollars (there only worth like 5 dollars
    8.people that think there smarter than you while they continue to say stupid things
    9. most people
    10. anarchists

  75. Spud

    I like that Ricky Lee Jones song.

    Chuck eee’s in lo…ove
    Chuck eee’s in lo…ove
    Chuck eee’s in lo…ove


  76. Spud

    Oh before I forget again, that duck soup recipie turns my stomach just reading about it.

    maybe that qualifies as a kryptonite.


  77. Jeffro

    My kryptonite:
    1). those ” scariest video ” reality shows where they show a video of a kid getting hurt. Ever since my son was born, those give me cold chills.
    2).The sound of a fork scraped accross teeth.
    3). Wiggles songs stuck in your head for a week.
    4). hot potatos, cold spagetti, & mashed bananas

  78. dougieace

    :boob: :boob:

  79. djemm

    [Comment ID #36020 will be quoted here]HA HA Digger’s pee shy !! But seriously I think its like an invasion of privicy.Its evan worst when they make a big deal about how relieved they are.Respect the one stall apart rule!!

  80. Annie

    I hate, hate panty hose. They freak me out, and the sound of someone scratching their leg while they have a pair on makes me want to THROW UP. I have no idea why, either. Also, I’m afraid of rabies. Not that I have come into contact with it, but bats always fly through my house… I think that’s why I ‘m so scared of it. Isn’t it the worst sounding disease ever? One more thing: Holly Rollers. Religious crazies who speak tongues and stuff. *shiver*

  81. [Comment ID #36119 will be quoted here]

    I hate pantyhose on women, too.
    Tights :wang:
    Stockings :wang: :wang:
    Bare legs :wang: :wang: :wang:
    Pantyhose :limp:

  82. Jules

    Clowns and dolls of any sort – they give me the creeps
    The dark
    Not using turn signals while driving or kids not in seat belts
    People asking your opinion and then they get pissed when you answer honestly
    Control freaks who want to run your life
    People who think everyone else is !#$#$ up, except for them
    Fake boobs
    People who paint a toilet a gosh awful purple color and chain to a tree in their front yard – not kidding seen it today on my way to work
    Someone with tatoos from head to toe
    Asking me if I’m a midget or dwarf because I’m short
    People spitting or blowing bubbles from their mouth while their talking

    I better quit while I’m ahead – I could go on forever

  83. My kryptonite comes in various colours:

    First of all, GREEN:

    It’s that power outage that occurs just when you go to save your work…

    Second, RED:

    Tables in HTML. feh. Use DIV’s and CSS, much tighter control

    Third, and most worst, GOLD:

    Current gf/fb/sp who just before approaching that precious moment in full-action motion… asks, “Do you love me…?” it’s enough to … :limp:

  84. mikeB

    A Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick
    The tears of a clown, unless they are tears of pain. Then I’m all about it.
    Forgetting to turn off my cellphone in a movie after chiding someone else for it.

  85. Driver

    Dave I know this is a humer site so I ask that you forgive me for posting the following.
    I am a truck driver, this mornning a 68 year old grandmother pulled out from a side street in front of me to make a left turn onto a very busy two lane hwy. to go northbound, she was either trying to beat the string of traffic approaching going northbound or she somehow just did not see me coming. In a fraction of a second the crash was a square on T bone. She { Charlotte } did not survive.

    Though I am quite shaken and upset by this and feel immense pain and sorrow for her and her family I felt I must make this post to make the following plea.

    Even if you { anyone and everyone } dont like trucks and or truck drivers please remember that we are and always will be out there, beating a string of traffic or just not wanting to be behind a truck is not worth your life.
    Remember your family and the devastation the loss would have on them.

    I ask that you all forgive me this grim post, and whatever your religion please say a prayer for Charlotte’s soul and her surviving family members.

    To HomerRules

    Please RESPECT semi’s and thier size , Don’ t fear them , Share the road with them.

    Respectfully to all


  86. Oh, and #4.

    Duke’s avatar scares me.

  87. Marcus

    [Comment ID #36016 will be quoted here]

    Yes, yes, yes. Except number one. Change Indiana to Boston. Oppps we didn’t see that blizzard coming. Sorry

  88. Peaches

    Driver, I am so sorry. I know you must be devastated! I know how I hate to be behind a truck, and I also know how hard it is for them to stop if you pull out in front of them. I will pray for Charlottes family and for you too! I know it is hard for you. I have had truckers in my family so I know where you are coming from. Take care Driver, the country needs you! And everyone please pay attention on the road.

  89. jules

    spiders,dolls that can move there eyes or that can talk……and people that think they’re kitchen appliances are gateway’s to the dead :dead:

  90. JFLY

    Sorry, Driver…I can’t imagine how horrific this must be for all involved. My husband drove a semi in the city, until one day a teenaged mother with a baby stroller darted out in front of him in a hurry to cross the street on a rainy day. Fortunately he missed them by a few inches, but my husband was so shaken by what could have happened that he switched careers. Growing up near a busy street, my father drilled this into our heads: Trucks cannot stop on dime the way cars are able to…always give them the right of way.

  91. 1. The sound a styrofoam cooler makes when the lid rubs against the cooler. It’s a squeaky, nails-on-chalkboard sound. Literally hurts my stomach.
    2. Seeing a used band-aid on the ground.
    3. Spiders of any size. They scare the crap out of me.
    4. Any flying insect, especially if they fly near my face.
    5. Seeing apostrophes used incorrectly.
    6. The song “We Built This City” by Starship.
    7. The Three Stooges.
    8. Mushrooms, cooked or raw. Even if I pick them out, I can still taste them. Ick.
    9. Fatty meat. That yellow stuff on chicken? Ewwww.
    10. I am terrified of water-no swimming, no sailing in teeny boats. No thank you.

  92. [Comment ID #35815 will be quoted here]

    Those who have to correct every mis-spoken, mis-pronounced, or mis-taken item that someone may put forth in error.

    (Did you mean Pete Cetera of Chicago fame, Dave?)

    :geek: :geek:

  93. Driver


    Though I did not expect any posted response ,

    I thank you for your compasion and understanding , God Bless.

    And now on a lighter note ,
    wiskey for me and beer for my horses ….. oh wait I have no horses so………
    wiskey for me and beer for me tooooo .

  94. Stephanie

    1. My mother-in-law
    2. scorpions, waterbugs, and locusts…ick!!
    3. Jimmy Kimmel. He looks like Fred Flintstone and he’s not that funny.
    4. Nicole Richie and her gigantic sunglasses. She looks like a fly! And Hey eat a cheeseburger!!
    5. Cellphones in theaters.
    6. that lovely combination of stale whiskey/cigarette/b.o. stench.
    7. “Whatever” in response to anything.
    8. bad drivers.
    9. catty 20-year old girls. Go shut the F**k up!
    10. That pic of Britney Spears walking out of the gas station bathroom barefoot.
    11. People that complain about everything.
    12. Dancing with the stars. These people are considered stars?

  95. Stephanie

    13. Honeycomb tripe. :wtf:
    14. That song “who let the dogs out?” Air Supply, Ambrosia, Bread, mid-late 80’s pop music.
    15. Jug wine.
    16. People that order white zinfandel in a bar and think that because it’s wine they are somehow sophisticated.
    17. 55-year old men with receding hairlines and ponytails.
    18. Watergate salad.

  96. Timmmy

    1. PBS pledgebreaks.
    2. Dept. of Motor Vehicles.
    3. People who pass a schoolbus with flashing lights (I’m a former schoolbus driver).

    Several Things already mentioned.

  97. Anna

    Thongs on men!!!! All those hairy asses … and their equipment almost falling out …. while they actually have very little equipment … :limp: :limp:

  98. Jilly

    1) The squeeling of tires and breaks -strikes fear into my heart everytime, was in an accident in 1994 and the sound never ceases to bring back a flood of emotions and panic

    2) A ball (Basketball, soccer, whatever type) rolling into the middle of the street and seeing a child start to run after it

    3) Lovebugs (yes the actual bugs not Volkswagons) it’s a long story for a different day

    4) I to am adding my name to the extensive list of those that are creeped out by clowns

    5) When the phone rings in the middle of the night

    6) Any image of Charles Manson – Gives me the heebie-jeebies just picturing those cold, remorseless eyes.

    I have pretty well creeped myself out for now, think I will go walk down a dark alley to make myself feel better… :wtf:

  99. Spanky

    I thought of more:
    That creepy music from the Halloween movies
    Wadded up paper, or paper towels/tissues- even my own, I just can’t touch them! :puke:
    Moisture on the seat in a public bathroom. Is it piss? Just water splash? Does it matter? Because now it’s on your ass, and that is enough to bring out the Howard Hughes in anyone.
    Sitting in a recently vacated seat (like in a restaraunt or theater) when it still bears the residual heat of its prior occupant

    I want my mommy now, thank you!!

  100. DeeBee

    – People who wear coats about 3 sizes too small for them… :wtf:

    – People who add lawn accessories to their cars. I saw a Chevy Cavalier the other day with LAWN EDGING pop-riveted along the bottom of it to look like an aftermarket aero kit. 😮

    – People who yap on cell phones…

    – People who take a crap and twiddle with their Blackberry at the same time…

    – People who ask to try on underwear at WalMart and argue with the lady outside the dressing rooms when they are told that they cannot try on underwear…

  101. Jeffro

    The phone ringing right after you just smoked a fat bowl…of ..um.. tobacco. yeh tobacco…thats it.

  102. Timmmy

    I want to mention:

    Driver, you have my condolences.

    and also:
    Schoolbusses can’t stop on a dime either, and if they do stop quick, as many as 50 to 60 kids get thrown against the seatback in front of them.

  103. Mandy

    Blend the flour into the sour cream, then slowly mix into the blood-vinegar mixture.
    Just what kind of soup is czarnina, anyway? Douche Soup? :puke:

  104. LM

    French manicured TOENAILS. Blrrrgh.

  105. Jeffro

    The moldy ball sweat smell of the YMCA mens locker room :puke: :puke: :puke:

  106. Jessicah

    but seriously we don’t have enough time.
    1. clowns
    2. toys coming to life and killing me. ❗
    3. cabbage of any kind even raw

  107. Annie

    Can someone explain clown phobia? I mean, I’m not gonna decorate the house in clown decor or anything, but why are so many people afraid of them?

  108. Miranda

    1.Snakes! Any sort! I know some are harmless but they creep me out! There is a problem with anything that has NO legs and can run faster than I can!
    2. My son disapearing/kidnapped
    3. That phone call in the middle of the night
    4. Extreem heights
    5. Driving in the lane next to a semi (I had a driver merge into me because he fell asleep behind the wheel. It scared me to death, not to mention beat me and the car up pretty good) It just really makes me really nervous.
    6. Demonic possesions (the movie Excorsis I and II sacred the crap out of me)
    7. Being completely alone in a dark room in silence
    I guess that’s all for now. Gives me the heebeejeebees just thinking about all of it.

  109. Miranda

    [Comment ID #36474 will be quoted here]

    I don’t get it either. I understand dolls of any sort. Some times if I think about it enough, they can creep me out, but clowns or mimes? I don’t understand either.

  110. Miranda

    Oh! One more thing that I’m terrified of is Oklahoma spring weather! Tornadoes to be exact. If that sky even come close to looking like it could produce a tornado, I’m on edge all day and night (especially night).

  111. amy

    Drain Hair.

    You know what I’m talking about esp. if you female.

    That nasty hair that gets stuck in the drain and coated with soap scum and conditioner and toothpaste (and whatever the heck else you put down the drain :wtf:) in your sink &/or tub.

    Makes me gag every stinking time I have to clean it up. And it’s mostly MY hair.


  112. Paige

    [Comment ID #36125 will be quoted here]I used to be a dispatcher for a trucking company and more than once, my drivers would tell me about people that would pull out in front of them or change lanes in front of them. A truck needs at least 100 yards to stop doing 55 mph. What driver goes 55? I wholeheartedly agree with you Driver and my thoughts and prayers are with you and Charlottes family tonight.Please be safe out there, yall.Peace

  113. Jeffro

    S.I.D.S. (sudden infant death syndrome) scares the crap out of me.
    It has no known for sure causes and no sure cures. basically, your baby could just die. Scares me to death and now I wont be able to sleep tonight.
    Driver… keep ‘er shiny side up.

  114. Sandra

    Earth worms, snails, and wasps. Only thing worse than these are: stepping on an inhabited snailshell and waterbugs or cockroaches.


    Job interviews.

    Dirty toilets, especially public ones. In restaurants. Eeeyew…

    Man boobs. And mullets.

    Driving on ice or snow scares the crap out of me.

    Stories of kidnappings and the like.


    The dark.


  115. [Comment ID #36416 will be quoted here]

    I know, right? I mean, shouldn’t toenails be so short that they don’t have room for the white tip? And what about those girls that get the french manicure with the colored tip? AHHHH!

  116. bella

    spiders spiders spiders ❓

  117. Susanne

    well, if i must…..
    1. people that want to say something as they are walking off, then when asked to repeat what they said, they say “nevermind” or “it was nothing”
    2. smart-ass comments
    3. people that always have to have the last word
    4. sneezing and no one saying “God bless you”
    5. scratched CD’s
    6. looking for something and can’t finding it
    7. somebody getting in your car and changing your radio station, touching the a/c-heater control, or telling you how to drive (or grabbing the door, dash or roof when you make an evasive move)
    8. being bossed by someone other than your boss
    9. taking a shower and running out of hot water
    10. mean people
    11. washing dishes (no dishwasher)
    12. balloons being squeaked or screeched
    13. being hit on by guys that you show no interest in
    14. mens jeans that are too tight
    15. womens jeans that are too tight
    16. people that clear out their noses by pinching one nostril and snotting out the other side
    17. my period!!!!!
    18. dirty sheets
    19. junk mail in my mailbox and spam on my computer
    20. last but not least….people that say they are gonna do something and don’t even try to 🙁 🙁

  118. Jaime

    Small holes, they make me shiver and scare me, I can’t look at them (Think bullet holes, bubbles popping, holes in a paper, those kind of holes)
    Kraft Singles Cheese, I throw up if I even smell them
    Good classical music always sends a shiver up my spine

  119. cody

    1. fat chicks in bikinis :limp: ❓
    2. when someone skates my skateboard and brings it back with dirty griptape or broken 👿
    3. when it takes people 10 minutes to type one sentence
    4. school
    5. chicks that stare at me when i dont like them
    6. small :boob: :boob:

  120. cody

    well im 14 and i am a skateboarder and i like hot chicks in thongs :undies:(not much of a thong but oh well)

  121. Annie

    Cody, dear, maybe you should hold your comments about girls’ sizes until your testicles drop.

  122. wunnybabbitt

    DENTISTS AHHHHH! WATER ANYWHERE NEAR MY HEADespecially under water (almost drowned once) no swimming,diving,etc… for me. people who grind thier teeth,fingernails on a chalkboard, squeaking lids on a styrofoam cooler. Bugs of any time especially on me!

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