Story Problem

If Tom has three times as many testicles as Susan, and Susan has one-fourth as many ovaries as Joe, how many BBQ ribs does Mary have, if she has two more Ouija Boards than Tom?

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  1. Sir Osiss

    Easy. Sheesh.
    3.78³ Ribs over Πr² divided by ¾ Ouija Board.

    Of course, that is with the proviso that Tom, Susan, Joe and Mary all all transplanted Inuits, if not, then there is no way to tell and this is a trick question!

  2. Shoot, that makes more sense than most of them. Which probably explains why the math portion of my SAT indicates that I have the intelligence of an Ouija-less earthworm.

  3. Spud

    Uncanny Mr Zilla, I was thinking of this equation just the other day…

    as in

    Bobby has 2 lemons, Jane has 6, the both left home at 6.45am, Bobby travelled in a easterly direction for 3 miles and Jane travelled westerly fo 15 miles.

    How many pizzas would it take for Bobby to meet Jane 5 miles from where he started if he was wearing an orange parka?

    damn home schooling

  4. Sylvia

    Oh…yeah and the Higher Maths equivalent problem:

    If a woodchuck could chuck wood
    Then a woodchuch would chuck wood
    So how much wood would a woodchuck chuck
    If a woodchuck could chuck wood

  5. Mom

    Call home for the answer

  6. Spud

    The correct number is 666


  7. einstoned

    no soap, radio. The more you jump, the higher. Liver. C’mon!

  8. Nina

    😕 So Tom has no testies…Susan is only a quarter of the woman she used to be…and Joe is a she male? I’d have to say…

    (no testies X 1/4 of woman X a she male)divided by four quija boards = A whole lotta ribs! 😆

  9. Paige

    Joe has ovaries?????????????????:limp:

  10. Paige

    Susan has testicles????????????:wang:

  11. babybetty

    i would like to phone a friend, Regis

  12. Darrell

    Dude…That’s some good shit…

  13. The answer, as always is 42.

    And obviously, she has spare ribs, so let’s all go and pig out while the out-pigging is good.

  14. Sir Osiss

    So THATS the question! 42 indeed! Natalie & Rust made me spew my beverage, so Davezilla, you are doing your job!

  15. Easy, they all have zero gonads, and I’m not sure if there’s even one brain between them all. Oh, we weren’t counting brains, were we?

  16. dougieace


  17. Stephanie

    Tom has more balls than Susan, but Joe is a bigger pussy than Susan. Mary has the most balls because she has more ouija boards than Tom, so she gets ALL the BBQ ribs. Mary killed Tom, Susan, and Joe and had herself six racks of ribs. Mary’s got balls of steel (which she used to knock each of the others out as she crept from behind them).

  18. Sir Osiss


    You scare me… 😈

    and I kinda like it! :wtf:

  19. Stephanie

    Thank you, I try.

  20. comfortablynumber

    I bet the answer is an ODD number?:grin:

  21. hippychick576

    Stephanie, you are the queen of equations. Bravo! 😕

  22. Mikel

    A clear case of apples and oranges.

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