Runners only

Runners only

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  1. Marcus

    But I don’t own running shoes, dammit!!! Is that a picture of JFLY? 😀

    God the twinkies made me hungry.

  2. I see. One of the runners is trying to eliminate his competition.

  3. Um. I forgot to ask. What exactly are real Twinkies made of that someone had to create a vegetarian version?

  4. I have only one question for you…

    The person in the foreground looking at the direction of the…um…woman holding the sign…HOW OLD IS HE? I don’t even think he is old enough to be in HIGH school…but definitely not for a lapdance…if I was still his age…I would’ve forgot about running RIGHT THERE…because how often do you get offered a FREE lapdance…

    Well…how often…extending hand out for offers…any takers? 😈

  5. [Comment ID #39722 will be quoted here]

    Cream, sugar, and enough preservatives to kill a Clydesdale. Mmmmmm….. 😆

  6. Oh yes, forgot to mention, somebody should have aimed their running shoes right at this dumb beyotch’s head. 👿

  7. I didn’t realize Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, was so hard up for work these days.

  8. John K

    Free lap dance…Runners Only!

    Now we know where ” Jock Itch ” got it’s name.
    Feel the need. Quench your thirst. Take a chance get a dance.
    Once you’ve been lapped you’ll never go back.
    The object of the race is to be a lap up not a lap down. Which lap would you choose?

  9. John K

    Free lap dance runners only!

    Now we know how ” jock itch ” got it’s name.
    Take a chance get a dance.
    Feel the need. Quench your thirst.

    The object here is to finish the race.
    Is it better to be a lap up or a lap down?
    Up 1 lap dance down 1 lap.
    Up 1 lap and down 1 lap dance.

    Move your ass or get some ass.

  10. mitch

    Yet another sign of the apocalyspe. We are truly in the Final Days.

  11. bandwagon

    “Keep running son, just keep running”
    The empty water bottles on the ground. Hers or the runners or both.
    The Great Race with benefits!

  12. Craig

    I usually run about 3 miles a day, so when mile 1.5 rolls around, i could use a break. A lap dance doesen’t sound half bad, but i like my “dancers” with a little pigment in their skin. Sorry casper, i’m going to keep going! :limp:

  13. Spud

    Some people know no bounds when it comes to winning…


  14. Meagan

    Okay, forget the runners and forget the whore giving out free lap dances and look at that butt-ugly couch! Did she think she was trying to “class” it up by putting a blue blanket over it? Sorry lady, not interested. 🙄

  15. Becky

    Yikes one look at that and they’d have a heart attack……she’s FUGLY!

  16. [Comment ID #39743 will be quoted here]


  17. Bjorn Freeh

    What if I’m not a runner, but I have a bad case of the runs? 😈

  18. tabbie

    And yet again, I have managed to have to spend 20mins rinsing my eyes from the toxins in them and 20 min cleaning the monitor and keyboard from the :java: spewed from my mouth!!!! Toxins from the pic and the :java: from your comments. Thank you for making my day guys and gals!!!!

  19. [Comment ID #39722 will be quoted here]

    Whipped lard, just like Oreos. :puke:

  20. Jen

    For the fact that the pic shows no one stopped running says enough for me. Even though the sign says “free lap dance” the pic would have more effect if there were someone on the couch getting a lap dance. Also, I think that if they put someone a little more attractive out there, they would have a better turn-out for the race as well. In my opinion, I would have kept running. Also, to answer your question MASTER SOLACE- I came from a part of Indiana that not very many people know of. I used to live in Brookville. That is about an hour away from civilized people. North-west of Cincinnati, and South-east of Indianapolis. 😛

  21. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #39749 will be quoted here]


    I noticed the fortifications behind her. She a nasty ‘ho out on work release?

    I think I finally expelled the last of the lard from those twinkees I ate – in 1978.

  22. Amber

    i am disturbed beyond words :wtf:

  23. Spud

    Whipped lard huh, something like the “ice-cream” they sell kids at McDonalds ?


  24. Paige

    And did yall notice that she brought her own couch???? I sure have got the munchies and those vegan Twinkies actually looked pretty darn good. Whos making some??????

  25. Susanne

    I bet if she had on something a little more appealling, she might have had a taker. But it looks like she hasn’t been in business very long. Well, I guess it depends on where they are from. I see a city in the background but no telling where this is taking place. 😛

  26. [Comment ID #39758 will be quoted here]

    You came from Brookville, Jen…WhErE aRe YoU nOw?…just want to now, that’s all… :mrgreen:

  27. Timmmy

    Did you hear about the teacher who left a Twinkie pack in his desk when he retired 10+ years ago. His replacement never touched them. They still look fresh. Now that she has left, her replacement has accepted the role of “Keeper of the Twinkies.”

  28. Ace

    Vegan twinkies? No thanks I like my twinkies with that yummy steak goodness.

    I wonder what CD she brought with her to dance to.

  29. I’m pretty certain this is the Los Angeles marathon – the red and white buildings in the background look like an apartment complex called Park LaBrea, and the marathon goes right by there.

    Not that a stripper working the marathon in LA would surprise anyone.

  30. Beaner

    I feel like eating a twinkie, taking a jog, knocking out the lapdancer, then enjoying a nice peanut butter sandwich w/ a cold glass of milk.

  31. Susanne

    I’ve never visited LA but I can only imagine what they do there. Would love to see the beach though. Galveston can only be interesting for so long. Thanks for the geography lesson though, Peggy…I always stunk at that!!!!!

  32. The Cynical Villain

    Now if that isn’t a contribution to a healther America, I don’t know what is. Now If Dubya can find funding for that….we will have some fit people. And think of all the folks who would run the Boston Marathon if every mile they get a free lap dance. Ok maybe every 2 miles. LOL Hell I would run it. 😛

  33. brianne

    nice outfit; ugly chick. KEEP running dont stop for ugly whores. but thats a really cute leotard i wonder if she stole it from her little daughter…………… hmmm i wonder :wtf: :wtf: 😈

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