68 thoughts on “Note to Self, No. 5,806

  1. Actually, I had it all planned out…but I forgot to set my watch ahead an hour and I botched up the hit. Sorry Dave…

    I just got back from a 4-day trip and I read the last few blogs. My delayed responses:

    #1 No Marcus, that is not ME offering lapdances…LMAO.
    #2 Goth Princess, I live in Wisconsin so I’ve a right to poke fun of cheeseheads. (I just hope she doesn’t find out that I was born and bred in Chicago. Shhhhh!)
    #3 I missed the chance to comment on the religious Post-It Notes, but one of my favorite jokes is: I found Jesus – he was hiding behind the couch the whole time! (My daughter found Moses the other day too – he’s working at 7-11, seriously.) 😛

  2. Was it really Ben Franklin? Say it aint so! I always like seeing him because it means I got $100 bucks!

    Dude, that penis unicorn was hilarious!
    So…uh, does it have feeling in it?

  3. The worst part is after you think you’ve changed all of your clocks forward, you look at your watch and wonder why you’re at work at 6 am instead of 7.
    Then you feel really tired.

  4. I agree. There’s an hour taken out of my spring break. Now because of that douchebag, I’m sitting here in class with a smelly permanant substitute who needs to retire.

  5. I have no objection to the savings part… it’s the daylight I can’t stand. Who invented that?

    Daylight savings time is really not for the farmers. It’s for the golfers. The farmers will be out there from dark to dark, no matter the time of day. Golfers, the little weasels, think they should be able to play into the evening.

    Kill the golfers!!

  6. I was all fine with daylight savings time until I couldn’t figure out how to change the time on my cellphone! Damn D.S.T. and cellphones! 👿

  7. I wish I’d known earlier that today was “Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day”……I would have stayed home………I almost didn’t make it anyway.

    Penis Unicorns???

  8. Cell phones generally get their time updates from the wireless network. If all else fails, turn it OFF, then turn it ON again, and it should show the correct time.

    We have a dorky “Atomic Clock” that won’t connect to the source, so I have to change it by hand! ❓

  9. for that you would need a time machine in that case go into the future and grab some weapons of true massdistruction then go back in time and kill him with them

  10. [Comment ID #40099 will be quoted here]

    OK, now I’m really confused! If you are on the equator and the date line (whatever that’s called), THEN what would you do???

  11. We don’t do a thing to our clocks here in ‘Zona. Well, I’m sure some people do, but that’s between them and their clock.

  12. See you have it all wrong, You live in Arizona and you let the rest of the world revolve around you! See we here in AZ think the rest of the world should bend to our will. Daylight savings time? Who needs it, not us!

    Oh you have any idea how screwed up our meeting calendars are as people now schedule meetings at 6am and 6 PM as they have no idea what time it is here.

  13. [Comment ID #40187 will be quoted here]

    Click on the login link (upper right corner of this site) and register as a user. Once you’ve logged in, you can add your avatar. :mrgreen:

  14. Thank you tabbie, your question was very helpful for me! 😆 How much are airline tickets for Arizonza? I should move there if it allows me to escape dst!

  15. if you really want to avoid the trials and tribulations incurred with the daylight-savings-change-all-the-clocks-and-still-get-to-work-late-or-early-whatever-the-case-may-be, you can just move to the bustling metropolis of Dawson Creek BC (yes it is more than just coming of age drama starring that future scientology wife). Dawson Creek has long been a mecca for the digital deserter, or the analog AWOL, again whatever-the-case-may-be. This little northern gem of a community finds itself nestled nearly directly on the time-line separating pacific and mountain time, where nobody really cares what time it is so what’s the point in changing just cause the rest of the modern world does?
    anyways i should cut this off before i start to ramble…

  16. A penis unicorn is the most sexual turn off that i have ever seen! (ok, that and cheesy pick up lines…”hey baby, ya got any irish in ya… :puke:)!

  17. I find the penis unicorn to be a very good reason to take up hunting. There are enough dickheads out there anyway! 😈

  18. [Comment ID #40200 will be quoted here]

    LOL.very good…..you made me laugh..tough thing for me today:(

  19. Thanks, Becky! And I completely agree w/ the torture him slowly idea, but instead of dragging him out in the street and shooting him, drag him out in the street and have him trampled to death by a herd of stampeding penis unicorns!… Then we can lock and load, and start free-range penis/unicorn season! 😛

  20. What! Just one hour? and FORWARD? Shit – I set my clock back 12 hours. You mean I shouldn’t be heading to work now?

    Too many manhattens last night…..

    And ObiDavekenobee – how do we CHANGE an avatar?

  21. I want to know why they call it Daylight “Savings” Time. Nothing gets saved; on the contrary, people lose their freaking sanity.

    I hate you Ben Franklin. Burn in hell. 😡

    And Jules, I love the “My Little Pony on Viagra” that is so great. 😆

  22. [Comment ID #40006 will be quoted here]

    Good to see you back JFLY!!! Here is some religion for you.
    Jesus is coming! Quick look busy
    Jesus is coming and he is bringing the wine.
    Jesus is coming for dinner.
    Jesus saves at Wal-Mart.

    I gave Daylight Savings Time for Buddhist Lent. In Bangkok, we don’t have the silly thing, hell, we don’t even have season. Just hot, hotter, and hottest.

    Penis unicorn, :wtf:, stupid. A female friend told me why ladies prefer to ride horses. :wtf: The penis horn wouldn’t work. Oh by ride, I really mean ride and my friend really seemed to smile more when actually riding at full gallop. Lucky stud. 😈

  23. [Comment ID #40205 will be quoted here]

    Same way as you put up the first one. Just click the Browse button again and look for a new one. It will overwrite the old one. I am looking into hacking it to allow mutliple avatars so you can choose them on login (like on LiveJournal), but don’t hold your breath; I’m busy!

  24. Master DAVE , I try’ed to login and register but it says fatal error , something about my user name PLEASE HELP

  25. [Comment ID #40219 will be quoted here]
    Hm, that’s the second one today out of seven that went through fine. What user name are you trying? I know if you put in more than one space or any punctuation, it gets mad.

  26. I had the same problem when I was trying to log in & add my avatar. It kept saying fatal error, finally after logging in & out serveral times it went through. ❓

  27. [Comment ID #40221 will be quoted here]

    Maybe the little guy who draws the avatars for Dave got to work an hour late, today, and had to play catch-up all day long.

  28. Yes dave I’m here through Internet explorer , is that going to be a problem and when it ask’s for user name does it mean the name I use here?

  29. [Comment ID #40225 will be quoted here]

    User name is whatever you used to sign up for in the first place. My user name is Davezilla (obviously), so that’s what I use to sign in with. I can manually add you, if you are still having trouble.

  30. By the time I catch up from the loss of that hour, it’s time to change it back!!!!
    That really sux!!!!!!!!

  31. Thank you oh great Davezilla you are wise and kind.
    Now if I can figure out why the avatar I’m trying to use is not working all would be right in the world , well sort of .

  32. I’m just a dumb old truck driver , if it aint got a clutch and a stick it takes me a while to figure it out . Thanks for all the help.

  33. As for daylight savings time , more light hours in the summer less in the winter who needs to change the clock ? It’s just an hour.

  34. I think we should kill him at 2 am the night we all turn back, that way it would be two hours, not just one. 😈

  35. With a nationwide shift in daylight-saving scheduling slated for next year, Indiana’s experience offers a preview of potential glitches in store for the rest of the country. Starting in 2007, daylight-saving time will begin on the second Sunday of March rather than the first Sunday in April, as it does today. Daylight-saving time will end the first Sunday of November, a week later than it does now.

    See, that’s the shit I’m talking about. 👿

  36. If it weren’t for DST I would never change the batteries in my smoke detectors. Besides, my golf league starts at 5:00 pm (Sorry Bjorn).

  37. [Comment ID #40326 will be quoted here]

    Indiana’s experience?…see my state is the fucking root of ALL evil…

    Ever heard of “To hell in a handbasket”…well, drop the handbasket and come to Indiana…a lot quicker if you’re looking to go to hell…

  38. I am still adjusting to having to change my clock. The part of Indiana that I came from, we didn’t change our clocks. Partly because most of the hillbillies there don’t know how to work their clocks that they got for Christmas. ha ha 😛 I have been in FL for a few years, and I am still saying to myself “Wow is it that time of year again?!?” I compare it to jet-lag, only it’s effects last a lot longer. 😡

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