Premium roast coffee soup is back

Coffee soup?

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  1. JFLY

    Oh come on, Dave! Where do you think black bean soup comes from? 😛

    And I am so so happy they have finally come up with a “healthy” fruit salad…that old stuff nearly killed me.

    As far as the Moonbeam Trails go…aliens must hate zee French Canadians too…unless zey are only after zee cows…ooh-la-la! (Actually I am part French so I can say that…LOL) and I don’t care if it’s France or Canada….same gene pool. 😀

  2. One good reason why avant-garde chefs should never work in fast food. Next it will be ‘Cappuccino Gratiné with Steamed Figs’, ‘Braised Decaf with Soy Crepe’ and ‘Poached Espresso on a Bed of Caramelized Bean Sprouts’. Then the trailer trash stop coming, the yuppies take over and before you know it, the place has lost its soul.

  3. mitch

    Starbucks has really gone too far this time. Is there no market niche those yuppie bastards won’t infiltrate and destroy. But on the other hand, probably taste pretty good.

  4. Spud

    1. The stuff we served last week and the week before that.

    2. Soup’s “always” on.

    3. We tossed a couple of apples, pears inna bowl.


  5. Marcus

    Yum yum coffee soup….. Isn’t it already like soup, so do have to eat it with a spoon now.

    [Comment ID #27577 will be quoted here]

    I thought there wasn’t anything healthy at fast food restaurants. :puke: I am not a vegeterian but I refuse to eat fast food. I often, however, have Indian veggie curry with garlic nan.

    Moonbeam Trails sounds like a D&D adventure. I guess they must play often. :wtf:

  6. Can Natalie translate that site for us as well? :wtf: I’m so confused!

  7. Paige

    We have coffee soup here in southcentral VA. We make it where I work at. Its called “red-eye gravy” and its make with country ham drippings and hot black coffee.Talk about disgusting!!!!!!!!! :puke: I got a real big kick out of yesterdays postings. This website rules!!!!!

  8. WHAT? You haven’t HEARD of that? My McDonald’s has had that for YEARS.

  9. Creelock

    I’ve never Posted here before but couldn’t resist. My Grandmother use to make coffee soup for us when we were Kids. She took saltine crackers and broke them up on a plate then poured coffee on them till just a little bit wasn’t soaked up then put 2 or 3 scoops of Vanilla icecream on top of the crackers and coffee, Finally sprinkle with sugar and eat. It was AWSOME 😆 It realy is good 😛

  10. Craig

    What will that clown think of next?

  11. Mandy

    When I was a little girl and my Mom said, “We’re having coffee ice cream” I sobbed uncontrollably. I was sure that the coffee would melt all the ice cream away!

  12. But you can only get that coffee soup “for here” and not “to go.” They won’t serve it at the drive-thru for fear somebody may spill it on himself and sue. 🙄

  13. [Comment ID #27657 will be quoted here]
    Why did you bring that up again, Dave? I was over the cake/coke post trauma. Now I’m going to have to send you the new round of therapy bills for that..

  14. Anita Mann-Badley

    Oh, any day but today. Not today. Coffee soup? I just can’t. Not today. Everything’s just outta control. What’ll I do? How can I get it done? And, now… coffee soup? I just don’t have time…

    Maybe tomorrow. But don’t ask me now.

  15. bhamm

    1. “…is back” I never knew it was there in the first place. Must be a McRibwich-type thing.

    2. If they are just now selling “Premium Roast” coffee… what were we drinking before? :java:

    3. Doesn’t that describe our society perfectly? The Coffee is mentioned before the health food. (Which is where it is on the food pyramid too, I believe)

  16. [Comment ID #27657 will be quoted here]

    Oh man, this made me laugh harder than the time a good friend of mine told me her grandmother bakes a birthday cake for Jesus every Christmas.

    Here’s to hoping we’re all have as entertaining as our ancestors when we reach that age.

  17. I Hate French

    Moonbeam Ontario is the ass hole of the earth. There is so little going on that they had to erect a really dumb looking “flying” saucer as their only tourist attraction. If it wasn’t for the mines these locals work in there wouldn’t even be a cautionary sign to slow the traffic down as the highway curves through town. Bloody pityful place to have to claim to come from… And yes, I hate the French! 😳

  18. I’ll pass on the coffee soup, but now I’m craving one of their heart attack breakfast combo meals. Damn. 😐

  19. Jeffro


  20. franklito

    i like the unhealthy fruit salad better 😕
    does that coffe soup come decaffinated, can i get an expresso soup, i need to wake up 🙄

  21. franklito

    esther your picture is cute

  22. Peaches

    Oh no!!!! I’m in a PANIC……….I want coffee soup for lunch and I don’t know where this place is they serve it.
    What shall I do??

  23. Lace Valentine

    No coffee soup for you!!


  24. [Comment ID #27667 will be quoted here]

    Whoa, does someone else watch The Wiggles?

    I mean someone else besides someone… else. Not me, of course!
    That’s just silly.

  25. Duke

    I used to say “If you can drink coffee, you can probably eat burned food too” I realize that is an exaggeration, but I can’t imagine eating coffee soup.

  26. Jeffro

    [Comment ID #27689 will be quoted here]

    I have a 17 month old son so I have an excuse.
    …. honest … I swear …. no really.. I do.

  27. Jeffro

    I am glad some one got the referance though.

  28. Duke

    BTW, I never noticed the login button at the top before. I guess everyone has those
    once-in-a-while moments where you feel like an idiot, but mine seem to be too often. (lucky me)

  29. Beaner

    Jeffro must die! 😆 I am gonna be singing that damn Wiggles song all day now!! lol 😛

  30. mitch smith

    Fran, you’re back…..I love you Fran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Bjorn Freeh

    Isn’t this really McCoffee McSoup? McCrap.

  32. Mandy

    [Comment ID #27666 will be quoted here]

    Glad you were brave enough to admit it, Esther. I like the accursed things too. :kiss:

  33. Jeffro

    [Comment ID #27751 will be quoted here]

    hey… Its better than ” Lets do the monkey. ooh ooh aah aah”

  34. Duker

    I luv my coffee! I would probably order the large soup plus a large coffee to wash it down with, coffee chunk ice cream for dessert, followed later by a snack, probably a coffee crisp bar!….caffeine-mmmmmmmm…….. :java: 😛

  35. jayray

    HUH????…i prefer mine in a cup with sugar and cream!!

  36. [Comment ID #27762 will be quoted here]


    “Flap your wiiiiings, just like a bird-ay! Chirp-ay Chirp-ay, Chirp-ay, Cheap cheep cheep cheeeeep!”

    My god, what has happened to me?

  37. Becky

    healthy anything and Mcdonalds are an oximoron (sp?)…….they put so much crap on their salads when you die embalming won’t be nessasary :puke:

  38. Jeffro

    Other April,
    you win! I assume…no, I hope… I pray you have kids.

  39. I’m an unmarried 23 year old with no children and an undeniable penchant for… sing a longs.

    Should I put that in an ad somewhere?

  40. Craig

    [Comment ID #27770 will be quoted here]
    When you find that place, please let me know.

  41. justjim

    and poor ol’ Micky Dees…… just goes struggling along while we still stand in line, waiting, for their brand of slop. Oh pity us Oh pity us oh Lord :wtf:

  42. Dennis Bookhart

    Not only did they appaarently “unpremieum” coffee prior to this, but also served “unhealthy” sou;. :java:

  43. [Comment ID #27760 will be quoted here]

    Bacon, egg, cheese biscuit combo w/what passes for orange juice, instead of coffee, and an extra hash brown. Just thinking about it is raising my cholesterol levels, and unfortunately, making me drool a little.

    Oh, the shame. 😳

    P.S. Thanks, franklito! :mrgreen:

  44. Beaner

    fruit salad yummy yummy :dead:

  45. Jeffro

    I bet “Other April” is one “Hot potato, hot potato”

  46. Jeffro

    Ummm…. I just clicked on “Other April’s” name and….ummmm….
    I saw the picture of the wiggles. Ummm… can we all say wiggle stalker? yikes. 😛

  47. Jeffro

    By the way, other april, … My dogs name is….Wags :wtf:

  48. [Comment ID #27777 will be quoted here]
    I wondered when somebody was going to break out the “Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti!”
    One does not need children as an excuse to watch the Wiggles…although it does help.

  49. [Comment ID #27758 will be quoted here]

    :wtf: Didn’t you see my comment from the other day wherein I revealed a secret about myself???? Or did you see it and you still love me anyway? :kiss:

  50. Mandy

    We all love you, Fran! :kiss:

  51. cbatdux

    Mitch – found this and I wanted to share it with you.

    A well-known story as retold by a famous person (Aug. 18, 2002):

    Hamlet and Ophelia were a good couple. Claudius and Gertrude were evil.
    Polonius was good and so was Horatio, but Laertes was evil. Clowns good,
    gravediggers evil. Then there was Fortinbras. We had a Fortinbras at Delta
    Kappa Epsilon. He was a major-league bunghole.

    — George W. Bush

  52. Marcus

    Okay everyone sing-a-long!!!! I love to sing cheezy songs.

    If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands
    If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

    [Comment ID #27770 will be quoted here]

    My other favorite songs are the School House Rock collection.

    Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here. 😮

  53. Ace

    This Fran and Mitch thing is better than soaps!!
    I saw an episode of I Love Lucy in which Ricky sings a song about Cuba (surprise surprise) and I’ve had that thing stuck in my head all day!
    BTW one of my personal favorites is “conjunction junction”

    I’m going to cuba…

  54. Ace


  55. [Comment ID #27778 will be quoted here]

    While I’m being honest, my first instinctive reaction to this was to quote Rambo in First Blood.

    “I could have killed ’em all, I could kill you. In town you’re the law, out here it’s me. Don’t push it. Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe. Let it go. Let it go.”

  56. Jeffro

    AWESOME! A girl who Quotes the Wiggles & Rambo! How the hell are you still single

  57. [Comment ID #27779 will be quoted here]

    Wags the dog? :wtf:

  58. Jeffro

    Yup. Wags the dog. Original right?

  59. [Comment ID #28062 will be quoted here]

    I’m pretty sure those are both at the top of the “Things That Definitely Won’t Get You Laid” list.

  60. Soul

    [Comment ID #27689 will be quoted here]

    Right… You know You watch the Wiggles…. It’s ok….. Micheal Jackson ( cough cough) 😐

  61. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #28092 will be quoted here]

    Damn! Thanks to my 2-yr-old daughter, The Wiggles are the only things I get to see in the morning. I’ve got two questions for you. First one…do you ever catch yourself singing their songs to your self when you are out doing daily activities, like…say…at work? Second one…have you ever picked out one character on any of these shows, just to keep you interested enough not to fall asleep(and in my case, not to have a 2 year old beating on you to keep you alive in the show)?

    Just…wondering…yeah…you know how it is…almost 1:30 a.m….things start popping into your head…I think I’ll stop now. 🙁

  62. Rotten Ron

    I really feel sorry for all you people, there is no doubt that all of you are sick, REALLY REALLY SICK, you have no life at all cept to try and make yourselves feel important………………………………..Rotten Ron :puke:

  63. Don’t hate us cuz we’re sick, important people, RR, at least we ain’t assholes like U, FUCKSTICK!! :kiss:

  64. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #28535 will be quoted here]

    I admit I’ve gone a little too far before, but this is CRAP. There is nothing wrong with being “sick, REALLY REALLY SICK”. Nothing at all. I know they say everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but for the sake of saying it, take your “own opinion” and stick it straight up your “own ass”, unless of course someone “owns” your ass, then that is another story that doesn’t need to be explained. :limp:

    Word of advice-as a great…um… :idea:…person once said, “He who fucks and runs away, ends up screwed in another way!” Well, I don’t know where it really fits in the realm of advice, but it sounded good to put here as I went along……….ENJOY….I guess.

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