Note to Self, No. 5,991

Never keep the same cellphone for five years. Trust me on this one.


  1. Mandy

    Uh oh, Do you have one of those giant cellphones from the 80s that finally died? 😛

  2. Duker

    In order to comment, we need more info, Dave, like just how skanky was she and how old is the rugrat?!!

    Also, the 70’s rocked and will never be surpassed in terms of quality or variety of great rock n roll or bands! That said, some of it was cheesy, even then, but how these morons can include American Pie, Supertramp, 10cc, The Guess Who, etc., in that list is beyond me. Maybe they think rap is music, that would explain it!!

  3. Five years!? :wtf:

    Damn, my cell phones barely last me a year.

  4. Ace

    Dude, how many rolls of tape do you have holding that thing together?
    It’s miraculous that it has lasted you for so long, it’s something I didn’t think was possible. You have opened a whole new world of hope and possibility to me and for that I am deeply thankful to you oh great and terrible Dave!

  5. Spud

    I keep them till they die, my last one lasted near on 8 years, not bad.

    My new one does everything but make a simple phone call.


  6. JFLY

    Ooga choka, ooga choka, ooga ooga ooga choka…

    I confess…I love that song.

    And while I’m at it, my cellphone is 6 years old. But hey, it works!

  7. Excuse me, everybody…..but….I LOVE MITCH!!!! 😀

    even if I don’t own a cell phone and never have. :wtf:

  8. Anna

    Excuse me, everybody…..but…..I DON’T LOVE MITCH!!!!! 😳
    and I don’t own a cellphone either. Got :boob: :boob: though.

  9. Marcus

    God, I know all those songs. Oh the memories.

    Do you like pina coldas or getting caught in the rain?…. sky rockets in flight. :puke:

    My first cell phone’s battery was the size of a suitcase. The fucking thing weighed a ton and didn’t work half the time. So, as far as size is concerned, I win!!! Or maybe you should count the car phone instead. :wtf:

    Happy Life in the Cracks day everyone. I keep trying to jump in the cracks but some morons sweeps me out.

    “Dust falls silently. Why can’t I? ” – Henry Rollins

  10. Paul

    I use it more for the camera and e-mail the pictures. 🙂

    Old days, good times I remember

  11. mitch

    Fran, you’ve finally come to your senses. Bless you. I love you.
    As to cell phones, I lose mine so often it hardly matters. As you get older, your memory is the second thing to go. The first? I don’t remember.
    Fran….I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Can’t remember how many times my mother made me listen to “Horse With No Name” and other songs by America. I think there may have been a full of year that torture.

    Going to my happy place now…

  13. Spud

    “… cause there ain’t no-one to give you no pain, la la lalala la la la la la la …”


  14. justjim

    :puke: That list sucks :limp: All of my favorite stuff is on it. Who are these list makers? That’s it damnit!!! I’m gonna go and crank up my ABBA Gold Album and wake up the neighborhood just to prove I can!


  15. [Comment ID #27956 will be quoted here]
    not listeniiiiiiing

  16. Spud

    There’s some good stuff on that list,
    there’s a lot of shockers on that list.

  17. [Comment ID #27957 will be quoted here]

    Not sharing iTunes lists with justjim

  18. Spud

    [Comment ID #27958 will be quoted here]


  19. Craig

    That list is wickity wickity wack yo. John Denver was one heck of a singer. Damn those experimental aircraft.

    On a side note, i just became an ordained minister online. So to quote a line from one of the best movies ever made(The Jerk), “The lord loves a workin’ man, don’t trust whitey!”

  20. mitch smith

    Bush’s poll numbers are at an all time low!! The American people are finally waking up. And I still love Fran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. cbatdux

    Breaking out my old Carpenter’s cassette….sniff…

  22. bhamm

    I love these songs! Then again, I did work at a Kohl’s (clothing retailers) for a few months, so I heard these over…and over… and over…
    (Don’t worry, I won’t list them all)

    – “Been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to get out of the rain”
    – “Here come the dancers 1 by 1. Your mama’s callin’, but you’re havin fun”
    – “Darlin… when I think about you… I think about love”
    – “And the cat’s in in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon”
    – “DevilwentdowntoGeorgiahewaslookinforasoultosteal”
    – “I’m sailing away. Set an open course for the virgin seas.”

    And now, they are stuck in your head! HA HA HA! 😈

  23. starhealer

    i was born in the 80 but i know some of the songs on that list (all of them) and i lisen to them as for a cell phone if i want to where a lesh i will go buy a coller 👿

  24. frisko5

    OH, Dave I had my first one for 8 years….remind me to show you one day….it had duct tape and bandaides holding it together and worked better than the new one that dumped my entire phone book.

  25. franklito

    today is life in the cracks day, you know somethin is wrong when they celebrate life on crack. or did i read it wrong is it celebrating life in the crack….that can be good now that i think about it 💡

  26. Bjorn Freeh

    Cell phone? I’m still using my CB radio, good buddy.

    Now, keep your freakin’ hands off “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper Lace. That’s classical musical drama…

  27. lostone

    I had my last cell phone for about 5 years. Heck it even went to Iraq with me. Didn’t work over there but was able to call home at the first stop on the way back to the US.

    The guy making that list is crazy. There are some outstanding songs on that list. I do agree with the one Kiss song on the list though. That song was totally rank.

  28. Ron

    [Comment ID #27941 will be quoted here]
    I dont know Mitch, I have a cell phone and I ADORE
    :boob: :boob: 😛

  29. laceylegacey

    [Comment ID #27828 will be quoted here]
    I agree man…I mean all of those Eagles songs on there, those are some of the best songs ever made…EVER!!! And I was born in 79, and the so called “music” of today ,I’m sorry is just not music.

  30. Jeffro

    How the hell do you guys keep a phone for 8 years? In my area, It switched from cellular to digital about 3 or 4 years ago and cellular doesn’t have any service. Any phone more than a few years old doesn’t work. I will say, however, that I still have a functional but useless 12 pound bag phone.

  31. jules

    that site just made me feel old..(sniff..sniff..) :dead:

  32. cbatdux

    born in the 80’s? born in 79? Jaysus I’m old! I was listening to Sergio Mendez the other day….and enjoying it – classic elevator and game show music….

  33. Peaches

    Bjorn Freeh……..Whats your 20? LMAO
    I think most of us today have our ages showing a bit. I must admit, I loved most of the songs on the list. The people that hate them are really, really young. (Just wait until you’re an old fart and the younger generation loathes the music that you are listening to today.) Very nostalgic today, what with the old songs and memories of my first cellphone……..Sigh…….
    But one question………..of what kind of cracks are we speaking of? 🙂

  34. tenderflower

    I hear ya cbatdux. I love singing along to the Fifth Dimension! But I have to say, I agree with most of whats on the list. The 70’s really were a sucky decade for music.

  35. Duker

    Laceylegacey, you GO, GIRL!! Can’t wait for the day that Rap & Hip-Hop fade into history and make the dungpile lists of the future!!

    Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution, ROCK AND ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!! :boob: :wang: :boob: 😛

  36. [Comment ID #28069 will be quoted here]

    R U NUTS!! Pink Floyd, Led Zep,Supertramp, AC/DC, Vanhalen, etc., their music was sucky?! R U just trying to get a rise out of people or have U got brain damage, tumour, or what??!!! 👿

  37. U luv 2 singalong to The Fifth Dimension?!….NUF SAID!!!

  38. Bjorn Freeh

    Breaker One-Nine for that Peaches girl. You out there, Peaches?

    That’s a big 10-4 on the old fart thing. But the current generation loathes their own music now. They like stuff from the 70s!

    Well, Peaches, keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your — uh — bumper.

    Bjorn going 10-7 on the side. Catch you on the flip-flop. Bye-bye!

  39. cronewynd

    I have a pair of very hip 18-yr old twin sons, who LOVE 70’s and 80’s music, along with whatever is the going thing now… including something called Jewish Regae (???)
    Anyway, my Creative Zen mp3 player is STUFFED with the Good Stuff! :kiss:

  40. Peaches

    Dave………you are younger than me!! 😛

  41. Peaches

    Yeah, Bjorn Freeh………I’ve got my ears on. It’s pathetic that I know that lingo isn’t it. So Dave, I am OLD!!

  42. [Comment ID #28075 will be quoted here]

    Dave, Dave, Dave… where’s the shaking the head icon when U need it?? I’m guessing the 70’s for you involved perms, medallions, leather pants etc., also the nickname Spaz, atomic wedgies, daily beatings…………. 😀

  43. tenderflower

    [Comment ID #28071 will be quoted here]

    Don’t mean to offend, but the only ones you listed that I’d listen to are Floyd and Zepplin.

    And no, I don’t really sing along to the fifth dimension. And ITA with Dave. I’m old enough to remember the 60’s (but not old enough to have forgotten them), and I hated most of what was on that list. .

    😕 😕

  44. mitch smith

    [Comment ID #28059 will be quoted here]

    To know me is to love me, Ron. Peace.

  45. logan

    how about tribute to metalica also black sabbath, an i know i’m a geek but if you play pinkfloyd the wall in the right order to wizard of oz it does make more sense but you also have to be stoned

  46. Beaner

    I know alot of those songs…and love a few of them, although I’ve always been a bit of an oldhead. Was born in 78…so most were a bit b4 I actually got here, I owe my musical taste to my hippie parents. Have to say my faves of back in the day would be Fleetwood Mac & The Eagles (ok I like Chicago & Journey, too)!On the cell phone note I usually junk my phone by 2 years. 😀

  47. Peaches

    Ok Logan……now I remember why I liked the older songs so much……..I was stoned!!

  48. Soul

    Now thar’s war i’m talkin’ about………. Gettin stoned 😀

  49. MrDoug

    I think know why Dave needs a new cell phone. The old one clearly gave him brain cancer! We see this as a repeated trend with those who enjoy the songs on the link of the day. Anyone who can stand to listen to the same songs 1.9 Billion times clearly has damage to the part of the brain that allows for rational thought.

    The guests at club gitmo should be subjected to the songs on the list day after day after day. The UN only thinks we are torturing them now…. 👿

  50. Ok, I will admit to being anti-cool, and liking many songs on that list. Not all of them, mind you, but at least more than 5. 😳

  51. Alex

    [Comment ID #27938 will be quoted here]

    I love it too. I admit it I was a high school disco machine! Class of ’79 rules!

  52. [Comment ID #28106 will be quoted here]

    I liked the majority of them! That’s right. I said it. 🙂

  53. Anita Mann-Badley

    Whoever set up that site just wanted to stroke their own pathetic little egos. Obviously, if they don’t like songs that were so popular with the cool people, they must be cooler than everyone else.

    They’re probably just a couple of 35 year olds who look at the high school yearbook pictures of cheerleaders and dream of what might have been. :limp:

  54. buffy

    ok i addmit it i’m only 15 but like tons of stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. heck i like any type of music that makes me want to either sing along or get up and dance and it’s even better if it makes me want to do both. some of my favorites are:
    “american pie”
    “stop in the name of love”
    “sugar pie huney bunch”
    “american band”
    “dancing in the street”
    ” in-a-godda-da-vidda”
    “midnight rider”
    “mississippi queen”
    “easy living”
    “smoking in the boys room”
    “these boots were made for walking”
    “when a man loves a woman”
    “wooly bully”
    “my baby does the hanky panky”
    ” i feel nice like sugar and spice”
    “if i could same time in a bottle”
    “gorge of the jungle”
    and groups like Aerosmith
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Johnny Cash
    and so many more that i can’t even name.

  55. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #28081 will be quoted here]

    The worst of it is that I thought I was the cat’s ass for knowing that stuff. I even put a CB in my 1973 AMC Gremlin (with the Levi seats). I was an all-around cool.

    Ah, well… we had fun with it and Burt Reynolds made a fortune from it. And we sang 70s music the whole time! (Ok, 80s music hadn’t been invented yet)

    Dave, we need a geezer emoticon…

  56. buffy

    ok i forgot a few:
    “devil went down to gorgia”
    “dancing queen”
    “that’s the night that the lights went out in gorgia”
    “you’re the one that i want”
    “staying alive”
    “hoplessly devoted to you”
    “i will survive”
    “don’t go breaking my heart”
    “kung fu fighting”
    “if i can’t have you”
    “cats in the craddle”
    “love will find a way”
    those are also most of my absolute favorites.

  57. Ace

    Queen? The Guess Who? Eagles?! What the hell?!! Some songs on that list are great! Keep fightin’ the good fight Ducker!
    And, I’ll have you know, I was born in ’83 (22 years old) and the 70s had some great music, some of my favs. There is some truth to the “hating the new music” theory, a lot of it sucks cracks (in honor of today). I hate all the new hipster/indie stuff, pop rock/punk (how are you sully the good name rock and that is NOT punk). None of it is real music! I think what happened was that all this crap started coming out and left a bunch of us starved for good music. These new kids weren’t supplying any of it so we looked to the past and found some awesome stuff. Age doesn’t matter just looking for the goods!

    BTW I do like the jewish reggae guy, Matisyahu, he’s really good. But that I know of he’s the only jewish guy doing reggae but I would expect some copycats as was the way when Eminen came up.
    I’d recommend looking him up.

  58. Becky

    ***hiding in shame*** I know all the words to those Bee Gees songs…………ack! 🙁

  59. Bjorn Freeh

    Hi, my name is Bjorn, and I like Barry Manilow songs. And I don’t care who knows it!

  60. Peaches

    [Comment ID #28115 will be quoted here]

    No, you’re not the cats ass. I had a ’69 Pontiac for God’s sake!!

    We do need the geezer emoticon.

    Becky………hold your head high!! I would still disco if there was anyone around who could dance to “Stayin’ Alive”

  61. buffy

    i could dance to “staying alive”

  62. [Comment ID #28118 will be quoted here]

    Hi, my name is Davezilla, and I do not go drinking with Bjorn. I bet he likes clowns, too. :dead:

  63. Steppenwolf

    I’m likely the oldest one here. Explaining what the late 60s and 70s were like is impossible. Yes, there were alotof drugs around and I sure did my share. But it was much more than that.
    Anyway…anyone who puts those Eagles songs on their worst list is out of their minds!
    I’d like to see what they’d put on their best list.

  64. Bjorn Freeh

    Peaches, my ’73 Gremlin was an upgrade from my ’63 Plymouth Valiant (push button transmission — I’ve always been sooooo cool)

    Buffy, at your age, you should be able to dance to anything, even The Star Spangled Banner. This is your time to dance.

    Dave, I drink alone. But, really, I don’t have a problem…

  65. Jeffro

    Bjorn & peaches,
    You both had sweet rides. I also had a 69 pontiac. It was a firebird convertable and it had the big tires on back. Way cool dude. But not as cool as what I roll now. A 76 cadi eldorado conv. white leather interior and, of course, a C.B. with a big ass whip antenna. Any one know where I can get a set of bull horns for the front of it?

  66. Steppenwolf

    Never mind. I found their best list. Nuff said.

  67. cbatdux

    Olympic Big Ass Winter Ceremony was a tribute to bad 70’s music – including YMCA ferkrisakes. In Italy???

  68. Spud

    Hi, my name’s Spud and I only drink to excess.

  69. atara

    Well I guess I’m real old….I was born in the fiftys..And I even went to woodstock….And I wouldn’t trade one note of the music from back then for all the rappers in the universe…Peace..Love…and power to the people!

  70. Patrick

    My first ‘portable’ was a bag phone. It looked like a suitcase with a cord! The only good thing about it was it’s bulk. Somebody broke into my truck one day while I was at class and it apparently was such a hassle to undo the antenna cable and power cord that they got frustrated and left. I’m still picking up glass, six years later.
    Whoever put that list of songs together is obviously a pup who doesn’t realize there was a time when FM competed with AM for listeners. AOR was the best and nothing, absolutely nothing, being broadcast today even comes close in comparison. With true AOR you might go an entire hour and not hear a DJ and have no idea whose whole album you just heard but IT WAS REALLY GOOD MAN!

  71. There are way too many comments on this post for a mere one line entry. It’s insane. You probably won’t even read them all so I’m going to write something completely inane in order to add to the madness: Hangnails are the evolution’s way of saying, “I screwed up.”

  72. [Comment ID #28230 will be quoted here]

    I have one post with over 10,000 comments. Does 74 still sound like too many? 😛

  73. kennyh2o

    down on the list was “up against the wall futha fucka”, That song was on an album of [David Peal and The Lower Eastside BAND, and the name of the album was HAVE A MARJUANA, IT ALSO HAD A SONG CALLED THE ALPHABET SONG nad HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. aNYONE REMEMBER THIS ALBUM???? I’ll bet some of the old stoners do, it was hilarious!!!!

  74. buffy

    [Comment ID #28127 will be quoted here]
    actually you would be surprised there lots of songs that i can’t dance to they are missing the inspiration for fluid movements that don’t look korny or flat out bad. and when i can’t find inspiration to dance to it it normally just can’t be danced to.

  75. buffy

    [Comment ID #28129 will be quoted here]
    firebird!?!?! oh that’s one great car, that and mustangs. Cobras more spicificly(sorry horrible speller).

  76. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #28221 will be quoted here]

    Well, here’s to excess! :dead:

  77. Peaches

    [Comment ID #28272 will be quoted here]

    You can tell its a Friday night……….I second the motion!!

    Boogie Woogie Buffy………. :wtf:

  78. Peaches

    Which post had 10,000 comments? That must have been when I was a “Davezilla Virgin”

  79. StarGazer

    Wow…everyone’s entitled, but I have to draw the line at Chicago!

  80. bigboy

    what the hell you talking about – i never had a phone in my cell !!!!!

  81. family jules

    One thing you can say for the 70’s, with the exception of disco (and yes there was other music besides disco in the 70’s) is that it wasn’t formulaic like music is now. Today, if it doesn’t all sound the same, no one will produce it! Back then, you could have Led Zepplin, Freddy Fender and Parliment in the No. 1, 2, and 3 spots of the same chart on the same week. There were no rules, you could choose from 100 different kinds of sounds, experimenting with all different kinds of instruments, jazz, reggae, fusion, all at the same time. Try doing that today! You get fluff or snuff today, that’s it. Boooorrrrring. Far left side on the FM dial was where it was AT, man! Now it’s all car commercials and male enhancement ads with the same 4 songs every hour. 😛

  82. Master Solace

    :wtf: Same cellphone for FIVE years…I’m lucky to have less than five cellphones in ONE year…must be my luck.

  83. phil

    duker, all you need to complete things are a mullet and a “rockford files” type car(preferrably with mismatched colors) . CAT SCRATDH FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Marcus

    [Comment ID #28057 will be quoted here]

    Oh God, I grew up with a CB radio. Everyone had a handle, except me. 🙁
    Breaker 1 9 What’s your 20.

    Yes I saw the movie “Convoy” 😆

    Of course, when I was a little boy, I loved the Village Peope. When I grew up I saw them in concert. I was captain of security for the concert. 😆 :wtf:

    However, I used to love KISS as well.

    Hot hot hotter than hell… weeeeeeeeeeeee 👿

  85. [Comment ID #28336 will be quoted here]

    You’re close! My hair was feathered back ( like Kelso’s) and my first car was a 68 mustang, and I even remember watching Rockford Files ( in my defense, I was on drugs at the time!! :()

  86. kate

    woot that list was mmmnuh ok i guess not perfect but okay

  87. Timmmy

    (first car)
    I still miss my ’74 Dodge Dart swinger V8 318. It was dark irridescent gold and gray, the gray was duct tape over the rust holes. It only looked irridescent(metallic) when clean, otherwise it was brown. It could blow the doors off Firebirds and Mustangs.

  88. Timmmy

    I could have sworn there was a post after Kate and before mine? either something went away or I’m mistaken.

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