Not what I will be wearing…


…when my year in white ends. I promise. Image via Jen

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  1. Spud

    It’s Anna’s ex at his monthly volunteer fire fighting exercises.


  2. Anna

    [Comment ID #173249 will be quoted here]

    No Spud, my ex is a “smoothie”, just like me :boob: :thong: :boob:

  3. Great photo. The possibilities are endless.

    – James Caan failing the audition for Rollerball II?

    – A Haite–Ashbury Insurgent?

    – Ted Haggard arrives in Hell?

    – Extreme Freemason Initiation Ceremonies?

    – How Dutch judges spent their leisure time?

  4. Spud

    Actually I was only kidding with you Anna, yes, I was trying in vain to deflect attention away from “another” of my ratbag relatives Helmutt de Spud of East Utrecht, my Auntie despairs of ever being able to convince him to wear clothing when fighting a fire.

    The object you see trailing behind him is a formidable East Utrecht fire fighting weapon the famous “Stralging puck” with this the fire fighters are able to hit large containers of water into the deep bowels of a fire thereby extinguishing the fire with flair.


  5. Spud

    I forgot, points are awarded for dressing with feeling, hence the white socks.

  6. Stevie C

    But Dave, I’m sure the outfit comes in white.

  7. sledge

    The shoes wow leopard skin and red shoes….looks like something I would see at Miami Beach

  8. Driver

    Ouch, but I guess I deserved that anyway this guy does look like he’s got a poll stuck in his rear :wtf:

  9. AnnieB

    You really are just a moron, aren’t you? It’s pole, unless you think people are casting votes up his ass.

    If you thought Stevie C was a gal you might want to check your closet. I think someone’s trying to get out.

    Have a nice day.

  10. Anna

    Spud, your uncle Helmutt is widely know in these regions, but not for his nekid fire fighting. He is known for the inventive way of using his “stralging puck”. :wang:

  11. Spud

    Don’t worry Anna, the “smoothie” part didn’t escape notice, it has been filed away somewhere safe.


  12. cbatdux

    Gouging eyes out with my stralging puck….in my thong, of course.

  13. Sher

    It’s getting hot in here so take of all your clothes……

  14. junkman

    -unlocking the retard within? peak potential’s new fire walk for powerful losers.
    -beaver cam was not what i was hoping for.
    -bong and a blintz, pipe and a crepe, poke and a pancake.
    -“trip someone on a treadmill” i dropped acid in everyone’s water bottle at the Y this morning.

  15. StevieC

    Helmet … check
    Goggles … check
    Clogs … check
    Butt pole … check

    I’m ready for a road trip, but for some odd reason Steve, Atryd, and Meagan left me behind. At this rate, I’ll never get to Climax.

  16. Bigwavdave

    Just another soccer fan on his way to the Netherlands vs U.K. match.

    FYI; the shoes are called sabots. The word sabotage is derived from their use to break-up the wood gears in the old windmills.

  17. Flash Gordon

    Rush limbaw going to meet his Viagra dealer.
    A good opportunity for AnnieB or Mandy. :limp: :limp: :wang: :kiss: :kiss: :wtf:

  18. cbatdux

    Spud and Bjorn are taking a collection to get Dave a complete leopard skin wardrobe to celebrate his completion of the year of living white. They asked the Sultan to model the thong….

  19. Bjorn Freeh

    Thinking that the helmet and goggles would conceal his identity, Uncle Arthur doesn’t realize that nobody (nobody!) was looking at his face…

  20. Astryd: That was wierd how we all just kinda met early. Were you all thinking the same thing I was?

    AnnieB: That I wouldn’t wait anymore?

    Astryd: Yeah, that too…

    Meagan: That guy is fucking freaky and he’s already started without us so we can leave him behind?

    Astryd: He’s got enough going on, besides…

    (in unison): …SteveC is more than enough man for all of us!
    Hearing each other say the same thing simultaneously, they begin laughing and playfully throwing pillows at each other. Meagan squirts AnnieB with her waterbottle, and Astryd gets Meagan back with hers. Soaked and rolling about, SteveC appears and the three beautifull women suddenly stop and beckon him over…
    (to be continued…)

  21. AnnieB

    (in unison): …SteveC is more than enough man for all of us!

    Speak for yourself Astrid … I’d like to examine the mercandise first lol 😈

  22. -”trip someone on a treadmill” i dropped acid in everyone’s water bottle at the Y this morning.

    Ha Ha Ha! Awesome, man! I love it! Worth more than an LOL!

    Porn and Pancakes: Sounds like my kinda morning! Yummy!

    Dave? What will you wear when your year in white ends? How will you go about introducing color clothes back into your wardrobe? A suit (Ooh la-la)? Sweats? Will it be a pink and purple polka-dotted tie that goes down to your thighs but only covers what’s necessary? Will it be an aqua blue thong…no, g-string with red sequins?

  23. [Comment ID #173375 will be quoted here]

    😆 Didn’t you come last trip? 😈

  24. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173375 will be quoted here]

    Inspection? Sounds like fun to me! :wang:

  25. CaffeineAddictsAnon.

    “My motorcycle is ruined, at least I still have one piece left.”

    “Back to the drawing board”

    “I remember the first time I got shot out of a cannon”

    “I’m glad I remembered to put on matching socks”

    “Does this helmet make me look fat?”

    “But, ‘Glinda the good witch’ told me I would make it back to Kansas”

  26. Mikeme

    This is what happens when a terrorist device doesn’t quite work as planned. :thong: :thong:

  27. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #173289 will be quoted here]

    Actually, I don’t think you could be much whiter than this.

  28. Stevie C

    [Comment ID #173385 will be quoted here]

    Which begs the question:

    White men can’t __________ ?

  29. Lake Effect

    I don’t know about high fashion where you folks live, but around here we NEVER EVER wear red sabots with a blue helmet after Easter; ESPECIALLY at a rubbish fire! (laughing derisively.) He should be embarrassed at his fashion faux pas. Obviously that should have been a GREEN helmet. I would NEVER had made a mistake such as THAT!!

  30. Cara

    So thats what the new uniforms look like… 😆

  31. [Comment ID #173373 will be quoted here]

    Meagan: StevieC, where have you been?

    Atryd: Yeah, we almost went to Climax without you.

    AnnieB: Nice clogs, by the way. Can I wear them?

    At that point, StevieC shucks his clogs and leopard thong, leaving on the helmet because things are about to get a little rough…

    :wtf: 😈

  32. StevieC

    Rough????? :wang:

  33. Good thing you came prepared with protection!

    Meagan, (I’m at a loss for words) I can’t mess with perfection… 😳 😆 😈 :thong: :wang: :thong: :wang: :thong: :wang: 😛 8) :dead:

  34. Driver

    Excuse me for a spelling mistake at 4am my time. As for Stevie he took it well and did not resort to insults and no theres nothing to be concerned about in my closet.

    Live well AnnieB. 😆

  35. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #173419 will be quoted here]

    If you’ve read my posts you’ll see I’m quite the asshole and the first to admit it.

    Joke you if you can’t take a fuck.

    (I was joking about “Have a nice day.”)

    Thank you … I always live well. It’s the best revenge.

  36. How embarrassing. Jack’s ex-wife had called, and offered to go to the beach with him, to discuss a possible change in the assets she was awarded in the divorce. Jack didn’t own a swimsuit, and as time was limited, he borrows a .. suit? .. from his next door neighbor. A *shudder* leopard spot thong — it had to look as hideous as it felt.

    Arriving back from the beach on the back of her triked-out Harley, Jack found his apartment on fire. Janet laughed, said she changed her mind and would enforce the original asset allocation, and threw her shoes at him – keeping his sandals. Now the only thing Jack had left was his baseball bat, that the neighbor kid had borrowed and left on the lawn.

    It could have been worse. Thank God, Jack thought, that he had insisted on washing off the cocoa butter before returning home. Now, had he gotten around to returning the spare car key to it’s hiding place in the garage?

  37. Driver

    Clearly I’m a moron…oh shit I’m a moron.
    I guess I just get a little sensitive sometimes…oh shit I’m sensitive. Maybe I should look a little deeper into that closet.

    It’s all good AnnieB sorry I was so touchy…oh shit I’m touchy were’s my flashlight I’m headed for that closet.

  38. AnnieB

    0:-) He started it Mom. lol

  39. [Comment ID #173417 will be quoted here]

    Thank you! My mission is complete now!

  40. Lake Effect

    The required unisex uniform for the DavezillaTrekkie convention…?

  41. harley quinn

    Oh Dave I bet you could pull off that outfit and look damn sexy in it. I know I would want a picture of THAT!!!!! 😈 😆

  42. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #173429 will be quoted here]

    Hi Driver … It wasn’t necessary for you to apologize but thank you … it was very chivalrous of you to do so.


  43. Drusky

    [Comment ID #173375 will be quoted here]
    I suppose you’re going to insist on a ‘money back if you’re not satified’ policy for that in home examination… but what do you get to keep when you return the rest? 😈

  44. Bjorn Freeh

    You know, Dave, if you don’t change this picture soon, we’re all gonna have to switch over to Braillezilla…

  45. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #173503 will be quoted here]

    My virginity.

  46. StevieC

    [Comment ID #173505 will be quoted here]

    I agree. Rejoice! It’s Bjorn … again 😛

  47. Mandy

    [Comment ID #173342 will be quoted here]

    If that catches on, I am leaving the country. :wtf:

  48. ducatisti

    All together now…

    ‘It was a teeny weenie leopard print-covered thingy, that he wore for the first time todayyy…’

  49. Poor Ronald the ReeRee…doesn’t know enough to know that we don’t wear our rubberized red Dutch shoes until AFTER Flag Day…

  50. Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t that the same guy that was napping under the bus in Caption #171?

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