More people we dislike #15

  1. Mean people who win the lottery.
  2. The cashier at Baja Fresh who continually gets my order wrong because, “There’s no other vegetarians.”
  3. Advertisers who are suffering from the delusion that all senior citizens spend each day walking in slow motion on the beach their golden retriever.
  4. People who say, “We’ll give them the dog and pony show.” I’ve been to several of these presentations and have yet to see either a dog or pony. Color me disappointed.
  5. People who give me migraines so bad that I don’t post on time.
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  1. Mandy

    People who give me migraines so bad that I don’t post on time.

    ❗ That sucks Dave. Feel better!

  2. Myra

    People who use the phrase “24/7”
    People who make stupid commercials and the networks who run them continuously
    Stuck up people
    Drivers who cut me off in traffic
    Loud people who give me migraines too :java:

  3. scamper

    Don Imus, Jessy Jackasson and Al Sharpton. Imus is unemployed and the other two are useless. :limp:

  4. Cara

    Ugly people who make it in modeling

  5. Spud

    My Uncle Helmutt de Spud, I really can’t stand the man.

  6. Spud

    Today is brought to you by the number 17.

    17 is the number of days left until Dave really does colour us blind.

  7. Driver

    People who park in my asinged space and then get an attitude when I get home from work and want them to move NOW.

    The jackass that started the obsession in this country with the .99 cents on the end of every price tag like you dont realize $9.99 is $10 bucks, oh $9.99 thats less than $10 bucks I’m saving money…yeah right, or gas prices $2.99 point 9 a gallon it’s $3 bucks you greedy basterds and we know it!

    Whew thanks Dave I needed to get that off my chest.

  8. pablo


    A-American Idol fans – I don’t get it
    B-Bullshitters – any & all
    C-Computer geeks – who are smarter than me
    D-Democrats – they are half of the problem (republicans are the other half)
    E-Egocentrics – I’m done talking about you
    F-Flatulators – it’s not a joke to my nose
    G-Governators – he’ll be back at election time
    H-Hedonists – suffer like the rest of us
    I-Illiterates – see sultans
    J-Johnny come latelies – Just because it is new to you…
    K-Klu Klux Klanians – you don’t have to be white to be right
    L-Leprechauns – little bastards don’t want to share their lucky charms
    M-Macho Men – excluding Randy Savage
    N-Narcissists – please see Egocentrics
    O-Oprah – I blame Phil Donahue for this one
    P-Politicians – which face am I talking to?
    Q-Queens – who did you fuck to get that job?
    R-Red hatted ladies – Jealous of Mandy
    S-Sultans – especially from cleaveland
    T-Telemarketers – Do you really want to know how many 4 letter word I know?
    U-Uppity women – you are not all that and the bag of chips
    V-Vegans – don’t look at me that way because I think a cow tastes good
    W-Whiners – I haaaaaaaate whiiiiiiiiiiners
    X-X wives – 1 in specific (mine)
    Y-Yes men – pucker up you sniveling suck ups
    Z-Zilla haters – die you morons (vidiot)

  9. [Comment ID #173525 will be quoted here]

    I wish. No, it’s May 13th, so I still have a month to go. 31 days left till colour-blindness. 24 days left till the drunken orgies can commence.

  10. Danno

    Those who consistently utter the annoying phrase: “ITS AAALLLLL good!”

  11. Lake Effect

    -Hypocrites. (See almost ANY news story.)
    -I guess I’m tired of hearing words and phrases (on radio, tv, in music, in general conversation anywhere by anybody) that, when I was a kid, were SO embarrassing when my dad used them. And then only in the privacy of home!
    -There are PLENTY of reasons to dislike people, but it seems kind of logical that race, religion, physical appearance, job, school, living location, salary, car, etc etc etc aren’t really good solid reasons, especially if you haven’t even met the individual.
    -I can’t believe I’m writing this. I’ve always been able to dislike people with the best (worst) of ’em, but the past few days/weeks/years are starting to get to me.
    -I apologize for my humorlessness. I’d better go put my helmet and clogs back on…the world is intruding into my head kinda strongly tonight.

  12. scrawny cat

    guys who lie about their size.
    guys who then show it on cam to prove they aren’t lying.
    guys who get pissed just cause you can’t stop laughing after they have shown it to you.

  13. StevieC

    1. People who say (blank) is the new (blank), as in ‘grey is the new black’.
    2. People who say ‘that’s a good thing’. Most annoying catchphrase ever.
    3. People who say that they (or ask you to) give 110%. Sorry, but that’s 110% impossible. If you ask me to give 110%, I’m charging you 150%.
    4. People who still want you to ‘think outside the box’. I can think ‘outside the box’ that I’m working in, but some people call that ‘daydreaming’ and say I’m not ‘giving 110%’.
    5. Motivational speakers who say there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’. No, but there is a ‘me’ and you’re going to ask ‘me’ to ‘think outside the box’ and ‘give 110%’, aren’t you?
    6. People who think that reality shows have any basis in reality. And why is it called ‘Survivor’ if they all live???
    7. George Bush
    8. Ethanol fuel. Research it and you’ll see why.
    9. Paparazzi and the talentless celebrities that they prey on.
    10. Anyone who disses the ‘zilla.

    *Phew*, that was better than therapy. Thanks, D. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  14. koko bean

    People who go whining to your boss about thee way you dress and the pirecings on your body. :puke:
    If you have a problem with me tell ME and let ME know of all my immoral acts

    👿 👿 👿

    just had to vent…thanx

  15. Spud

    [Comment ID #173542 will be quoted here]
    This one gets me as well but I thought I was just getting old and cranky.

  16. People who send messages to my cell phone using “text-speak.” Annoys the hell out of me when “your” is substituted with “ur” or “are” is substituted with “r” and so on and so forth. Also? Such people almost always misplace the apostrophe.

    May the God of Grammar smite them hard.

  17. Anna

    [Comment ID #173548 will be quoted here]

    – Scrawny stole my lines …..
    – Pablo is THE MAN!! Here are some :boob: :boob: for you.
    – Spud, just because your uncle is more famous … Is it a case of stralger-envy on your part?

    Oh and me, I hate people who go to tanningsalons and pretend they went to The Maldives.

  18. Anna

    Oh, and:
    – People who say “I love cats …… they taste just like chicken”.

  19. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #173532 will be quoted here]

    I think those particular jackasses would be used car salesmen.

    Funny Pablo. I agreed with every one, even though quite a few applied to me.

    For some reason “my bad” ticks me off. I automatically want to say “no shit, asshole”.

    Someone who says “that’s just my opinion”. Well, I mean, who else’s would it be? The Pope’s?

    [Comment ID #173547 will be quoted here]
    What are we? Martians? We like YOU.

    StevieC … You gave 1,000 percent on that comment! Loved it.

  20. Teenagers who go into college or university only to drop out of the program they’re taking and then do the same thing over and over and over. Do they not realize how expensive tuition is?!

    And most likely those same teenagers are the ones who consider their part-time job at the Gap to be a really big career move. 🙄

  21. Flash Gordon

    People who say “I’m gonna hit the ground running.”
    You can bust your ass that way. :wtf: 😛 :wtf: :wtf

    People who say “Know what I mean?” after every
    statement. I usually just stare at them.

    Women who won’t give me the time of day unless they
    need something. :wtf: :limp: 👿

  22. People who are promoted well beyond their capabilities.

    Greedy people-I’ll give you 100% if you pay the 100% it’s worth. SteveC You should NEVER give 110% for 70% pay…
    specially when the person next to you gives 50% and gets paid for 110%s worth…

  23. pablo

    [Comment ID #173602 will be quoted here]

    Watch what you say about used car salesmen. You seem to appreciate one every so often (me).

  24. LIARS 😡 -People who come into the office minutes after I’ve spoken to them and tell me “The girl I talked to told me” something totally different.
    -but I love the look on their face when I tell them, no, you spoke to me and this is what I said… 😈

    Clueless type Valleygirls :kiss: -‘nough said.

    People who claim they respect your opinion but proceed attempting to convert you instead of just enjoying the day or the fact that I’m a very patient person, that’s the only reason you’ve lived to see today.
    Let me watch the fuckin’ movie, dammit! You can keep trying during the credits! 👿

  25. 😮 Overly Emphatic Newscasters. 😮

    Every Word Begins With A Capital Letter. Large Shatner-like Pauses Between Each Word.

    If it’s really news, it’ll emphasize itself.

    If It Is Not News (hint, anything regarding the lives of celebrities is in the NOT category), Then Quit Friggin Trying To Make It Important With Annoying Emphatic Speech Patterns (Jabbing the news desk with your index finger doesn’t do it for me either).

  26. Where’ve you been Mandy? We’ve missed you?

    Also Nikki…and a few others that kinda just dissapeared…

    DAVE! Do you think there might be a tear in the time continuum space fabric thingie? (so I can’t remember what it’s called ok, Give me a break!) Or that Davezilla suddenly became it’s own on-line mini bermuda traingle? The Davezilla Rectangle…people and things suddenly disappear only to show up days/years later like nothing? Oooy!

  27. Giant blurry thing on google maps…
    Have you ever had that cold with the congested cough that every once in a while you get a projectile coughing attack and green goop flies from mouth onto an unknown surface before you can cover it…

  28. [Comment ID #173548 will be quoted here]

    🙄 ~Guys who cry when a girl tells them size matters unless they have great tongue talent.
    ❓ ~Guys that have the right tool but have no idea how to work it…
    :wtf: ~Guys that forcefully push your head down for oral. Use your big-boy words honey.
    (BTW: I’ll volunteer time to give you constructive criticism on either but promise you won’t cry 😈 )

    🙄 ~Beatuful girls you can’t wait to fuck then all they do is lay there like you’re fucking a corpse ❓ .
    🙄 ~Girls that claim to have masochist tendencies but really don’t they just think it’ll make them seem cool.
    🙄 ~Girls who think/believe that they don’t need to work on their keagels.
    🙄 ~Girls that don’t ask for what they want and then complain about having a lousy sex life.
    🙄 ~Girls who think it’s the man’s/other’s job to please them and they should do nothing but lay back and enjoy…

    :wtf: ~Guys/Girls who think they own you because you let them get some.
    🙄 ~Guys/Girls who play all innocent when they go over to someone’s house “I don’t know how it happened. He/She invited me and my intentions were only to stop for a quick visit and we ended up sleeping together”.
    🙁 ~Psychotic jealous girl/boyfriends-they can only become psychotic ex-boy/girlfriends. (e-mail me and I’ll send you proof! [email protected] )
    🙄 ~ANTI-MASTURBATORS-‘Eww that’s gross, it’s just wrong…’ Fuck You! Don’t bust my high! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want but don’t hate, or get your :undies: in a twist cuz I can cum and go as I please 😈 and you haven’t been fucked in three months 👿 . (in a time of need, a girl can be her own best friend 😈 ) Besides, it’s bad for your ovaries to go so long without, they start hurting, your body’s telling you something’s wrong :P.

    Yipes, I sound awful heartless in this one… 😳

    👿 And all around vengeful, spiteful, malicious, hateful, venemous, vindictive people.

  29. Flash Gordon

    Wow, Astryd, do we need some Midol, hon? 😳 :kiss: :limp: :wtf:

  30. I know, I’m sorry. Once I started I couldn’t stop though I tried…I even frightened myself a bit! 😳

    I suppose I just had A LOT of dislike in my heart this Friday the 13th, but it’s out now! 😆 It was exorcized (sp?) and posted on Davezilla! 😛

  31. Drusky

    [Comment ID #173675 will be quoted here]
    Thanks, Dave for the free therapy. Just think of the kind of damage Astryd could have done with it all pent up inside. By the way, if painful ovaries tell you to get it on, what tells you to vent frustrations? 😆

    I dislike:
    *People who use the word ‘whatnot’ in more than 85% of their dialogue.
    *Cell phone companies who are willing to sell your cell # to telemarketers and then get more money by counting those unwanted calls towards your minutes.
    *customers who let you have it when you show up at their house to perform a service call even though you didn’t build it but it’s all your fault anyway … 👿 👿 👿

  32. pablo

    The one that bothers me is the guy who uses an engineering degree to keep his pants on between his ass & ankles, but not smart enough to put his hat on straight.

  33. [Comment ID #173661 will be quoted here]

    Astryd, you rock! Anti-masturbators should just give into it or beat off!

  34. Ellie

    Narrow minded cunts who dont even know you yet will make really nasty comments :limp:

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