Kids these days

Kids these days


  1. Bear

    funny as it may be…this is truley a sad picture

  2. Russ

    Charley’s Angles the early years.

  3. nina

    Wow. Once again WOW. I mean wouldn’t lojacking your kids be better then allowing a soon to be really hormonal teenagers to have guns.

  4. Sammy

    Zilla Girls: Cute, but deadly!!

  5. julesOdeNile

    get them early… get them cheap.

  6. Looking at this photo I can’t help but think upon the inequalities and cruel injustices in today’s world. I lament when I think of all those poor, poor child soldiers in third world who could never afford the seriously cool fucking hardware that these girls are packing.

  7. Texas home schooling?
    The GunPowderPuff Girls?
    My Little Uzi?
    The Mickey Mauser Club?
    Grand Theft Tricycle?
    Dakota Fanning’s personal security detail?
    Doggie Day Afternoon?
    “We ain’t gonna say ‘trick or treat’ twice, capice’?
    and finally
    Louisiana pupils preparing for President Obama’s next visit to their elementary school?

  8. Spud

    Too funny Mr Lung, too funny by half. 😉 😀

    – Girlz Club –

    ** Checklist **
    Uzi 9mm
    Hair straightener
    Pump action shotgun


  9. kheas

    guns don’t kill people, adolescent girls with guns do…

  10. DaPopster

    Friggin’ lovely at another point in time this would be “cute”, these days it’s not ….. ( where’s that barf icon when you need it ? )

  11. junkman

    as lux interior would say, bless his twisted dead soul in hell, “the only thing missing are the bikinis”. 😈

  12. Family Values just aren’t what they used to be these days… 💡

  13. Scamper

    The law enforcement in this country is so poor kids have taken to bare arms for protection. And they work cheap.

  14. Bigwavdave

    Better than calling 911 and hoping the cops show up in time…

  15. Bec

    😯 Joining the next hunting club?

  16. Lambchopper

    If you think they’re dangerous now, wait until they get their first period!

  17. fruf

    and the Tamils thought they had the market cornered on child soldiers
    Daddy grounded them…. this is their reply

  18. “Just get us a pony and no one gets hurt.” 👿

  19. Flash Gordon

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be terrorists.
    👿 😈 😛

  20. Cornbot

    Raising daughters in Detroit

  21. Drusky

    Three West Virginia brides go hunting for husbands…

  22. [quote comment=”627639″]Raising daughters in Detroit[/quote]
    Reminds me of a joke I saw on Facebook.

    An optimist says the glass is 1/2 full.
    A pessimist says the glass is 1/2 empty.
    A Detroiter says the glass is a lethal weapon.

  23. Margaret

    The parents couldn’t afford curtains for the windows because they spent all the money on the ‘intruder calibrators.’ It’s about priorities, people!!!

  24. Sherri

    Unfortunately this could be what it takes to keep our children safe 😥

  25. cbatdux

    Charlton Heston’s grandkids…..

  26. And the question is… 😯 IS FRIDAY’S QUESTION? 👿 😛

  27. rabbit

    Very effective way to keep the boys away. But the girls could go to jail. My way works better. My daughters had high-voltage chastity belts. No means no, but nothing says no like 50,000 volts. After that ,the only dicharge a boy would have was the shit in his pants.

  28. Patrick

    Dave- dude, you okay? haven’t heard from you in awhile. ❓

  29. TheManiac

    Automatic weapons are OK but don’t smoke pot girls. 😐

  30. ShiftyTim

    Only in America. 😥

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