Note to Self

Trader Joe’s vegetarian burritos are combustible and may explode upon contact with fork.


  1. That’s strange because when I have burritos, the explosion occurs much later. 😳

  2. 😀 I’m surprised that they don’t have warning about that on the package. Especially since people sue over the craziest things anymore.

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    Testing the comment quoting feature. :java:

  4. This message is also true about Hot Pockets, even after you’ve waited for it to cool down for the amount of time the package states. They also give your lips lovely second-degree burns. Yummy. 👿

  5. cbatdux

    Explosions usually occur at contact with toilet seat.

  6. [Comment ID #16216 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is too much fun. Everytime I visit, there’s a new toy to play with.


  7. starheler

    i love the new look sorry about new years my boyfrind read it i am now grounded from the wine celler :limp: :limp:

  8. The study of women’s bums should also include …. errr… maybe we shouldn’t talk about that particular aspect of anatomy

  9. I agree with Nikki! I see the link of the day is back. YEAH!


  10. GFL

    The vegan or the buritto??? :puke:

  11. Cherish

    Tell me Dave?

    How long did it take before you opened that blue ass in Photoshop and CMD-I’d?

  12. Spud

    How many burrito’s are too many?


  13. Spud

    Houston we have a problem.

    Comment adding takes you to a code box (not so bad)
    It does not return you to either the comments page or the website. (not good)
    Comment numbers are not changing on either lead page or the top of the comments page.

    This service has been provided free of charge by Spud Inc.


  14. Skipperobi

    Where can I get more smurf porn? :wtf:

  15. JFLY

    I’m so confused! I’m rolling over and going to back to sleep… 😐

  16. Mandy

    Does anyone else think that “Dave’s burrito exploding” might be code for something else? :wang:

  17. Duker

    ………SIGHH………Heh girls, show me your :boob: :boob:’s and I’ll show you Dave’s :wang:, OK??……………………………………………………………………………………………signed, Dave’s bi boyfriend Sebastion. :limp: :kiss: 😛 😛 :wang: 😛 😛 :wtf: ❓ :limp: :dead:

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    Neat. O.

    Also, what Spud said. 😕

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    Ahem. Oh really? :wtf:

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    I am aware of it. I can’t access the generated page from Spam Karma, but I will be turning it off soon as the New Years attacks seem to be ending (I had 500+ spam comments on Sunday). I am still disturbed by the numbers not updating. I need to determine if this is from a plugin, or a bug in the new version of WordPress. I suspect it’s a plugin.

  21. mitch smith

    Burrito bursting boldy blantantly, billowing blue bubbles.

  22. Bobby

    Where can I sign up to be a judge? Can you imagine getting paid to look at women’s butts? That’s the kind of job I want… :wang:

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