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  • Fruf

    Hot Damn look at those arms

  • StevieC

    He wanted to be Octapussy but he ended up being Squidshit.

  • junkman

    i just had calimari for lunch! i can’t feel it head butting anything down there right now. probably because it’s floating in a sea of prosecco. i would do the pregnant senior now that there is no chance of being responsible for anything later. cute playing kitty….sniff….tear….drink…..

  • pablo

    You’ve got to love Japanese Wrestling. Squidboy is preparing for his finishing move, but unfortunatly squirts ink into the referee’s eyes for a disqualification.

  • AnnieB

    The Calamari Wrestler… fun, goofy movie!

    Awww junkman, I’m gonna cry. Big hug headed your way! :love:

  • Da Popster

    Looks like you’d see the bad morning after the great night before. :wtf:

  • Drusky

    You’d make that face too if you got your head really close and smelled fish… 😯 ❗

  • Meagan

    “Release the Krakken!” 😯

    Those portraits are hilarious. It’s a shame that I might have actually done some of those at my job as a photographer. 😳

  • janeeto

    I just sent the web site string to all of my friends of those Sr Portraits. I had a crappy week at work, and most of these pics made me laugh out loud! Thank you, Dave!

  • Sexy Cheese

    Haha!!! That is awesome. I just stumbled this site and i totally didn’t expect this pic. Well done sir, well done.

  • Timm

    Gee, that senior photo of the blonde haired kid posed in front of his sporty car looks cool to me, but maybe that’s because of a photo of a young blonde haired me, posed the exact same way, in front of a beat-up ’74 Dodge Dart… (haha)

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