11 thoughts on “Casual Fridays

  1. i just had calimari for lunch! i can’t feel it head butting anything down there right now. probably because it’s floating in a sea of prosecco. i would do the pregnant senior now that there is no chance of being responsible for anything later. cute playing kitty….sniff….tear….drink…..

  2. You’ve got to love Japanese Wrestling. Squidboy is preparing for his finishing move, but unfortunatly squirts ink into the referee’s eyes for a disqualification.

  3. “Release the Krakken!” 😯

    Those portraits are hilarious. It’s a shame that I might have actually done some of those at my job as a photographer. 😳

  4. I just sent the web site string to all of my friends of those Sr Portraits. I had a crappy week at work, and most of these pics made me laugh out loud! Thank you, Dave!

  5. Gee, that senior photo of the blonde haired kid posed in front of his sporty car looks cool to me, but maybe that’s because of a photo of a young blonde haired me, posed the exact same way, in front of a beat-up ’74 Dodge Dart… (haha)

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