Busboys, originally uploaded by Davezilla was taken.


  1. zinta

    Looks like a normal day on the San Antonio River walk to me.

  2. Nik

    [quote comment=”627287″]Looks like a normal day on the San Antonio River walk to me.[/quote]
    No, there would be grackles at SARW. Kinda like the ‘Birds” movie.

  3. Creelock

    Looks like they deserve a tip, there realy cleaning up 😀 😛

  4. Patrick

    Rats with wings say, “Waste not, want not”. Could we have a side of gravel pleas? Yes, domestic will be fine, thank you.

  5. [quote comment=”627287″]Looks like a normal day on the San Antonio River walk to me.[/quote]
    Good eye. That’s where I took it. :mrgreen:

  6. janeeto

    Frisk Fail: Well, that’s gonna happen if your penis is above the waistline of your pants.

  7. Drusky

    This is where you pick your pigeon for dinner. Kinda like picking the lobster you want cooked. Isure hope you didn’t leave a tip, Dave. The service appears to be for the birds… 🙄

  8. Bigwavdave

    Two glasses of water and one Lite beer? With Mexican food? Incredibly pathetic.

    Waitress…Three more shots of tequila and three more XX amber please, oh, and what will you guys be having?

  9. zinta

    Miller light, orange tortilla warmer, green disgusting water, concrete table.. yep.. gotta be San Antonio river walk.

  10. zinta

    Pigeons and Doves are the same thing… only Doves are hunted in the country and Pigeons are usually Urban scavengers… sooooo… many people eat Dove… and could be eating Pigeons.

  11. fruf

    hope the pigeons don’t recycle on your car

  12. If you think those burritos go right through you, wait ’til it goes through them. 😯

  13. Yeah zinta, but if you feed the winged rats with a ton of refried beans and then hunt them the result is quite amusing. Ever hit an extremely gassed up pigeon with birdshot? Hysterically funny.

  14. chainstay

    “tIto! you have got to try this salsa; it is simply divine!.”
    “I thought it had a bit much cilantro, but this rice is too die for! By the way do not eat the enchiladas! I think It’s chicken.”
    “hey Becky, who’s the biped with the camera?”
    “I think he is the waiter.”
    “Naw, he looks more like a busboy. How rude.”
    “Very! Remind me not to leave a tip.”

  15. Oorhh! Server’s Assistant, if you please, sir. Coo roo-c’too-coo, is that guacamole I see or… damn, no wonder there’s no one else at this plate! How uncouth! 😛

  16. ReV.JellYBaby

    In London we used to have a simular “flying rat” problem, but due to the credit crunch it has been greatly reduced.

    The homeless now outnumber them 4 to 1 and although unable to fly and lacking in cognative skills a drunken slurring man with a heroin addiction CAN and will kill a pigeon for that last piece of chewed up burger on an unguarded plate.

    Peace Out

  17. Margaret

    That’s the same ‘team’ that cleaned our table at Sea World last summer

  18. YvOnNe

    I’m from San Antonio & knew immediately that this was the RiverWalk! I’m actually working downtown right now as we speak! too cool 🙂

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