What I Learned from Movies XIV: Military Movies

Holding up a fist will instantly stop an entire army dead in their tracks. Any time bullets are shot at you in slow motion, you can avoid them (in slow motion) by leaning way back until your spine is almost broken. Hover in this position for several seconds until the bullet-time effect has ended. Make […]

Friday Question #1

I’ve decided to ask a question every Friday this year. We’re starting out with a two-part question. Try to keep up. Guns or bacon and why?  

Things I Learned from Movies, Part III

Bullets from heroes kill with one shot and in less than a second. Bullets from criminals maim, but if they do kill, it takes longer. Virginity protects you from serial killers. It only takes two people to turn a two ton fallen tree into a massive booby trap that operates by pulling a tiny wooden […]