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  • Queen Rosebud

    Gee, at least I got dinner and a movie first. :wang:

  • Nicolette

    I distinctly would have remembered hearing a “Zap”! :wtf: It was more like a pop when the condom broke!

  • Nuilogad

    Ah immaculate conception. It is better than sleeping with the creepy thing holding the sign.

  • Lung the Younger

    The Official Papa Doc Fertility Clinic – welcome to Haiti.

  • DaPopster

    Just Zap ?? More fun with the screaming, heavy breathing, howling and clawing ….. and the was just the cat. :wang:

  • Timm

    OMG! I thought I was just getting fat! That explains why I crave apple pie with pickles and cream sauce. Where’s the baby going to come out, my wang?

    Those stairs look like the house I lived in when I was 15. it was built around 1870, my great-great grandfather knew the people who built it. I was too embarrassed to admit it at the time but I was afraid of the third floor at night because of it was too spooky. The place really had a creepiness to it. haha…. After we moved out, the owners gutted and modernized the place. What a shame, the old stuff was cool, it even had remnants of old gas light fixtures.

  • fruf

    “Zap you’re pregnant” no dining, dancing, flower’s chocolates, mirrors on the ceiling,block and tackles, chain’s and whips, handcuff’s , stirrups ? WTF is it with this witchcrap?

  • chainstay

    Witchcraft? Zap? I thought you got that way from a toilet seat.

  • Meagan

    That’s the last time Hermione polishes Ron’s wand. 😯 :wang:

  • java_fiend

    Wow. Apparently romance really is dead.

  • StevieC

    Just fricken great! Sex is on the loose and hasn’t been seen for days and now my other cat, Zap, is pregnant. I am so glad that I neutered Davezilla, my third cat.

  • Coley7367

    Zap? Yup, it went by about that fast :limp:

  • La Guera Linda

    Sooooo That’s what that noice was just before it went … :limp:

  • La Guera Linda

    [quote post=”4021″]Sooooo That’s what that noice was just before it went …[/quote]

  • La Guera Linda

    [quote post=”4021″]Sooooo That’s what that noice was just before it went …[/quote]

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