15 thoughts on “Zap! You’re pregnant

  1. Just Zap ?? More fun with the screaming, heavy breathing, howling and clawing ….. and the was just the cat. :wang:

  2. OMG! I thought I was just getting fat! That explains why I crave apple pie with pickles and cream sauce. Where’s the baby going to come out, my wang?

    Those stairs look like the house I lived in when I was 15. it was built around 1870, my great-great grandfather knew the people who built it. I was too embarrassed to admit it at the time but I was afraid of the third floor at night because of it was too spooky. The place really had a creepiness to it. haha…. After we moved out, the owners gutted and modernized the place. What a shame, the old stuff was cool, it even had remnants of old gas light fixtures.

  3. “Zap you’re pregnant” no dining, dancing, flower’s chocolates, mirrors on the ceiling,block and tackles, chain’s and whips, handcuff’s , stirrups ? WTF is it with this witchcrap?

  4. Just fricken great! Sex is on the loose and hasn’t been seen for days and now my other cat, Zap, is pregnant. I am so glad that I neutered Davezilla, my third cat.

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