Why God, why? III

Why God, why?

Image via Chris Barry

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  1. Anita Mann-Badley

    Believe me, Ermaline, nobody’s gonna notice that little tabacca stain on your Jeff Gordon shirt.

  2. Elektra

    Holy hell!!! :dead:

  3. Mjaz

    “Depends” displays their new style at the County Fair, for the “young at heart”.

  4. Driver

    The Horror The Horror The Horror :dead:

  5. Lee

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in about 20 years.

  6. Jim Ivy

    Now that’s rough terrain!

  7. Creelock

    I got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep, I felt ill. Then I saw that Picture and everything went Black, now I feel bad and I think i’m blind. :puke:

  8. Marcus

    Good for her!! Go grandma go! She might not still got it, but she is gonna flaunt it. lol. I bet she makes one hell of a hash brownie. Mmmm. Yum. Brownies. :wtf: What kind of bike does she ride, I wonder!?!

    I am going to become a professional body painter. 😛 😆

  9. Well, so much for sleep. /goes to fridge and pops open a beer….

  10. My eyes…MY eyes……..MY EYES…………….MY EYES………….

    Dave….I have a feeling that God has nothing to do with the very terrifying sight………..

    Maybe becoming a professional body painter might help heal me…

  11. Spud

    Miss Swamp Gator 1957 returns to the scene of the crime…

  12. Bob

    Oh my god! Im so turned on I think Im gonna PUKE! :puke: :puke: :puke:

  13. Craig

    I think that’s a dude. :puke:

  14. djemm

    Girls Gone Wild the senior citizens first editon With 100% more wrinkles and its not just on the clothes anymore :wtf:

  15. underdog

    damn that is nasty wonder if she is single ha ha ha 🙄

  16. bandwagon

    Outfit for rolling thunder this weekend! :wtf:

  17. Da Popster

    Think I’m gonna hurl :puke: and then have nightmares for a month :limp:

  18. :wtf: That’s going to give me nightmares for weeks! :puke:

  19. Britt

    it’s her unders for her assless chaps that her boy toy stole, he said he liked the way they made him feel, then he broke out singing prince… wow what a night

  20. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #56786 will be quoted here]

    (Spewing milk thru nostrils….)

  21. mikeme

    :limp: :limp: :wtf: :limp: :limp: :wtf: :puke:

  22. LovlyBrown1


  23. umm

    Zelda Rottencrotch, Miss Wisconsin Cottage Cheese Queen of 1921, does her part to promote the ever-fresh “got milk” campaign. Here she uses her femanine wiles to gain the attention of local farmer, Ned Doofus.

  24. Mom

    mikeB? Yeah, tha’s me. How do ya like me new body paint, huh? I tolds the artist I want nice lean bacon thighs and she hafta gimme cottage cheese thighs instead. Girl ain’t got a stinkin’ brain, I tell ya.

    Now git.

  25. Dennis Bookhart

    :puke: And :puke: some more!!

  26. Jim

    Just in case you didn’t get a good enough look, there’s a booth selling binoculars in the rear.

    uh…should re-phrase that.

  27. Lena

    I am waaaaay too young for all this horror. Was there a rating? 🙁

  28. Proof that even when your tits have sagged to your hips, men will still not look you in the eye!! You GO, GRANNY!!! :boob: ❓ :boob:

  29. Paige

    Are those actually Daisy Dukes that she is wearing??? Well, in the words of Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich- “I think I look nice.” 😀

  30. Bjorn Freeh

    I realize that this isn’t a Caption Time posting but…

    1. Geez, and all Indy Car Racing can offer is Danica Patrick. I can see why nascar is so popular.

    2. My god, if that’s just the toe, how big is the freakin’ camel?

    3. If this wasn’t nascar, the celebrated home of virtuous American family values, I’d ravish you right here, right now.

    4. I now understand why nascar has a car sponsored by Viagra.

  31. scamper95

    Damn Dave I thought you at least some limits on what you posted. I’ll be sick all day :puke: :puke:

  32. Flash Gordon

    I tried but I couldn’t get any further than this…. :limp: :???:…oh, how
    mortifying. But the body painting revived me, especially the one with the
    pussycat !

    ! :wang: :wang: :wtf:

  33. Goth Princess

    God, that’s not from God, that’s the work of Satan :evil:. Shit, I won’t be sleeping for a while. :puke:

  34. Ronnie

    Ya’ll a bunch of wimps! That’s some count! ain’t been out of the home but three weeks. It’s Prime Time!

  35. Drusky

    And that’s what she gets for sitting on rolled up cyclone fencing… 😆

    Grandma couldn’t work the good corners anymore, but she still knew how to flaunt it at the biker show… except for this gentleman who has a tape measure in his hands to measure the :boob: sag… 😈

    Anyone for cheesecake?

  36. Mandy

    Here’s a terrifying thought: What if she’s naked and at the Body Painting Festival? :puke:

  37. [Comment ID #57058 will be quoted here]

    Oh, Mandy. :dead:

  38. Spud

    Damn, I need brain cleansing after that thought…


  39. [Comment ID #57058 will be quoted here]

    After I clear out my eyes, I may need someone to burn the images of that out of my mind….thanks alot Mandy…………….. :wtf:

  40. Teri

    OMFG!!!!! Nasty! Now I must vomit. :puke: :dead:

  41. Meagan

    HOLY GRANDMOTHER OF GOD!!!! :puke: :puke:

  42. Tina Marie

    If that’s what she’s (not) wearing on her ass, don’t you wonder what she’s (not) got covering her chest that Farmer Brown is staring at.

    And as for all of you who made rude comments about her body…it may not look good to most of us, but there are plenty of older biker guys out there who took one look at that picture and got major-league horny! Even old chicks get laid.

  43. The Cynical Villain

    Grannies Gone Wild…the GILF Age!!!

  44. Chicky

    [Comment ID #57058 will be quoted here]

    Okay, that’s it….. :puke:

  45. Chad

    :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:

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