Where I was all weekend, Part II

So this was the bathroom:

Beachcombers Motel bathroom

On the plus side, they had giant scissors, a clearly marked beach and the biggest smiley face I hope to ever see.

The weekend in Lexington, Michigan

Also, the Shriners up there drive funny cars.

Also, the Shriners up there drive funny cars.

Despite the weirdness, I actually got three days to relax and not work or go online. Go me!

Feet + Wine + Beach = OSM

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  1. Bear

    nice view of the rocks and weeds…or is that supposed to be “SAND”…LOL
    most important though is that you had a good time!

  2. Spud

    Excellent, I love a well balanced weekender.

    oh, um, what was the beach?

  3. chainstay

    Are the cars just small, or the Shriners really really big?

  4. Wow, those Detroit car manufacturers are really taking this recession seriously, aren’t they?

  5. [Comment ID #369978 will appear here]

    The eastern side of Michigan is definitely a stony coast. We were actually facing the rockist part of the beach in that pic, but yeah. There was some sand.

  6. junkman

    -when you use the soap does it feel like you are wearing a gravy sweater after?
    -was the mirror really fogged or was that a crooked ghost?
    -did you meet the creative genius responsible for the scissors? i mean really….could any of us have thought of this when we set out with our chainsaws to carve something?
    -isn’t that a forest not a beach that is labelled incorrectly?
    -did fonzie jump a shark/catfish with those vintage water skis while you were there?
    -were you lucky enough to sit at a table made from the remainder of the happy face?
    -isn’t that the album cover of frankenchrist?
    -why would any liquor bottle be unopened at any time there?
    -those are your pant legs on the left aren’t they?

  7. Let me guess: they kidnapped the smiley face from the local Wal-Mart and killed him on the beach with the scissors, leaving the head on display as a warning to Wal-Mart to leave their small town alone and thereby save the local economy. Take that, corporate America! 😈

  8. Tam

    The best thing about those kind of hotels is no wireless access. Work is totally unable to find you!

  9. [Comment ID #370240 will appear here]

    The photo is just too small to show detail. I have Hobbit feet.

  10. peaches

    And you actually relaxed in those chairs????

    Reminds me of a near vacation from hell in Daytona beach years ago that we made reservations for during the 4th of July week where dog poop was on the floor and in the pool……we left and found another place immediately. Bigger, cleaner and cheaper! Who says you need reservations…even on a holiday.

  11. Drusky

    So, Dave, Was the word ‘curatin’ actually mis-spelled or were you having a flashback while setting up the topic? 😀

  12. chainstay

    [Comment ID #370255 will appear here]

    Now that is funny!!

  13. I am profoundly saddened that what I saw in this picture is considered a beach. Shoreline deffinately, Waterfront aptly describes, but on a beach you should never have to worry about stubbing you toes as yoy walk the waterline.

    Dude, California rules!

    On a lighter note, ever since you could start wearing colors again, it is hard to tell if the miscellanious body parts are yours or Liz’s. (sorry Liz)

  14. Keith

    Never underestimate the awesomeness of Shriners.

  15. Oh my God! Did you hear Ray Steven’s “Shriner’s Convention” song during that parade?

    “Coy? Dad blam it, how’d you get that big Harley up there in yer room??”

    Confirmation is the key my friend……. confirm everything, trust no one.

  16. How the hell do you put an electrical outlet up crooked? I would have thought that was impossible. It’s mounted on a freaking vertical board for crying out loud.

  17. Timm

    [Comment ID #370240 will appear here]

    It’s the Cashmere Bouquet soap!

    Did the beach picture remind anyone else of the photos from Mars?

    The Shriners were in town, but the motel wasn’t booked up? Maybe that could have been a hint.

  18. [Comment ID #370335 will appear here]

    I’m on the left. Nice try at getting Lizz to post more skin. I see through your plan 😈

    [Comment ID #370333 will appear here]

    They misspelled it. They also put a period after both Thank and You.

  19. Bigwavdave

    Let’s see…Word association…Mandy, so white, so smooth…am I the only one here sportin’ wood? :wang:

  20. [Comment ID #371923 will appear here]

    Does that wood have a Walmart happy face on it?

  21. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #371950 will appear here]

    Mandy – Smooth – White – Wood – Happy Face – Yes, I believe that wood all go together…

  22. Just remember boys, the “smooth whiteness” in question was Dave’s foot.


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