37 thoughts on “Why I don’t mind having pale skin in summer

  1. Is it me or does Georgina Hamilton have rather manish hands? Come on now… bottle blonde, silicon, lee press on claws and tan in a can. Is it really so hard to believe she might be hiding something in one of Vicki’s Secrets? :limp: :wtf:

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    Cloning is the sincerest form of flatulence, er flattery. So said Pliny the Elder, or
    was it Pepin the Short. Hell it might even have been Osama Obama Hassan Bin Dere. 😛 😕 :wtf:

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    Far as I’m concerned there can’t be enough Mandys in the world…Specially since Annie B, Astryd, Mistress D, NIKKI, and all the rest of the Zilla babes seem to be on vacation…

  4. Oh yes, the photo…Here in SoCal that orange spray-on shit would get laughed off the beach…once everyone stopped gagging over the bikini…

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    I can see it happening… Mandy drops her panties and sits on the copier during a party. As she hit the ‘copy’ button, lightning hits the power pole outside… WOW! :wang: 😛

  6. Re: the photo…

    Visitors to the beach wondered WHERE the smell of burned pot roast was coming from… 😈

  7. I would what type of lotion, or is it leather conditioner, she uses.

    I haven’t seenanything quite that roasted that didn’t have potatoes & carrots next to it.

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    I’m still here, baby. Want me to spank you? 😈

    As for the picture, it looks like she’s related to an Oompa Loompa. 😛

  9. In the old days we use to use Baby oil with a drop of iodine in it…gave you a great tan,
    This leather lady looks like she uses Pam Spray on cooking oil for that “Toasted Leather Look”
    I wonder if she tans her boobs or are they Bright white when she drops her top.

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    i have the feeling the readers of davezilla would love it if we mud wrestled :kiss:

  11. [Comment ID #373292 will appear here] Um, actually, Mandy, you had a thought and a great one! I, on the other hand, had a feeling. It’s called an erection! Schwing! :wang:

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    No, no, no. There might be two Mandys by name, but there is only the one MANDY!! The O-ZGirl!

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    Actually, we would enjoy seeing ALL the ‘Zilla girls in a big free for all mud wrestling match! I’ll even forgo the mud if it helps… :wang: 😈

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    :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong:
    I’ll pop for the stadium. :wang:

  15. Paris de Cannapé Von Krakerbrannd, heiress to the Cheeto empire, reclines on her private beach in Saint Tropez overcome with ennui from all those state dinners and debutante balls.

  16. I didn’t know that you could put a bikini on an armchair… I wonder if she uses a spray on lotion, ya know, Old English……

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    I don’t think I want to be blinded by that sight……I think I’ll stick to watching the mud wrestling match……I’ve got $100 on……who cares……I’ll put more than that on the winner………including a private “hosing” 👿

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