What I’m havin’ for lunch.

Crack Sandwich


  1. Crack! Now available in sesame flavor!

    Crack, it’s what’s for lunch. 😛

  2. Nina

    😈 Crack the other white…meat!

  3. Spud

    Why is engrish so hard ??

    This stuff has it all…

    Get bombed
    Get stuffed
    Get healthy

    All 3 main groups catered for.



  4. ‘Clack Sandwich’ sounds a little rude. But then again, so does ‘Twinkie’.

  5. Anna

    Drug-wise I thought Holland was the numero uno liberal country. I need to emigrate!!!

  6. Jay

    You tried Ultra 90, Slimfast, Jenny Craig. Now try a weight loss product that really works!

  7. Spud

    I’ve gotta ask the question…

    as with all things asian, do you add boiling water to your crack sandwich, or do you soak them?


  8. DaBull !!!

    CRACK … It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

    Crack…Snapple…Pop, Weiss Cwispies !

  9. vazey8s

    It sounded good to me until I heard the were made with sesame seeds…..:wtf:

  10. Megan

    Wow. Ill take 2 😆

  11. Heh. They could’ve easily taken the other route and made each half look like a butt cheek with chocolate filling.:dead:

  12. I had some crack last night. It was great. :wang:


  13. Bread

    I never thought they would turn a smuggling scheme into an actual snack. Greedy bastards trying to make conglomerate merger.
    Heyyyyy!:wtf: Crack is legal in Asia! Damn, I knew I should’ve gotten that passport when I had the chance.:-?

  14. tinamarie

    Personally, I like a little meat in my Crack. Now THAT’s a sandwich! :wang:

  15. pappy

    Good lord judging by the woman on the package if you eat them you’ll expand in the :boobs: region.. :wtf:

    Sounds yummy all the same.

  16. Cbatdux

    Crack Sandwiches – now in a convenient PARTY pack! (straw not incruded)

  17. H. R. Gerrard

    I thought a crack sandwich was what you saw when a plumber was working under your sink!

  18. Pinky

    I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the link yet! I submitted mine, it says “Hey God- Wiccans are people, too! (with a pentacle free-handed)” and it has my “god is a girl and she’s cute” shirt in the background! YAY!

  19. MIKE

    I would like my face in tinamaries crack, Now that’s an orgasm.

  20. Paige Dalton

    Peanut butter and crack. Now theres a sandwich:lol:

  21. Sunshinegrl

    :wtf:I hope they’re talking about the drug. It would be painful if they packaged the other cracks.

  22. Kermit

    I had a feeling nobodyd be able to resist taking a crack at that one.

  23. Kermit

    Just like Mommy used to make.

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