What I’m havin’ for lunch.

Crack Sandwich

Published by Davezilla

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  1. Why is engrish so hard ??

    This stuff has it all…

    Get bombed
    Get stuffed
    Get healthy

    All 3 main groups catered for.



  2. I’ve gotta ask the question…

    as with all things asian, do you add boiling water to your crack sandwich, or do you soak them?


  3. I never thought they would turn a smuggling scheme into an actual snack. Greedy bastards trying to make conglomerate merger.
    Heyyyyy!:wtf: Crack is legal in Asia! Damn, I knew I should’ve gotten that passport when I had the chance.:-?

  4. Good lord judging by the woman on the package if you eat them you’ll expand in the :boobs: region.. :wtf:

    Sounds yummy all the same.

  5. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the link yet! I submitted mine, it says “Hey God- Wiccans are people, too! (with a pentacle free-handed)” and it has my “god is a girl and she’s cute” shirt in the background! YAY!

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