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  • Fran

    Crack! Now available in sesame flavor!

    Crack, it’s what’s for lunch. 😛

  • Nina

    😈 Crack the other white…meat!

  • Esther

    I’ll take one, please.

  • Spud

    Why is engrish so hard ??

    This stuff has it all…

    Get bombed
    Get stuffed
    Get healthy

    All 3 main groups catered for.



  • Lung the Younger

    ‘Clack Sandwich’ sounds a little rude. But then again, so does ‘Twinkie’.

  • Anna

    Drug-wise I thought Holland was the numero uno liberal country. I need to emigrate!!!

  • Jay

    You tried Ultra 90, Slimfast, Jenny Craig. Now try a weight loss product that really works!

  • Spud

    I’ve gotta ask the question…

    as with all things asian, do you add boiling water to your crack sandwich, or do you soak them?


  • DaBull !!!

    CRACK … It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

    Crack…Snapple…Pop, Weiss Cwispies !

  • vazey8s

    It sounded good to me until I heard the were made with sesame seeds…..:wtf:

  • rust

    Crack Sandwiches!


  • Megan

    Wow. Ill take 2 😆

  • Kami

    Heh. They could’ve easily taken the other route and made each half look like a butt cheek with chocolate filling.:dead:

  • Merth

    I had some crack last night. It was great. :wang:


  • Nikki

    goes great with Diet Dope.

  • Bread

    I never thought they would turn a smuggling scheme into an actual snack. Greedy bastards trying to make conglomerate merger.
    Heyyyyy!:wtf: Crack is legal in Asia! Damn, I knew I should’ve gotten that passport when I had the chance.:-?

  • tinamarie

    Personally, I like a little meat in my Crack. Now THAT’s a sandwich! :wang:

  • pappy

    Good lord judging by the woman on the package if you eat them you’ll expand in the :boobs: region.. :wtf:

    Sounds yummy all the same.

  • Cbatdux

    Crack Sandwiches – now in a convenient PARTY pack! (straw not incruded)

  • H. R. Gerrard

    I thought a crack sandwich was what you saw when a plumber was working under your sink!

  • Pinky

    I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the link yet! I submitted mine, it says “Hey God- Wiccans are people, too! (with a pentacle free-handed)” and it has my “god is a girl and she’s cute” shirt in the background! YAY!

  • MIKE

    I would like my face in tinamaries crack, Now that’s an orgasm.

  • Paige Dalton

    Peanut butter and crack. Now theres a sandwich:lol:

  • Sunshinegrl

    :wtf:I hope they’re talking about the drug. It would be painful if they packaged the other cracks.

  • CroneWynd

    Hey, Pinky… cute shirt. Nice pent. WTG 😆

  • Kermit

    I had a feeling nobodyd be able to resist taking a crack at that one.

  • Kermit

    Just like Mommy used to make.

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