Pumpkins walk among us

Pumpkins walk among us

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  1. Sackfree underwear?!? They stole my idea! I’ve been cutting ball-holes in my briefs for years now. I call them testi-slots.

  2. tinamarie

    Call the IRA!! Those damn protestants are on the move!

  3. Although Agent Johnson seemed to have infiltrated the sect successfully, she was still somewhat concerned that her ACME jackboots might give her away.

  4. No one will dare carve these pumpkins. :wtf:

  5. Spud

    Don’t ya just love it…

    Large orange people seen walking down 4th & Main

    Do they have sackfree orange underwear?


  6. Anna

    When reading the above statements I notice a definate lack of cultural awareness …… OFCOURSE THESE PEOPLE ARE DUTCH!!! They are either going to a soccer game, tenismatch, Olympic event, speedskating or any other sport in which we have to defend our national pride.
    We do this by wearing orange clothes, wear hats with cow-faces on them or orange bananas, paint our faces orange (and if we can get away with it: our :boobs::boobs: and butts too!), orange wigs too. This is how you recognize us at abovementioned events (and truly, I’m not kidding).

  7. Spud

    It’s the Royal Oak & Dutch…

    dutch is life

  8. frisko

    They do have a bundle of self love, I give them credit for that! My guilty pleasure is the color orange.

    running away……

  9. Nina

    😈 So where do you insert the candle?

  10. mikeB

    “A hushed crowd watches as the members of the Royal Order of Orange Cougars arrives at the scene.”


  11. I wonder if there is a sac-free version of moosepants…

  12. Daniele

    so confused :wtf:

  13. Sunshinegrl

    It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charley Brown!
    And it’s not alone! RUUUUUUUUUUN!

  14. Didn’t you know? Orange is the new black.

  15. mikeB

    Didn’t you know? Pumpkin is the new squash.

  16. warren

    Orange you glad you dont need stoplights ladies?

  17. pappy

    I just love the orange dress with combat boots.

    Why oh why did I look at that link.. 🙁 There are just some things I don’t care to know.

  18. Bubbles

    My eyes! My eyes! I don’t know if my corneas were more seared by the Orange Brigade or by the (ahem) man-slips.:-?

  19. Themrdoug

    Ok people sing along:
    Harai Hari, Jari, Hari, Hari Krishna! Good to see they are still around.

    Ball Sag underware? Next thing you know you will be tripping on your testies as the will be around your ankles.

  20. Daria

    Are those fuzzy orange slippers on the one in front?

  21. Nina

    😀 at least the orange fuzzy slippers look better than the black combat boots!

  22. Cbatdux

    Dutch (trick or) treat?

  23. Sacfree! OMG!!! LOL :boxers: :wtf: That is just too funny… and the Engrish!!!!!

    OMG… and, and, and… the BALLS! 😀

  24. Sunshinegrl

    It’s the new line of indistructable road-side cones. The DOT got tired of people running over the others. These the cars will just bounce off of.

  25. hazel

    maby there trying to make everyone think ther’e triplets lol

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