Terrible migraine. Can’t see. May post later … :dead:

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  1. mikeB

    Have some Perrier with popcorn in it. I hear it cures migraines by making you so sick to your stomach that you forget you had a headache. 😛

  2. frisko

    Call Dr. Stacy, she keeps Bobbys headaches in check.

  3. Davezilla is so dedicated to his site that he even posts that he can’t post to keep the crowds of loyal fans from rioting, burning small villages, and looting.

    What a guy! 🙂

    He knows us so well. 😀

  4. Good Lord. You’ve got a migraine, Izzle Pfaff’s got the trotts, and Defective Yeti’s just gotten over a stomach bug.

    What’s going on in Blogtown?

  5. simoon

    Hey Fran… it may be nice of Dave to keep us apprised of his situation, but, really, wouldn’t it be more fun to riot, burn, loot, and pillage?

    And this reminds me of a bellydancing drum beat (which is called Masmoudi, and which actually sounds a bit different on the drum!) that we (my fellow bellydancers and I) vocalize as “DOOM DOOM. Total, utter DOOM. Death and destruction. Total, utter DOOM.”

    Yes, maybe I just like the idea of plundering small villages. Or big villages… or … yeah. 😈

  6. julie

    I’m sure Dave will feel better if you belly dance for him, simoon. :mrgreen:

  7. Esther

    I’ve got a bellydancing workout tape. Think that would help?:undies:

    Feel better soon, Dave.:neutral:

  8. Mandy

    Must concur w/ Julie and Esther. If we all bellydance for Mr. Zilla, he’ll be “up” in no time. :wang:

  9. Perhaps we could create a list of things “worse than having a blogging migrane…”

    1. a blogged anal passage
    2. an internet scope of your eurthra
    3. receiving a link to bellydancing photos of Mandy, Esther, and Julie promptly followed by an ISP outage.

  10. I say take a drink and load up on cocktail weenies. That’ll get your :wang: up.

  11. Kirk

    Shhhh, you guys/gals…..Dave has a migraine! (closing drapes and darkening room…placing a cool damp washrag over Dave’s eyes and tiptoeing out of the room!)

  12. simoon

    Oh Kirk! Thank you for dimming the lighting. The bellydancing is far more seductive and sensual this way. Mmmmmm. Yup. Dave should be fine in no time!

  13. Apparently the secret remedy for migranes is to eat a bar of chocolate and drink a bottle of coke when you feel it comin on.

    But since you did it, I might as well direct my traveling marching band past your house 😈

  14. mikeB

    Apparently the secret remedy for migranes is to eat a bar of chocolate and drink a bottle of coke

    Or have simoon, Esther and Mandy dancing around dressed like Princess Leia in the slave costume. :wang::wang:

  15. Esther

    Hope you have good insurance, Matt. 😎

  16. simoon

    And Natalie! Feel free to join in… I can teach you some steps and lend you some garb. Heh. :mrgreen:

  17. simoon

    mikeB… yup, that slave costume could cure my migraine, too. I mean… not being in it, but watching people bellydance in it. Yup. Perfect. 😆

  18. Kirk

    (sneaking back into the room to check out the belly dancers….notices the lights are dim, but someon put up a disco ball to enhance the belly dancing……cracks the window open to better hear the marching band….munches on chocolate and adds a little somthing stronger to the coke)….Ahhhh, life is getting better!

  19. JFLY


    Take 2 :boobs::boobs: and call me in the morning…:grin:

  20. Lace Valentine

    When the blogger’s away, the posters will play… 🙂

    Dave never got migraines until he got that Webby Award.

  21. Aw, Zilla. I hope you get better soon. I will buy you :java:. Hmm. Better make that :java: :java: :java:, just to be safe.

  22. Sorry Daniel, but you need to go back to the lion’s den and give the lion another chance.:wtf:

    The roommate ad that Davezilla linked to was funnier than yours and not even close in content to yours. 😛

    I’m not one to initiate stonings or a mob mentality but…we didn’t get our regular Davezilla post today and we are ready to riot, burn, loot and pillage. Don’t give us a reason to come to your house…for tea and cookies.:grin:

  23. JFLY

    Hmmm…I wonder if Daniel got an Honorable Mention? Naaaaaah…

    Fran – 😀

  24. Yeah it was 1000x funnier. right. All imitations are always better than the original. Like the movie Psycho, much better with Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche right?

    But I did want to say that in the post on my website I did say that I wasn’t sure who wrote that 2nd rate knock off post, copying mine. I did act too quickly in yelling at Davezilla and Maggie. I was just pissed that my work was copied without acknowledgement.

    And Fran yes I did get honorable mention when a listener on NPR today realized that someone had copied my post and let Brian Leher know. Also BoingBoing gave it a nice plug.

    Thanks for trying to mock it anyway.

  25. You’re quite welcome, Daniel. 🙂

    I don’t believe in kicking a man when he’s down with a migraine.

    Are you down with that?:???:

    That Anne Heche is quite the actress!:mrgreen:

  26. Oh but I am responding to a “Daniel” imposter because the real Daniel wouldn’t write that kind of self promoting drivel. 🙁 Nope! He wouldn’t.

  27. actually the real Daniel is a total self promoting whore. I even have business cards with just my blog address printed on them.

  28. JFLY

    Funny, but it seems to me I read something similar DECADES ago…:roll:

  29. Esther

    Goodness, everything comes around and goes around on the intarweb. Dave didn’t even write that post that he linked to. You’ll probably want to talk to the original author, Mr. AnalRetentiveMcFussyPants.:twisted:

  30. TinaMarie

    Hey Esther, what’s the INTARWEB? It sounds like something from Star Trek.

    Oh, and Dave…I hear that head works wonders on migraines. It doesn’t cure them or anything, but for about 10 minutes you couldn’t care less about anything you feel above your waist.

    Oh, Natalie…are you listening???

  31. Esther

    Ok, my thoughts are back. It’s just another goofy word for the internets, Fran. I picked it up hanging out over at Fark.:smile:

  32. mikeB

    Tina, are you asking if Natalie is listening to you give Dave head? :wtf: Dang, I need me one of these blog things.

  33. Thank you everyone, for the well wishes, and offers of belly dancing, holistic cures, chocolate and free sex. 😀

    This is the first time I have been accused of plagiarism for simply linking to a post. That’s a new one. Daniel, please learn some Intarweb etiquette and the difference between linking to and creating content. BTW, you’re not as original as you claim to be. People have been writing fake ads on Craigslist and fake reviews on Amazon for a few years now.

  34. Lace, hon, Dave got migraines long before the Webby thing. I’d link to one of Dave’s old posts from before, but I’m too lazy to search for one. Nothing as disgusting as eggplant parmessan, though. 😉

    Dave, the Webby thing is news to me. Congratulations! 😀

    And so sorry about the migraine. Ever find out what your triggers are?

  35. I’ve gotten them ever since a near-fatal bout of spinal meningitis in 2nd grade. I have two triggers: bright sunlight and midget clowns.

  36. Esther

    Damn dirty evil clowns. A fiery death to all of ’em! Or at least purgatory at the Celine Dion hall of Muzak.:evil:

  37. Midget Clown

    Death please!:-?

  38. Hmmm, I used to get psychotic episodes right after eating mouldy rye bread, but the man in the white coat told me to ignore the midget clowns. Can I have a cocktail weenie now?

  39. Lace Valentine

    Now you know April I’d kiss eggplant parmessan off your lips. ha! :kiss:

  40. TinaMarie

    Hey Melissa, how good was Dave (or at least, how much fun were you able to have while he was passed out) and does Natalie know about all this?

    And yes, MikeB I am suggesting that Natalie distract Dave from his pounding head for a few moments. :wtf: Does that sound as dirty to you as it does to me? :wtf: To rephrase that, I think Natalie should distract Dave from his migraine for a few minutes (or more, if they like it that way.)

  41. Bob

    Hope you feel better soon. I get those too. I think my trigger is spending 12 hours a day in front of the computer. :dead:

    I’ve never seen a midget clown, but my doctor said it might make my head explode. 🙂

  42. Melissa was trying to drug me and steal my wallet to purchase sex from midget clown gigolos.

  43. Esther

    Wow! That sure beats my evening of ‘Alias’ and lemon cookies.

  44. Jen

    Me too, migraines, ugh, I’ve had one for 4 days now … dammit

  45. Dave

    🙁 I pity you, as I know migraines well. I’ve suffered with cluster migraines for 30 years. In the latter years I’ve used new drugs such as Migranol and Stadol, which are nasal mists that provide relief within minutes. Just thought I’d pass it on, because I live the pain,too.

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