Small car only

Small car only

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  1. Just think of the door dents that clutz would make with that. He probably squished a smart car just to get the spot.

  2. Timm

    I,I,I could have sworn that’s where I parked my Toyota….. Look underneath.

    (Is that a Hummer or a school bus?)

  3. Drusky

    That’s an H2. Compared to the original Hummer, it IS a small car…

    Bets, anyone, on if it’s a handicapped space, as well? 😈

  4. Ah…that must have been a photo taken at the new Whole Foods parking garage in downtown Austin.

    It’s like all these jackasses with huge SUV’s park in the compact parking and then I end up having to crawl out of the sunroof of my Jetta to get out of my space (true story…it happened once). :wtf:

  5. Infernos

    I see two possibilities….

    Male drive : big truck, little :wang: syndrome.

    Female driver : Put the peroxide on your hair, not in your mouth

  6. Maybe somebody made Bruce Banner’s Mini Cooper angry and this was the result.

  7. Randy

    These are the same people who park in the “NO PARKING – FIRE LANE” at the supermarket or mall.

  8. Cindy

    Would LOVE to see this idiot’s vehicle booted when he/she got back to it…..stupid should HURT!!!!!!! :dead:

  9. Stevie C

    Reminds me of an old song that Mom use to sing to Dad:

    Were you born an asshole
    Or did you work it your whole life
    Either way it works out fine
    Cuz you’re an asshole tonight.

  10. Da Popster

    Maybe there is a small car there, we just can’t see it ?? :wtf:

  11. [Comment ID #81441 will be quoted here]

    Sadly, no. I took this in downtown Royal Oak. Sadder, I could take this picture almost every day of the week somewhere in Michigan. To Infernos’ point, we clearly have a large number of under-equipped males.

  12. MJaz

    Years ago, a friend of mine had cards printed up that said

    “PHYSICAL handicaps ony! Mental handicaps don’t count, Asshole!”…

    to put on cars parked illegally in the handicapped spots. I don’t think it worked, but it made her feel good, I guess.

  13. sledge

    If any vehicle needed to be keyed,it would be that one. I saw c person who was blocked in by an illegal parked car.It took him 25 min. to get out.He then got out of his car and proceeded to rip off all the car door handles with a tire iron Payback is a bitch

  14. Bigwavdave

    No surprise here – Tiny :limp: + huge ego = ASSHOLE 👿

    S. Freud would have a field day…

  15. Anna

    Oooooh guys you sure are exagerating. For the average American this IS a small vehicle.

  16. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #81457 will be quoted here]

    You must live in Bakersfield (Bakersfield – Where the men are real men and the sheep are scared)

  17. Raz

    Even more reason for me to hate Hummers with a passion!

  18. Knkangaroo

    [Comment ID #81458 will be quoted here] ROFLMAO

  19. Knkangaroo

    Small vehicle is in the eye of the beholder?

  20. Joe-the-ragman

    I’ve seen this vehicle before. Driving s l o w, in the fast lane, parked in the fire lane, parked blocking the cross walk, in front of the store blocking two cars parked leagley, and double parked downtown “while they get a double shot, mocha late nonfat whip”… I’m certain you must have an IQ less the 15 before you can buy one of these.
    I would walk the full length (a couple of times) with my keys out – if you know what i mean!

  21. scamper

    It probly took the asshole ten minutes to get into the space, just so he/she didn’t have to walk an xtra few feet

  22. Drusky

    [Comment ID #81466 will be quoted here]

    I’ll bet he/she didn’t take that long…
    Since I can’t see the parking space lines, I’ll bet the hummer is straddling TWO small car spaces. I’ll also stick by my earlier guess that it’s a handicapped space, too…
    Dave, was this fool in/on one space or two???

  23. Drusky

    He/She probably didn’t…
    Since I don’t see any space lines, the Hummer is probably straddling TWO small car spaces… Also, I’ll stick by my earlier comment that the space(s) are also handicapped, as well…
    Dave, did this fool fit in/on one space or two?

  24. Spud

    [Comment ID #81458 will be quoted here]
    That’s New Zealand I believe…

  25. Myra

    Here in South Carolina it is more often really huge pick up trucks more than hummrs and they are even longer so that the poor schmo beside them can’t see oncoming traffic when they try to back out. My ex drove a big van and let me tell you the big vehicle – small :limp: is true!! 😈

  26. mikeme

    This is what “Asshole on Wheels” means. :limp:

  27. Flash Gordon

    Two pounds of sugar in this boy’s gas tank would be more fitting than
    keying. :dead: :wtf: 😈 👿

  28. Mandy

    His wife is probably as fake and plastic as he is insecure about his weeny :limp:

  29. Drusky

    Sorry for the double post! The first one didn’t show up… 😳

  30. wildblackflower

    If his sound system is as big as his ride, he probably hummed the other rides completely off the lot to make room for his. 😈

    Good One mandy! :limp:

  31. cronewynd

    OMG!! that “song”….
    Seriously, that is really, really hideous.
    And, sadly, I see parking jobs like that all the time — like at our local YMCA, where all the buff dudes drive big-ass pickups, and SUVs, and park in the compact spaces…

  32. Dino

    I blame whoever put up the sign! It is much too low and too small for a Hummer driver to see. An honest mistake. as Hummer drivers are a lot more socially conscience and ethical then other people. If you don’t believe me just ask one.

  33. Terrie

    Hummer drivers can read??

  34. Jessica

    🙄 If ur car’s too big u can fit it but it would be tough :wang:

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