So this post originally appeared here in 2008, but as I have been going back through older posts, I keep finding horrible spam injections—some of which cannot be removed with out deleting the entire post. This is a shame because some of these posts had dozens of comments. This one had 72 comments, so I am reposting it. Anytime you see a new post that has the tag “repost”, you’ll know the original was deleted due to spam.

  1. Lice Krispies
  2. Kellogg’s Porn Flakes
  3. Frosted Mini Feets
  4. Sugar Frosted Aches
  5. Ape Nuts
  6. Cap’n Chronic
  7. Brute Loops
  8. Unlucky Harms
  9. Funny Bunches of Goats
  10. What cereals names would you reject? If you need some inspiration, look through Mr. Breakfast.

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