Note to Self, No. 5,736

Never, under any circumstances, get catnip mixed into an omelette. Tastes like steel.

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  1. Old age is setting in. heehee :kiss:

  2. mikeB

    Old age and bad cooking :wtf:

  3. How do these things keep happening to you? And how do you know what steel tastes like?

  4. Sunshinegrl

    Well, we could all use a bit more iron in our diets.:razz:

  5. Just make sure you keep the toilet well flushed for the next few days. Otherwise the cat will be … well, let’s just say … attracted.

  6. Tami, I was trimming out some basil from my herb window boxes. The catnip grows next to it and is really invasive.

    Basil + omelettes = 😀
    Catnip + omelettes = :dead:

  7. It is actually good in some things, though… to me, it tastes a lot like mint (to which it’s closely related). So it’s great to put a sprig in your iced tea or whatever. Just not in eggs.


  8. Jeff

    The propper way to enjoy catnip is to roll around on it. I prefer to rub my nose in it and then put some down my pants and scoot around the room like a dog with an itchy butt. By the way, why do you grow catnip? Does someone have a little kitty gourmet at home?::lol:

  9. Dawn

    are you sure it was catnip? do you feel funny?:wtf:

  10. Mikel

    Catnip is great on hot dogs

  11. pappy

    Don’t cats get high on that stuff?

    Catnip. The drug for those who can’t afford crack.

  12. Nina

    😆 May I suggest replanting the catnip away from all other herbs! How could you not tell the difference between Basil & Catnip once you cut it? I agree with niki…must be old age!:grin:

  13. Someday your should publish a book: Reminders to Myself. It will be a runaway success. 😆

  14. Nina, you are talking about the guy who once poured Coke into a glass that had previously contained apple cider. It wasn’t a pleasant taste, to say the least. 🙂

  15. One of the varieties of basil I grow has a jagged edge similar to the catnip. They are the same height, color and in the same pot. I grow them together because they do well together (same soil, lighting, etc.).

    No excuse, I know. At least I am man enough to admit my mistakes in front of the world

  16. tinamarie

    Dude–smell the stuff before you put it in your omlette. Basil will smell like yummy pasta stuff, catnip will smell like…whatever catnip smells like.

    And who knows–you may find that you, like the cat, go a little wild when you get some catnip up your nose. Hmmm–Davezilla purring loudly and rubbing on everything in sight. Natalie, hope you’re feeling energetic! 😛

  17. Nina

    Yeah minnie what was I thinking!!! 😀

    Davezilla we’re all happy you share your mistakes! You give us all something to smile about! 😆 Thanks!

  18. So you trimmed the catnip accidentally, but completely managed to avoid your crack plant? Tsk, tsk.:smile:

  19. Spud

    I detect a certain cattiness to these last couple of topics…

    + get yer glasses checked


  20. Lizzie

    🙂 lmao @ jeff and pappy 😀

  21. quaz7829

    after eating the omlette did you run around the house like your ass was on fire and your head was catching.:wtf: then shit in the bathtub:razz: and then pass out :dead: like my cat does?

  22. Popster

    Oh boy! Sounds like someone has accidentally created a pussy omelette.

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