Note to Self: 5,300

The next time a part in the toilet breaks, just tell the building manager to fix the toilet. There’s no need to explain that you’ve, “snapped the ballcock by pulling too hard on it.

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  1. Ah, toilet humor. Gotta love it.

    Pulling too hard and snapping the ballcock sounds like just about the most fun you can have by yourself in the bathroom.

  2. Spud

    Plumbing Tip #36

    Never pull too hard on the ballcock.

    That’ll be $395.75*


    *+ Tax & Gov Charges

  3. When replacing the ballcock, you’ll probably need to get a new ballcock ring, too.

  4. Nothing like ballock jokes to get the morning started off right. :java:

  5. JFLY

    I don’t have a ballcock to pull on…:sad:

  6. My flapper got too stiff, and I had a constant drip. I finally called in the professionals (the men in white coats covering their buttcracks) and they suggested lubrication. That worked fine for a while, but it wasn’t until I moved that I was able to solve my problem.


  7. Esther

    Damn, first I miss the Pope thread, and now I’m so exhausted from moving into my new apartment, that I can’t think of a witty ballcock comment.:limp:

    I need a massage. Any volunteers?

  8. Bill P.

    Well if you’re volunteering, Natalie (unzips)…..

  9. TinaMarie

    I wish I had a ballcock of my own. My husband has one, and he says that I can pull on it, but every time I pull on it, it acts all friendly and then after a while it spits on me.

    That is just rude. Pearl necklace my ass.:grin:

  10. Mandy

    And all this time I associated plumbing with buttcrack. It has :wang:s too! 😀

  11. Hello, In re the link of the day . . . another under the link to my name [Sorry about the multiple posts; didn’t realize could only put the link under the name, not in text.]

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