Note to self: 5,047

Rash behavior

The next time you get a contact allergy that develops a rash, and everyone tells you not to scratch it, listen to them. 🙁

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  1. DUH. 😛 I get contact allergies a lot. my skin on my hands and arms are really sensitive. never scratch. just smear on a whole lot of cortizone.

  2. Mandy

    Just don’t touch the :wang: Dave!

  3. Dave has diaper rash on his arm.

    *giggle giggle*

    Okay, I’ve had to deal with this a lot, having to take care of children:

    Go to the XXX store and go to the XX section, and pick up a tube of XXX. It will be near the XX and the XXX, you know where to look. The best brand to get is XX, I’ve used it a lot on a lot of babys’ XXX.

    I know this is embarassing, Dave, but just bare bear with me, okay? You’ll get through it. If the person at the counter of the XXX store asks any rude questions or looks at you funny, just tell them, “XXX you, you XXX-ing XX!” Buy your tube of XXX and whatever else you’re picking up (watch out, Natalie! :wang:), and drive home to RXXXX XXX.

    Apply the XXX to any and all affected areas, and above all …


    Since Martha Stewart is now locked up for a while, this piece of Martha Stewart-ish advice has been brought to you by MCBK and the letter … X.


  4. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    That will teach you to be so rash…………

    Just kidding Dave, but just count yourself lucky it’s not all over your face. Just imagine it…..people would be saying “Oh look it’s strawberry face.”:oops:

    How horrid.

  5. Oh my, you poor thing.

    Bring out the calamine lotion and slather liberally!

  6. Margaret

    Just do as my old aunt from the south says~take an oatmeal bath!!

  7. Spud

    That was xactly the the kind of answer dave was after Stacey. 😎

  8. Spud

    I do believe I’m stuttering… 🙄

  9. ACCCKKKKKKKK!!!! Boy Cooties!!!! Run Natalie Run!!

  10. Anna

    Does everybody assume that this is his arm?
    I thought it was his … leg.
    Poor him anyway.

  11. It’s my arm, yes. Despite the #1 search result to this site being “Davezilla’s penis”, I do not take publish photos of myself without my pants on.

  12. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I warned you that contact was dangerous Dave.

    You should live naked in a cave, like me.


  13. Mandy

    I’d pay to see ReV and Dave naked in a cave. :lol::wang::wang:

  14. Frisko

    Awh, Davezilla,
    have you identified the source of the itchies? I hope it something silly like a new brand of manly soap, not a new reaction to the laundry detergent. Which would require you to re-wash all the laundry. That would be a drag.

    Feel better soon, itching is so distracting.


  15. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    How much?

    I’m not above selling myself in order to pay the bills.


  16. Cheap Date

    You are a man, therefore INCAPABLE of listening to ANYONE! 🙄

    If you were told NOT to mix comet and bleach, you would……..just to see if it would BLOW UP! :wtf:

    Men = boys = where’s the first aid kit?

  17. Esther

    Damn, that looks rough, Dave! I hope you’ve got some soothing ointment to slather on it. Or at least Natalie, to kiss and make it better. :kiss::lol:

  18. Frisko

    Friskos Log
    Note to self 304 (older notation)

    Never put your lips on a rash, Mom said. Not even your own, you don’t want to get it on your face, just in case its contageous.

  19. Frisko

    comet has bleach in it so it it a safe mix. The things to avoid mixing are amonia based products with bleach of any kind. Deadly acid gas.

    Doctrine according to housekeeping 101

  20. Esther

    I know you said ‘note to self,’ Frisko, but I never really specified what ‘it’ was. 😈

  21. Frisko

    “it” means the rash part

    sorry to confuse


  22. Mandy

    Um yeah. Cause “you don’t want to get it on your face” could mean quite a few things on Dave’s site. :wang::limp:

  23. Anonymous


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