Note to self: 4,699

Chocolate ice cream and red ale? Not so much.

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  1. Spud

    But with cheese, it’s a winner! :mrgreen:

  2. Esther

    Anything and reading the list of ‘food’ over at Ray’s. 🙁

  3. Steppenwolf

    Bet it’s better than Spotted Dick! WTF is that?

  4. Anna

    The Netherlands: Hete Bliksem.
    – Mashed potatoes with hot applesauce (mixed ofcourse).
    It also means ‘extremely hot babe [or guy] who is very active in bed’.
    We always knew we were kinky, but now you know too.

  5. ReV.JeLLYBaBY

    How dare you sir! How dare you laugh at the mighty spotted dick, pillar of our English heritage.

    Begone I say to you, begone!

    Alas Steppenwolf, I fear the peasant in you has once again risen to the surface with your bold statement.

    “Spotted dick! WTF is that?”

    My dear boy, spotted dick has fed generations of us Brits for centuries. In fact the mighty Empire was built around this magnificent pudding in all its heavenly glory. From its spongy innards to its currant filled form the spotted dick is part of a true Englishman’s staple diet.

    As a young man I would often lie awake at night hoping for a good portion of spotted dick after tea and maybe a rich, creamy custard as an accompaniment.
    Sitting at the table I would often hear my brother complaining that my spotted dick was larger than his.

    For us it was a way of life.

    Not just a pudding made of sponge and currants.

    Oh happy days.

  6. ReV.JeLLYBaBY

    P.S Does anyone fancy some “Jam Roly Poly?”

  7. Hmmm, any food with the name dick in it should not be ingested.

    No offense to anyone, but it just isn’t right.:)

  8. hmmm…I’ve actually tried out a fair bit of dishes in that list…including the cicadas, tongues, escargot, worms, snake blood, snake, durian, fermented stuff and yeah…more…i’ve had brains too, but pig, not monkey. i didn’t find out that’s a weird dish till i was 18 😛

    i’m from malaysia though and ice kacang and belachan aren’t really considered weird? Ice kacang is just a dessert that’s like an ice blended drink thta hasn’t been mixed properly, and belacan is some spicy chilli sauce..ah well

  9. What’s wrong with frog legs? Or gorgonzola?

    Concur about retsina – for those who haven’t had it, it’s a white wine that’s been stored in pine casks – imagine a mix of Chardonnay and turpentine. And I also concur that any dish made of innards is not to be eaten.

    Urine of any kind is right out.


  10. ReV.JeLLYBaBY

    “Toad in the Hole” is my absolute favourite. With lashings of gravy and mash.

    And NO it doesn’t contain frogs or toads!

    Just sausages and yorkshire pudding.


  11. Spud

    The best thing the poms ever came up with as far as food goes, is eggs & bacon with fried tomatoes and beans for breakfast, with a mug of good strong tea.

    Chicken Vinadloo isn’t bad either, contrary to what 9 out 10 heart surgeons say.

  12. ReV.JeLLYBaBY

    Hey Spud,

    Don’t forget the black pudding and fried bread!

    Luvverly Jubbley!


  13. Poi and spam. Now you know why I moved out of Hawaii.

  14. Woa, woa, woa… Bread, beer, and peanut butter are “weird foods”? Something’s wrong here.



  16. I’m confused. Beer is on this list, but olive loaf and pork rinds are not?

  17. I accidentally ate a sandwich on olive bread the other day. All the olives were hiding on the bottom piece of bread, and from the top it looked like light rye. I like olives, but not in bread, and definitely not when they’re a surprise.

    In that list, lutefisk is understandable (rotten fish, anyone?), but gravlax is good.

    And what’s wrong with sugar pie? It’s like pecan pie, without the pesky pecans.

  18. ReV.JeLLYBaBY

    When Jesus was in the desert for forty days and fourty nights, he ate locusts and wild honey to survive.

    How filthy of him eh?


  19. I think that was actually John the Baptist, Rev.

    But hey, at least John bathed. 😉

  20. No, Lynne. Beer with ice cream is bad. Beer alone is good. 😉

  21. Esther

    Mmmm, beer. 🙂

  22. Chocolate ice cream and Boddingtons.
    Vanilla ice cream and Guinness.
    Coffee ice cream and Murphy’s.

  23. Perhaps. But trust me, Haagen-Dazs Peanutbutter Chocolate and Sam Adams red ale is a bad idea all around.

  24. me


    I lived in the UK one summer, and upon visiting Scotland, all I would drink was this fantastic concoction, Irn-Bru. I mean, who doesn’t like to be surprised by their beverage? It’s orange color is disarming… you think you’re about to drink a delicious citrus flavored soda… and then BAM, it hits you! It’s not orange, no, no, silly American. It tastes like bubblegum, and yes to drink it takes an aquired palate, but it is indeed a glorious invention, intended to shock, and most importantly, provide energy.

    Man, that stuff was great.

  25. mikeB

    Only a Brit would need to drink something for energy. Lazy gits.

    [runs away]

  26. Someone with Denmark-knowledge please tell me, what the heck is beer-jelly? Or do I NOT want to know? Never mind. I don’t think I want to know.

  27. Head Cheese.

    That’s all Im gonna say.

  28. I thought Irn Bru was supposed to taste like ginger (although I never thought it did). Is it available at all in the US? It is in a lot of places in Canada.

  29. Steppenwolf

    Well ReV, you know what they say.
    ‘You are what you eat’. 😛

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