Name that Yoga technique


Image via Chicky

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  1. Francesca

    He is becoming one with the floor… watch your step :wtf:

  2. Spud

    A member of the Yogii Lawn Darts Association.


  3. Spud

    10 Points for that effort

  4. I loooooved the Diet Coke and Mentos video. The music was fun, the fountains were neat, and it made me feel better after suffering a day of Failure to Burp gas pains!

  5. paul

    Downward facing mole?
    Deffinatey not a headstand.

  6. paul

    The toned down version of the Jolt Cola and Altoid disaster of 01.

  7. Paige

    Is that an Indian version of a stoplight?? I know its stupid but its all I have. Ive seen the Diet coke and mentos experiment. Going to try it myself sometime. Its the most fun you can have with a bottle of Diet coke and a pack of Mentos. :puke:

  8. Marcus

    This position is called “Enlightened Way To Kiss My Ass”, in order to show respect to the ass kisser. :wtf:

    I got to try that thing with the mentos and diet coke. It looks like a blast. 😈

  9. Steppenwolf

    I think that is either Shashankasana ‘the moon pose’…or maybe Kapal Om Sidewalk.

  10. Craig

    Looks for cheeseburger.

  11. Driver

    This is the cigarette pose , sadly this pose can only be achieved once because to do so you must set your head on fire and let it turn to ash . :wtf:

  12. Anita Mann-Badley

    Triple Handclap in the pike position — difficulty factor: 5.2

    Unfortunately, Rajneesh made a little splash upon entry, that’s gonna cost him.

  13. cbatdux

    Red onion, plucked from fertile soil, roots cling to life pose. # 2938 in the book.

    Please enter in lame award 2006 competition zilla….

  14. mikeB

    David Blaine’s most recent stunt, burying himself up to his neck in a New Delhi sidewalk, impresses few onlookers.

  15. mikeme

    One of the jobs available if you can’t do Tech Support in India. 😀

  16. Organist

    the one where you stand on top of a pole for days-like david blaine? only this guy tried it while sucking on a straw linked to a barrel of home brew! :troll:

  17. Creelock

    He really should have done his home work before practicing for the cliff diving competition. 😈 🙄

  18. Da Popster

    OK, OK. Now does anyone mind THAT particular job has been lost to outsourcing ? ❓

  19. Patrick

    I’m not familiar with the technique but DAMN did he ever stick the landing!
    Science is fun- DIet Pepsi works and just about any of the high mint hard-shelled candies will produce an enormous fountain. We used sugar free mint-flavored breath gum and it went craaaazy! And then we drank the soda and chewed the gum.

  20. Drusky

    I always knew Microsoft’s Phone Tech Support must have had their heads stuck in the sand, but DAMN!

    This would be position #666, the famous ‘Mr Gopher, it’s your friend, Mr Baghwan, Not a plastic explosive…”

    Sadly, United Healthcare’s outsourcing of proctology examinations met with less than desired results due to the language barrier… 😈

  21. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #62419 will be quoted here]

    Heh-heh-heh. This one just sings.

  22. Cynical Villain

    I guess someone was playing Street Fighter Live and forget to get Dhalsim out of the ground. OOOPSY!!!!!

  23. Zinta

    New scientific discovery: How to eat your way to the center of the earth.

  24. Zinta

    Hey what happened? One minute I was on a plane to Europe and the next minute the lights went out!

  25. Meagan

    To enter the Broken Skull pose, position yourself on the ledge of a tall building and jump off head first. Don’t forget to put your hands together in the prayer position. If done properly, you will achieve enlightenment and arrive in paradise.

    (Caution: Only do this if you are ready to die.) :dead:

  26. brianne

    Hey!! i can see to the other side of the world!!!

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