More people we dislike #7

  1. People who run their lawnmower/snowblower/leafblower before 9AM on a weekend.
  2. Guys who think the prison pants look is still in.
  3. People who turn their vehicles into walking advertisements for their religion.
  4. People who turn their vehicles into walking advertisements for anything.
  5. Obssessive parents
  6. People who insist on bringing their stinking, neurotic pets into coffeehouses because, “He gets upset if sees me inside talking to other people.”
  7. The assholes responsible for convincing a whole new generation of women that Mukluks are cute.
  8. Landlords.
  9. Has-been 60s/70s/80s popstars trying desperately to make comebacks.
  10. Who’s on your (s)hitlist this week?


  1. Mandy

    If we run up this hill
    we might be safe
    from this monster in a wheelchair!

    Not even CLOSE to rhyming. πŸ˜›

  2. NSFBT….where was the warning for that video?? I wish I hadn’t watched it at bedtime. :wtf: Now I’m going to have bad dreams. ❓

  3. Marcus

    1. The illogical and the non-absolute.
    2. Fashion victims.
    3. Sexual Racists. These people bug me the most.
    4. Eternally happy ones.
    5. Leg shakers. Stop vibrating the table.
    6. People who can’t laugh at a disgusting joke.
    7. The overly empathic whinners.

  4. jeffrey

    Actually, in response to 3 & 4 on the list, I’d be impressed that anyone got their vehicle to walk. πŸ˜›

  5. Bjorn Freeh

    1. Guys with major comb-overs.
    2. :troll:s
    3. People who mistake 79 year-old men for quail.
    4. Michiganians (I’m a Michigander)
    5. Hummer owners (ok, so your testoserfoam is bubbling over, we get it)
    6. People who pick on Detroit because it’s easy to do
    7. People who smoke by the front doors of my office building instead of where they’re supposed to be: out back by the dumpsters.
    8. Anyone who takes personally any dislike-list posted by a complete stranger
    9. Those idjits who ran that anti-70s music site
    10. People who are sleeping right now when I really, really, really want to be

  6. Spud

    What can I say, my mamma always tol me to never cuss on nobody.

    I got nothing.

    Oh, excepting for my local butche,r who can’t quite seem to get the recpie for lamb curry the same one week to the next.


  7. Ace

    Good evening.
    I would like to add those beastly garbage trucks to #1 for they are a truly horrifying wake up call especially when backing up.

  8. Timmmy

    I wish my computer could access “Monster in a wheelchair”, I’m curious because I myself just might be considered a monster in a wheelchair. 😈

  9. DaPopster

    Smug, self-righteous Republicans. :puke:

  10. Becky

    Hmmmm monster in a wheelchair…okaaay… :puke:

  11. mitch

    1. People who doubt my love for Fran.
    2. People who will not turn their cell phones off during movies.
    3. People who are too scare to drive.
    4. Republicans, who are now criticizing the war in Iraq when two years ago they were calling us unpatriotic.
    5. People who are jealous of my love for Fran.
    6. People who abuse llamas and emus. (A growing problem)
    7. Republicans who try to act as if they actually have a soul.
    8. People who tell me that Fran is out of my league and could never love a lowly boozehound like me.

  12. angelman

    People in the south who hate northerners who move south they don’t get it were all yankees to the rest of the world

  13. [Comment ID #28682 will be quoted here]
    Well, some of us are Mets, but we don’t like to admit it publicly.
    Joe Torre understands and still loves us. πŸ˜€

  14. [Comment ID #28681 will be quoted here]
    Boozehound?? Don’t worry, Mitch.
    I love dogs! I can’t even tell you how many I’ve neutered. I’ve lost count. :wtf:
    Seriously. 😳

  15. mitch

    Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? Fran you are my dream-girl….

  16. Patrick

    Monster In a Wheelchair- You know what really fucks them up? When you put a mop handle or broom through the spokes! Especially if they don’t see you do it. Whap! Monster on the floor beside the wheelchair! Ah hahahahahaha!

    1. The assholes on eBay who post cars for sale and have no car. They’re trying to con people into posting partial payments. Beware the unbelievable AMC ads!
    2. The kids down the street who think 11:30 p.m. is the ideal time to run their four wheelers through the neighborhood.
    3. Hummer owners. Not only are they stinking up the air, you can’t even see around one of those behemothic bastards when pulling out of the parking lot. Plus, when you get in a wreck with one you’re guaranteed a loser. I want a fair shot at demolition derby!
    4. People from Arkansas. Well, okay maybe not all of them but the ones who think they are “Arkansans”. No, if it’s “Ar kan saw”, you are Arkansawyers. Kansans come from Kansas.
    5. Angelman, we’ll call off the hatin’ the Northerner transplants if you’ll call off thinking Southerners is ignernt jest cause we got axcents.
    6. Hey, that Mitch/Fran mutual appreciation society is getting a little boring. It’s not jealousy, it’s banality.
    7. Republicans, I hate Republicans. Republicans stink like the hind leg of a gypsy dog. They’re so damn smug with their “I got mine you go to Hell” mindset. Don’t they understand the system they developed is the one that puts people in a position where they have no choice but depend upon the system for assistance? Yes, they do understand that and damn them for it.
    8. Drivers who can’t park! One car, one space, that’s the rule! If you think your stuff deserves a space and a half, get your ass way down to the end of the lot!
    9. People who STILL have mullets! The 80’s have come and gone, deal with it!
    It’s the 21st century for crying out loud! Get on the bus!
    10. People who say “You know what I mean” or “You understand what I’m saying”? If I don’t I’ll tell you. Otherwise, get on with the damned story!
    Whew, I feel better now. Thanks for letting me rant. Have a nice day 8)

  17. Anita Mann-Badley

    People who can’t, don’t or won’t recognize when a joke has lost its funny.

  18. justjim

    I can’t stand the thought of a cluttered mind and an empty desk…….. :wtf:

  19. justjim

    I can’t stand the thought of being the last one laughing a long gone stale joke…… πŸ™„

  20. chainstay

    People who walk right up to their cars and use the remote (which the keys are dangling off of anyway) to unlock the doors and then remote start the car. Yer’ standing right next to your car for crisake! Stop being so pretentious and use the keys.

    People who are jealous of other people’s cool gadgets.

    People who bitch about other people.

  21. Marcus

    [Comment ID #28711 will be quoted here]

    Love that comment about the fucking remotes.

    People who use the hands free earphone and insist on holding the phone. Come on. It’s hands free for a reason :wtf:

  22. Marcus

    Okay, next time I see a monster in a wheel chair I will run up some stairs.

    Here is the last of my people you can hate.

    People who like to invite themselves to parties like if we had wanted to invite you we would have. The most common question is… “Can I come, too?” (ie my boss, who looks like ass, smells like ass, talks like ass, and is an ass) :puke: :puke:

  23. mc shithead

    Guys who insist upon breaking the unwriten guy code of bathroom etiquette and using the urinal directy next to you, when there are at least five other open urinals.

  24. [Comment ID #28770 will be quoted here]

    ugh! That happened to me yesterday. Worse still, he didn’t wash his hands afterward. :puke:

  25. starsfan

    People who say Frisco instead of San Francisco or Vegas instead of Las Vegas.
    People who pronounce Nevada Nevahduh
    People who think Nevada is all desert and everything revolves around Las Vegas

  26. I absolutely HATE:
    1. Self-righteous, holier-than-fucking-thou judgemental people!!
    2. Hypocrites!

  27. Steppenwolf

    Cow-workers who ask for help and then argue about my answer. If you don’t want the correct answer then do it your way and leave me alone!
    People who invade my personal space at the laundromat. I hate going there anyway so keep your stinking self away from me!

  28. I agree! Mad cow-workers are the worst! πŸ˜•

  29. Pappy

    People who walk around with those headphone/speaker things for their cell phones on their heads, just chatting away. Do they think that it makes them look important? It makes them look like pathetic nerds who can’t get a real life outside of their job. πŸ‘Ώ

  30. Becky

    People who STILL talk on their cell phones and DRIVE….AND think it doesn’t effect their driving!! :dead:

  31. dawn

    [Comment ID #28669 will be quoted here]

    yeah, I was wonderin’ about that too πŸ™„

  32. Master Solace

    In response to “Monster in a Wheelchair” link for today, it reminds me of an alternate ending for the movie “Steven King’s Silver Bullet”, where instead of the townsfolk finding out that the preacher was the werewolf, they find out that it was really the friggin’ kid in the wheelchair, who in turn was played by Gary Busey(who WAS in the film)!!!

  33. andrea7

    men who think women can’t measure dick size 😈 :limp: :limp:

  34. [Comment ID #28800 will be quoted here]
    Maybe their vehicles are AT-ATs.

  35. On my shitlist (short version)

    Neanderthals who have never touched a computer and insist that you do their dirty work for them.

    On my shitlist (long version)

    Every lying politician in the Fascist States of America who deny that George Bush is an evil dude.

  36. JFLY

    [Comment ID #28667 will be quoted here]
    Marcus I love you…LOL…I couldn’t have said it better.

    [Comment ID #28682 will be quoted here]
    And angelman…just tell them to “kiss your damned Yankee ass” like I did when I lived in Kin-tucky one summer. Nothing will up your IQ like moving a few degrees south. 😈

  37. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #28766 will be quoted here]

    Marcus –

    Can I please see you in my office Monday morning?

    You know who…..

  38. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #28785 will be quoted here]


    I hate scizophreniacs.

    No I don’t.

  39. [Comment ID #28871 will be quoted here]

    I’ll show you in tomorrow’s post. πŸ˜›

  40. Master Solace

    I was looking over the list again, and I was wondering something about number 6, is it really that the pets are neurotic or wouldn’t that word apply to the owners of these said pets? When someone brings their pet into a coffeehouse because “He gets upset when he sees me inside talking to other people.”, only two questions come to mind. One…why would “he” get upset over it? Is it because he’s usually the only living thing you actually talk to, and “he’s” getting jealous? Two…why doesn’t this neurotic person just LEAVE THE PET AT HOME? Simple solution to a bonehead problem. My pets love it when they are home and I’m not, I think it would do the pet some good to be LEFT ALONE unless this neurotic person is SO worried that this said pet would defecate all over the house then they should give this said pet and easy access way out of the house on their own. Simple problem, bonehead solution…oops…I think I got it backwards…bonehead problem, simple solution…well, maybe…maybe not…different solution for each and every bonehead :twisted:…trust me…I’m a bonehead for many different reasons 😈

  41. People who eat chocolate chip cookies at their desk, and get crumbs all over it, and…oh wait, um, never mind. 😳

    People who don’t worship Fran, Mandy, and Nikki. Start immediately. Now. Yes, I am the boss of you. 😈

    People who don’t like pancakes. Ok, so I don’t think you’re an asshole. But I do think you need to get your priorities straight. πŸ˜›

  42. [Comment ID #28688 will be quoted here]

    2. What else are we to do at 11:30 when our parents (television) decide to quit entertaining us? “I hear there is a construction site nearby.” “O rly? Dood, let’s do it.” “And let’s hit the gas next to that guy we always annoy.” “roflomgok”

  43. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #28961 will be quoted here]

    Sorry Esther, I can’t really worship Fran, Mandy, and Nikki yet. See I’m already “Soulless”, I have nothing left to offer, only because my mind is already gone. Maybe they can have my EVIL WERE-RABBITS OF DOOOOOM!!! They still haven’t brought me Pres. Boy George’s brain yet, so…….they have been fired. Their excuse is that even he can’t find it, how can they do it? So I guess this can be my sacrifice to the Shrine of the Three Goddesses, if not I guess I must find another means.

  44. Driver

    People I hate are those who wont share the road with 18 wheelers and large constuction and delivery trucks with courtesy and understanding. Trucks are responsible for about 95% of everything they have from the car they drive to the clothes they wear, the food they eat to the home they live in and so on, trucks are not out there just to make others 15 seconds late to their destination or miss a green light, thier just doing their job providing goods and services to everyone.

  45. I am confused by the obsessive parent… is stories from the parent that are bothersome? Or parents who micro-manage?

    I am probably borderline obsessive with my (7 years old) son. I am very strict. My son will not be caught running screaming through restaraunts nor is he permitted to spend hours like a lump in front of the TV.

    My list:
    01. confused political activists
    – Folks who think late term abortions is a ‘choice’ but capital punishment is murder.

    02. the government has failed me crowd
    – The government doesn’t owe you squat. It isn’t the governments fault you spent $30,000 to get a degree in Women’s History.

    03. people incapable of simple math
    – My lunch cost $5.35. I gave you a $20. The machine told you how much change to give me back. Don’t fight it…

  46. Merth said:

    I am confused by the obsessive parentÒ€¦ is stories from the parent that are bothersome? Or parents who micro-manage?

    I am probably borderline obsessive with my (7 years old) son. I am very strict. My son will not be caught running screaming through restaraunts nor is he permitted to spend hours like a lump in front of the TV.

    I am referring to truly obssessive parents. They type that erroneously believe that if they spend every waking second churning culture and information into their brat that they will raise the next Leonardo DaVinci.

  47. Marcus

    [Comment ID #28879 will be quoted here]

    Nice try, but my boss wouldn’t know a blog from a potato. I mean this guy is a totally inept monkey boy. I hear from a colleague who saw him swimming that he is covered in hair from head to toe. I think he is evil and socially retarded which is a funny but an annoying combination sometimes.

  48. Annie

    1. Hypocrites who, well…. just breath, I guess.
    2. Fake, overbearing women who wear too much make-up and not enough clothing.
    3. All of those horrible not-funny-at-all comedians who have completely ruined VH1 (Minus Michael Ian Black. I want some of that) .
    4. Every stupid, uneducated, dirty, racist white trash couple who drives around in their infectious, biohazardous waste cars with their poor, dirty children on their laps in good ole’ southwestern PA.
    5. Every goddamn person that goes to my horrible, conservative, anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-liberal, anti-intelligence Catholic high school (I’m a teenager, okay? OKAY?)
    6. People who even utter a sound during movies.
    7. People who assume they know a hell of a lot more than they actually do.
    8. Those annoying people who work out constantly and get breast implants and calf implants and tattooed eye liner and buy a steady stream of German cars and think they have a right to even TALK OUTLOUD because their significant others make more than most people ever will, but have yet to ever even read the front fucking page of any newspaper, even the bulletin their plastic surgeons send in the mail.
    9. Anyone who ever looks down on anyone who is even a little different, maybe because they aren’t really into the whole “Let’s take a picture of myself that makes me look a little stoned, a little idiotic, gotta have my boobs showing, and let’s put it on Myspace! Then I can go to a party where I’ll act more drunk and stupid than I really am, so ugly stupid teenaged boys can treat me like a steak! Yea! Then I can go to school and act REALLY stupid, and wear my cute little catholic school girl skirt really short so the demented sixty-five year-old teachers can give me back rubs!”
    10. Um… I think I’ve plateau’d in my hatred for the time being. Thanks for that.

  49. jizzy

    I can’t stand people that talk shit about Republicans, but think it’s okay to kill unbornn children. I think it’s funny that George W. Bush won the election because more people voted for him , but now it seems that everyone is against him just because of the war. He didn’t start the war. Does anyone remember September 11,2001? I sure do. I am glad that we are over there and doing something about it. By everyone saying that we shouldn’t be at war and the war is dumb, then that is making all the soldiers fighting for our country die in vein. It’s their choice to fight for their country. Nobody forced them. I am proud of my president and our soldiers.

  50. Paige

    Anyone who thinks its funny to be mean to an animal.Anyone who thinks its funny making fun of someone whos a little slower, a little weaker, or a little less smart than you. Anyone who thinks Dubya is doing a good job. :troll:

  51. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #29247 will be quoted here]

    I think you may have created a black hole here…Anyone who thinks it’s funny making fun of someone who’s a little slower, a little weaker, or a little less smart than you…well I make fun of President Boy George Dubya ALL OF THE TIME, and he sorta fits the description, except HE is not a LITTLE of these things, he is REALLY screwed up in all of those categories.

  52. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #29190 will be quoted here]

    Lots of things wrong here.
    #1) I talk shit about Republicans not because I am strictly Democrat(which I am not), not because I just want to pick fights with those who are, it’s because I have seen only one good Republican in my life(Gov. Mitch Daniels of Ind.), all of the rest of them are bullshiters to themselves and the rest of the people around them.
    #2) About the pro-choice/pro-life issue, I do not want to make anyone angry or misguided by my statement here, so bear with me. I am not either of the two. My opinion on the issue is that everyone has the right to control their own fate and destiny, and no one else should be able to make the choice for them. What a woman wants to do with her life and her body is up to her and her alone(unless decision is to save her life), she will be responsible for the moral and ethical qualms that she may face in her future if she decides to have the procedure done. That is my stand, take it or leave it.
    #3) I am not quite sure ALL of those people DID vote for him in the first place, in the first election, remember, there was a so-called problem that decided the election in the state of Florida, the state where Boy George’s brother, Jeb Bush, just happens to be governor. Coincidence, I think not.
    #4) I am not against the war in Iraq. War is there for a reason, a necessary evil. The country was devastated after 9/11, that is a definite, and we all want(ed) to get revenge on the one responsible for it, Osama Bin Laden. But Osama was NOT in Iraq, he was is Afghanistan. By what I understand, our troops even had him surrounded(don’t hold me to it, because my mind is never the best in the world). What happened next? Pres. Boy George took some of them away from the objective(which was find Osama) and sent them to Iraq. Why? Saddam wasn’t playing nice in the sandbox with the U.N…..maybe…I think it was just to finish the job his daddy couldn’t do, but again, just my opinion. Results from going to Iraq—Osama got the hell out of the area(if he’s is even still alive), the US troops found Saddam(it is a good thing), US tried to bring democracy to Iraq, and now Iraq is even talking about civil war. If civil war does break out in Iraq, and Boy George doesn’t get our troops out of there, he will prove it even more that he is the biggest dumbass to ever hold the office of U.S. President.
    #5) Simply put, Hurricane Katrina and the city of New Orleans, AK. There was more that Boy George Dubya could’ve done to help(before or after the storm hit), but he DIDN”T or is just too damn slow in doing it. ‘Nuff said!
    #6) I do, though, think that the troops are not dying in vain. Like I said, war is there for a reason, a necessary evil. To have war, you must have troops to fight it, and when you have troops fighting it, you have victims of the fight. Natural evolution. You can’t have civilization without war. War is evolution’s way of saying, “These are the ones to carry out the future.” Back in the stone age, neanderthals were weeded out by our ancestors, the Cro-Magnon. Hitler thought that the Aryan race was the superior, but World War 2 proved him wrong(well he died but we all know the truth). What I’m getting at is I DO appreciate all of the work the fine men and women of the Armed Forces are doing over sees, and I truly mourn the fact that some must die to keep things going. As I mentioned above, everyone is entitled to the right to control his or her own fate and destiny, and if the choose to go into battle for our country, so be it.

    One more thing…sorry to Dave and all other Davezilla patrons that read all of the fine posts and comments(and those who post their comments)on this site. This post is extra long and most of you are already used to my ranting and the length of my comments. But this WAS EXTRA, EXTRA LONG, but I think it all needed to be said. Once again, my apologies to all, except “jizzy”, you needed to be set straight.

  53. Master Solace

    And as it pertains to my above post(trying to redeem myself for not putting anything humorous in it) and as it pertains to the US troops finding Osama Bin Laden, the incomperable comedian Robin Williams put it best…”How hard is it to find a 6 foot tall Muslim on dialysis?!?”…really

  54. Kinyou

    [Comment ID #29190 will be quoted here]

    As you are completely entitled to think so, but also think about it. George W. Bush doesn’t know what he’s doing. He may get a lot of people saying that he’s an idiot or a moron, when also, I agree, they don’t know how difficult that it is running a whole country, but think about it. He almost doesn’t have the slightest idea of what he’s doing. I don’t think that he should be president anymore, but that’s my opinoin. The war, infact, is -very- stupid, and pointless. Sure, it was wrong of them to have crashed their plains into our twin towers, but we’ve already done something about it. We’ve already captured Sadam and Osama((

  55. Kinyou

    ok, my post went out. Don’t know why it did that, but what I was saying is….
    I think we caught Osama, at least. And, also. What’s the point of the war anymore. Sure, what they did was wrong on so many level’s, but that doesn’t mean that we have to continue sending tropps over to Iraq so that our country looses more and more people.
    What are we really fighting for now? Oil? What is the point of fighting for Oil? Sure, it’s a necessity, but that doesn’t mean we have to kill people over it.
    I don’ t know. Whether or not I’m being incoherent, I’m still young and only stating my opinoin. Being an early teenager, I don’t know much about political issues.

    Hopefully you don’t take offense to this. :]

  56. stephanie

    [Comment ID #29139 will be quoted here]
    hey i agree with everything u said completely u sound just like me

  57. Driver

    I think the Iraq situation WAS nesasary , but what I want to know is why have we not been bringing tanker after tanker of oil back to the USA for helping them {maybe gas would be at a resonable price}. I say it was nesasary because I think by now they should be able to deal with it themselfs, if civil war is what it takes so be it {we should not be in that} , if democracy loses , well lets cross that bridge when we {they} get there. As for G.W.B. it does’nt matter who is in office no one can do it all right {please everyone}.

  58. tabbie

    Ok, I have been sitting back reading and laughing my fat ass off for months reading from you guys and gals and couldn’t help but comment today. It has been one helluva day and I had to vent!!!

    People we dislike:
    That list could go on forever…. but since no one has that much time ❓ or energy πŸ˜€ I will be short and sweet.
    1. uncompromising, closeminded infantiles that think they are the only ones that know best
    2. people that cut you off or run into you in the store and act like it is YOUR fault
    3. the type of people that think that if you don’t have a college education or a big bank account you aren’t worth the goo on the bottom of their shoes and you know nothing…

  59. jizzy

    Master Solace you are entitled to your opinion, however, I do not have to agree. I will stick by my beliefs and disregard yours.

  60. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #29495 will be quoted here]

    as it pertains to the fact that no matter who’s in office, they can’t do it all right. That is very true, but there comes a point where you must determine when you’ve done too much more wrong than right, and I don’t think President Boy George Dubya is EVER going to figure that out. I know no one is perfect, but in the case of the leader of the free world, I think he should try to do better, or Congress can kick his ass out. Former President “Wild Willy” Bill Clinton was a great president. I know that he did a “morally incorrect” thing inside the Oval Office, and I know that Boy George is dealing with a war and Clintion did not, but at least Clinton didn’t let the economy got to hell. I understand that the war is responsible for our economy getting out of whack, but the main course is over, we have helped the Iraqis enough to get them started with their self-governing(whether it ends up democracy or not), Dubya needs to now concentrate on fixing what went wrong HERE in the USA. Gas prices COULD go down, if he’d actually try and listen to the very people he is president over, but he doesn’t. Yes, getting Iraq into a democracy would help them, and in the long run, help us with a supply of oil, but that is the long run, what about right now? Too much time and effort is being wasted on Iraq, when that precious time and effort could be used in…say…helping out with the victims of Hurricane Katrina a lot more than what they are doing now. Simply put, help those in your own country before those in other countries. As President of the United States, it is his duty to help his country first.

  61. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #29506 will be quoted here]

    true, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no problem with that at all, I just think that Dubya has lost sight of his priorities as President. That is all.

  62. Master Solace

    As I stated above, I am NOT a strict Democrat. Proof – in the 2004 Bush/Kerry election, the first year I was old enough TO vote, I did not vote for John Kerry. Granted, I do not like the job that Boy George has done in office, but I want all of you anti-Republicans to wrap your head around this. If John Kerry would’ve won, he would’ve inherited all of the chaos that his come from the Bush Admin. By the 2008 election, Kerry would not have been able to fix ALL of the problems, therefore, losing all of his support from the American voters, and thus clinching the 2008 election for the Republican candidate. But since Bush did win in 2004, he has put HIMSELF in the position to fix those said problems, and he has only made them worse…and he is losing HIS support…proven by his approval rating going through the floor. Since this has happened, I don’t think t will be very hard for the Democratic candidate to win in 2008, because most of the American people have declared that Bush is a failure, therefore the next Republican President will be, too. And I think that most of the Republicans in Congress are failures as well, because there is no reason in hell that a dickhead judge like Samuel Alito should’ve ever been approved to become Justice of the Supreme Court. I mean I listened to this guy speak, and my only thought was…Did all of those Republicans have their iPods on too loud. Alito is a prick, and never should’ve made it. More proof that most Republicans don’t know whta the hell they are doing when they get into a public office. But all of this is just MY opinion, no one really has to share it with me, but it is out there in the open. No frills and no ties.

  63. Jules


    First time commenting on this site. I have to say to Master Solace that I agree with you. As for more people I dislike well I could go on forever. Its a never ending battle everyday. Davezilla – my day is always better when I read this site – I love it!

  64. Marcus

    Thanks JFLY I thought that you might like the comments.

  65. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #29522 will be quoted here]

    Wow! Someone agrees with ME! :wtf: Rare event. Thank you, milady!

  66. Annie

    Re: Stephanie …. I’m glad someone does. πŸ™‚

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