More people we can safely dislike #4

  1. Ex-Marines who constantly say, “Hey. That’s how we did it in the Corps.”
  2. The guy who feels compelled to one-up every story anyone tells
  3. The masses who annually forget how to brake after the first 1/2″ of snow falls. Mainly Southerners, who—bless their hearts—can’t drive decently any time of the year
  4. People who brag at work about how much they give to charity but tell the homeless they can’t spare a quarter
  5. People who actually believe in dragons
  6. Stores that charge more for their gift boxes than for the gifts in them
  7. People responsible for recipes like Spam cupcakes
  8. Friends who call you up and promptly put you on hold so they can take another call
  9. The person you linked to once who became an overnight stalker
  10. Who do you dislike today?
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  1. Okay, my list (off the top of my head):

    – People who tap on fish aquariums
    – People who ruin it for everybody else in the movie theatre by commenting non-stop on a movie just because they have seen it 5 times already.
    – People who cut lanes with no warning.
    – People who use comic sans all over their sites.
    – Brown-nosers and butt-kissers.
    – People who throw their weight around just because they’re famous and/or rich.
    – Name droppers.

  2. Stephanie

    :razz:#2 sounds jusst like my father in law!

  3. tinamarie

    Folks who seemed to be normal when you started talking to them, but turn out to be total fruitcakes.

    Relatives who just have no freaking clue how annoying they are.

  4. I know it’s not a real font but I like comic sans and will continue to use it with impunity…unless, of course, the CSP (Comic Sans Police) come and shut down my site. 😀

  5. Spud

    I dislike no-one.



  6. – People who snap their gum loudly.
    – People who constantly slap you on the upper arm with the back of their hand while they’re talking to you to make sure they have your attention.
    – ‘Spiritual’ people who decide to change their religion because the current one isn’t telling them what they want to hear.
    – People who talk through their smiles.
    – People who flash their headlights at you because you’re not letting them go over the speed limit.
    – People who scrape the plate loudly while cutting a steak.
    – Girls who squeeze blackheads on their boyfriend’s backs while lying on the beach. (I live in Spain)

    OK I’m neurotic, I could go on all day.

  7. 1. Dog lovers that insist any dogs’ mouth is cleaner than humans’.

    2. Pet owners insist to bring their pets everywhere they go instead of leaving them at home.

    3. Drivers do not honk at idiot drivers. The horn button on the steering wheel does serve a purpose.

    4. People pick their teeth after meals at restaurants. Go use the restroom or cover your deep-digging with the napkin.

    5. White youth try to be “street”. Blacks try to be “Asian” (after too many 70’s Kung Fu movies). Asians try to be basketball players (except my boy, Yao Ming).

  8. Sam

    people who think they are so important that they their cell phone is attached to their ear…:roll:

  9. :gingerly steps away from Fran’s toes: 😳

    Oops, sorry chica. It was a general statement; not hinted at any specific blog/blogger! 😀

  10. Putzfactor

    What an idiot! Southerners can’t drive?! Most Southerners these days are dumbassed Yankees who have moved down here to avoid the shitty weather in the shitty northern state they came from. For us native Southerners, dodging you stupid Yankees on the road is, unfortunately, a sad fact of life.

  11. Speck

    Anyone with a “popped” collar.

    Guys with a Peeing Calvin sticker in their rear car window.

    Women who wait until their purchase is completely rung up and bagged to start rooting through their bag for their checkbook, or worse yet, EXACT CHANGE.

  12. What an idiot! Southerners can’t drive?!
    MWAHAHAAHAH I was just waiting for someone to catch that and go ballistic. Suckah! 😛

  13. mitch

    1)Rednecks (nuff said)
    2)People who have been everywhere and done everything.
    3)People who think I’m interested in what they have to say about any issue.
    7)Redneck Christian Republicans

  14. Craig

    1. People who still say “Git ‘R Done”
    2. People who say “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”
    3. Newscasters (in st.louis it would be the entire fox 2 affiliate) Who try to to be hip, and “urban” to reel in the young viewers.
    4. People on ebay who wait till the very last second to outbid you, especially when you are the only 2 people bidding.
    5. And last but certainly not least, the guy who tells the same goddamn joke for the last ten years,and still thinks he’s the funniest guy in town.

  15. > 9. The person you linked to once who became an overnight stalker


  16. :kiss: :java:

    – People you only hear from in “group emails” or newsletters.
    – People who willingly eat from plates with dividers for each food item.
    – People who go through the drive-thru and pay only with coins.

  17. underdog

    my mother-in-law

  18. Chris

    Liberals who say “Won’t somebody think about the children” then say abortion needs to be legal.

  19. BiteMeChris

    Then conversely Chris, conservatives who bitch about welfare but are pro-life. Think about it.

  20. Nicholle

    1) People who send you feel obligated to send you chain emails or cutesy emails they want you to forward to all your friends, and don’t forget to send it back to them if you really care about them!:hurl:
    2) People who talk through movies or feel obligated to narrate it for the rest of us
    3) People who can’t control their kids
    4) People who can’t drive or are too lazy and careless to drive carefully and ignore courtesy driving etiquette and other people on the road(I’m including northerners AND southerners!)
    5) People who stand outside of store entry-ways to collect money or have you sign their petition-if I wanted to give money or sign your petition I would go to YOU, stop standing right outside the door where I have no choice but to face you and then feel obligated to donate/sign, and feel like a jerk if I don’t 👿
    6) Oh hell, this could take all day….

  21. Amy K.

    1. People with the “Long-Suffering Martyr Syndrome”

    2. That person who interrupts your conversation, then can’t spit out what they have to say.

    3. People who continously forward you chain letter emails. AT WORK.

    4. That noisy person sitting behind me at the movie theatre during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire contstantly telling the person beside them what parts of the actual book are missing from the movie. DAMN YOU!!!

    Now I have to read the book over again.

  22. Heather

    People with bad hygiene, especially TEETH. uuuuggghhhh!!!!

  23. bo

    :twisted:people who can’t make up their mind, people who chew with their mouths open, people who straddle thie fat ass in a shopping aisle with no consideration of personal and public space because they’re too out of touch with themselves, people who are lazy that spend time getting out of doing work to look busy,people who are two faced and self serving, people who smoke and don’t bath or have oral hygiene ugh.

  24. People who annoy the shit out of me.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more later, after I’ve woken up.

  25. Coley

    1. People who ask questions like “Is it hot enough for ya?”. No really, it isn’t. What I’d like is to get front row tickets on the next bus to Hades. JERK! 😈
    2. People who use expletives to get their point across in a professional or intellectual setting. It doesn’t make your point more valid, it makes you sound like an ignorant hick!
    3. People who cut you off at the last second forcing you to slam on your breaks. Especially when there is NO ONE BEHIND YOU for miles!!!
    4. People who use acronyms when they’re speaking. Example, “OMG that was too funny…ROTFL. We’re BFF.”. UGH!!! STOP THE INSANITY!!!
    5. pEOpLE wHo tYpE lIkE tHiS

    As George Carlin said, “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” :wtf:

  26. misskitty


  27. Chris

    People who want to flame you but are to scared to stand up for what they believe and hide behind some psuedo screen name.–AHEM–

    TO DAVE–Someone always takes the bait. How true.:twisted:

  28. 1. Humans wearing baseball caps and sunglasses at the same time. I specified humans mostly because if a dog/rabbit/dolphin was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses at the same time I’d feel differently. I’d feel very happy about that, in fact.

    2. People who block web based e-mail, most blogs, and messageboards at work. Thanks to that I now know Count von Count’s age and most of the names on his extensive list of Countess suitors.

    And here’s a boob just because. :boobs:

  29. Wendy

    Hey underdog..mine is my mother-in-law and my crank head worthless ass bitch of a sister-in-law. Can’t stand either of them.

  30. We can all dislike people for whom you perform a service, but they blow you off when it comes to pay the piper…

  31. To Minnie: no problem. I didn’t take it personally.Just fighting for my right to party with comic sans. 😛

    To Spud: I’m with you. I dislike noone…it’s some people’s behaviors that irk me.

    Peace! Love! Unity!

  32. 1. People who still say “Git ‘R Done”

    No, no, no, Craig. People who EVER said “Git ‘R Done”.


  33. Kristi

    1. Fat people in spandex

    2. Teen girls in miniskirts and whore boots

    3. People who do the whole black eyeliner-white eyeshadow thing

    4. Loud breathing

    5. People who blame the retailer if the product they bought doesn’t work. Take it up with the manufacturer, people.

    6. People who talk constantly just to hear their own voices. Silence is golden, and it gives you time to think before you speak…

    7. People who treat every minor crisis in life as if it’s September 11th.

    8. Katie Couric.

    9. People who smoke to calm their nerves, then turn around and drink coffee to get fired up.

    10. People who misuse comma’s. <---That's a joke, son. Wow, this turned out longer than I thought it would be. Guess I needed to vent a little.

  34. hippychick

    1. My ex and his “crooked-eyed, fat *%$@.
    2. People who drive below the speed limit in the fast lane and refuse to move over.
    3. People who pull out in front of you, making you slam on your brakes and then continue to do 20 mph.
    4. Liars and bigots (like my ex and his fat-ass, crooked-eyed *&%$
    5. Spam mail, SPAM itself, eww
    6. How my 100lb Lab constantly tries to squeeze in between the back of my chair and my bed shoving me into my desk. (Love him anyways)
    7. This stupid-ass South vs North rivalry. Get over it!
    8. People with bad breath who feel they can’t talk to you unless they’re 2 inches from your face.
    9. People who won’t let you get your point across in a discussion because they twist your words around to suit their point of view.

    Good grief! I need some coffee now.

  35. Will Shakespeare


  36. cbatdux

    Luke! Some group has gone way negative today and upset THE FORCE. Use your light saber on ‘zilla and re-balance the universe. Then floss.

    (Southerns drive bad because they are always balancing a plastic cup between their thighs to catch the tobacco spit that dribbles from their toothless, cancer-ridden pie holes)

    There, I feel better.

  37. tony

    people who tell you how to raise your kids and dont have any.

  38. misskitty


  39. Aaron

    I’d have to agree wirh number 5.
    There was a kid I used to go to school with… He has the most horrible lisp, and he would INSIST that he had a dragon.
    “Dragonsha real” is how it sounded… Every day. He started bringing in dungeons and dragons books and drawing pics of the dragons in french class. Then he would study the rules. What a loser. Plus, he stole my gameboy color and cd player back then <_< Anywho... My list Liars People who cheat on other people Guys who hit girls Manic-depressive/goth suicidal girls <_< PeOpz wHo tYPe LykE DiZ Farkers who add /// to make their comments longer when they have nothing to say.

  40. cody

    bad hypocrites. i don’t mean little lies (although a lot at once does it too.) but ones that make you want to rip your hair out.

    – hey my friends cat is named miss kitty.awesome. are you two related?

  41. Bubbles

    The person or persons who stole my car’s registration tags causing me to be pulled over on my way home from the dentist’s office yesterday. To the guy who yelled at me about my car being in “your” spot: I’m onto you, pal. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  42. robin

    People w/bad additudes who insist on taking out their frustration w/their own intellectual shortcomings on others!!!! Keep it to yourself, misskitty yer bringing me down!:sad:

  43. Chris

    Democrats who flame you who can’t spell. Shut up drink the kool-aid.

  44. Speck

    I alomst forgot:
    Anyone who says, “Easy-Peasy”.

  45. flowerpower

    :!:Wow you people get a little rough on here, misskitty needs to calm down befor she pops a vein i cant belive she put her real name down. wow touchy subject north and south didnt they have a movie bout that?

  46. Pappy

    1. People who point at their wrist when they ask what time it is. (Do they point at their crotch when they ask where the toilet is?)
    2. When at a movie theater, people who go “did you see that?” No.. I was too busy staring at the damn floor.
    3. People who say “It’s always in the last place you look.” Course it is. Why would you still look after you found it?
    4. Fat girls who dress like whores :hurl:
    5. Skinny girls who dress like whores
    6. Pimps
    7. Both of the battles: North vs. South and Republican vs. Democrat. Who cares?!:roll:

  47. Lisa

    1)guys who spend a fortune on their cars but need a lot of dental work.
    2)women who bathe in loud, cheap perfume.
    3)people who loudly deny that they are having an affair even though you never asked about it.
    4)that person who gets behind you in the check out lane and hits you in the ankles with the buggy.

  48. cbatdux

    Wow, Dave. You lil’ inciter, you!

  49. 1. People who are Pro Life, but also Pro Capital Punishment, War and Guns.

    2. People who bring God into every converstation they get involved in.

    3. Liars.

    4. People who say that they’ll be somewhere at a certain time to hang out, and then change their plans without having the decency or common sense to pick up a phone call to let anyone they promised to meet know about it.

    5. People who think Poker is cool or glamourous.

  50. 1. People who are Pro Life, but also Pro Capital Punishment, War and Guns.

    2. People who bring God into every converstation they get involved in.

    3. Liars.

    4. People who say that they’ll be somewhere at a certain time to hang out, and then change their plans without having the decency or common sense to pick up a phone call to let anyone they promised to meet know about it.

    5. People who think Poker is cool or glamourous.

  51. dougieace

    high fivin mother fuckers

  52. Spud

    There are only 3 things worth any concern…

    1. Water runs downhill
    2. You get paid Friday
    3. Girls/women do like sex


  53. charlie

    People in over-sized SUVs with a ‘No Blood For Oil’ bumper sticker.


    People who dont understand that you only said hi to be nice, not because you want to f*ck them

  55. Cbatdux

    So, what IS the record for number of comments?

  56. CroneWynd

    People who have a problem with my dragon.

  57. So, what IS the record for number of comments?
    On this site, it’s 1,644. We’re nowhere near it.

  58. Spud

    I think the record for posts is 180 odd or something for a boobie topic.


  59. Spud

    I stand corrected…


  60. It was a few years back when Toho tried to take me down. I got Slashdotted, Mefi’d and posted on Harvard Grep Law. It was a busy day for the server.

    Second most popular was the old Richard Sandrak post. That got close to 700.

  61. Spud

    I remember the Toho incident 🙄

    I think that may even go down as people we can safely dislike.

    they win a boobie prize… :boobs:

  62. hippychick

    Miss Kitty, in case you haven’t noticed or bothered to bring your head out from your ass, that North vs South war ended way long ago. I live in the South you twit and I love living in the South but that doesn’t mean I “have to be” prejudiced against all Northerners. Nuff said

  63. Dogwood

    Picky eaters…..”I’ll have the Chicken with Broccoli but without the broccoli and add carrots and onions but not a lot of onions. Also, I’d like the sauce from General Tso’s Chicken instead but not spicy and I want it on the side.”

  64. Marcus

    1. People who tap their computer monitors because the computer is a little slow today.

    2. People who think computer science involves Winblows, and then annoy me with stupid questions about MS word.

    3. I agree with fat people in Spandex, but how about a fat man wearing speedos. :hurl:

    4. People who dress up their pets. That is just a waste of time and energy, and I am sure that the pet is planning some kind of revenge like pooh in your shoes.


    6. People who try to share some information when no one cares about the subject. Solution to this is buy them another beer and hope it pushes them over the edge.

    7. TV heads, TV is evil just throw it out the window and you will spend more time with your friends. 😛

    8. People who believe everything they read in books, newspapers, and magazines.

    9. The Paris Hilton Books. She should just stick to porno movies. 😆

    10. People who try to do other things while driving.

  65. Amanda B.

    People who slurp their food and make moaning noises when they eat. :hurl:

  66. Men who cannot get over there insecurities and would much rather have things be complicated between you rather than admit that they might actually love you and want to have a relationship with you….

    Then there are the lying cheating MuthaF***s who have the balls to look you in the eyes and tell you that they still love you and that they just did it because they missed the Thrill of the Chase…..:wtf:

  67. Sel

    In reference to thr Taho incident Dave, you have spawned a word on
    Apparently, you can be Davezilled….

  68. misskitty

    Flowerpower, You should have spent more time in school learning how to spell and use punctuation,instead of behind the bushes frying your brain! If you really think I left my real last name you are pretty F#@*ED up.Hey
    Hippy chick is he or she(flowerpower) your dope smoking buddy from the 60’s? :kiss:

  69. Da Popster

    Lemme see ….. #2, #3, #5, hell, sounds like a Chinese takeout menu for the dysfunctional:hurl:

  70. Da Popster

    Oh yeah,the North won, you all Southerners are POW’s, get over it.

  71. jeffro

    1. people who aimlessly wander slack-jawed through walmart in the center of the main aisle when you are in a hurry to get your kids damn prescription and get out: (meanderthals).
    2. Walmart itself! they’re taking over the country!
    3. People who say (Ya’ think?) after you make what they feel to be an obvious observation.
    4. People who don’t beleive anything you say but will quote ” Inquirer ” articles as fact.
    5. people who tell you how much cheeper they could have bought some thing after you buy it.
    6. Women who wear push-up bra’s and blouses cut to their belly buttons and get offended when you look at their chests. Also women who wear writing on their asses…
    7. people who wear name brand clothes with the mfg.’s name boldly written acrossed it. usually a company pays to advertise, not vice-verse.
    8. tiny 100 pound people who drive the biggest SUV they can find to overcome their “shortcomings”.
    9. People who hang christmas trees upside down. whats the point?
    10. last but not least, people who say “last but not least”.

  72. steffy

    OMG You guys crack me the f@%k up!!! I would have to agree with just about all of them. But the people I hate most are the drivers who slide into the fast lane just as your about to pass them, and then do 50 for about 3 hours and refuse to get over!! They see me doing 100 mph coming up behind them. I’m beginning to think that it’s a conspiracy!:!: Don’t these f&$kers know that the fast lane is MY lane, and to get the hell outta the way when I’m coming thru?!?!?!?! ( I think that they should add another lane, and call it the steffy lane!!! And only I should be allowed to drive on it!):java:

  73. Marcus

    Ok, Amercian drivers are okay. Try driving in Thailand. It is more like a video game than actual driving. They seem to make up the rules of the game as they go.

    10 points for pedestrian
    20 points for a motorcycle
    30 points for a car
    50 points for a bus
    60 points for a truck

    extra points for killing someone:lol:

    I was on a bus going home one day and the bus seemed to hit a large bump in the road. Well, it wasn’t a bump. It was a motorcyclist who was screaming in pain and holding his leg. If you want to see bad drivers, come to Thailand.

  74. baby betty

    People who tell you the truth when asked “How are you?”

    People who watch you when you are eating.

    People who snort when they laugh.

    People who walk very fast.

    People who use pretentious language.

  75. People who walk very fast? Some of us can’t help it. You must have short legs. 😛

  76. jeffro

    how ’bout people who make quotes with their fingers during normal conversation. Or women who wear hip hugger jeans and a thong pulled up to their armpits. What a stupid fad.

  77. karen

    People who think they have to have something, just because its expensive, people who think they know everything about anything, and nosey people

  78. ben

    George Bush…need i say more?

  79. coley

    How about people who put giant stickers on their car announcing to the world what kind of car it is, as though you couldn’t read it on the car itself? I especially enjoy when it’s something random that wouldn’t enhance status anywhere, like “GEO METRO”. Oooh, that’s awesome. 😎

  80. People you offended unintentionally that refuse to allow you to:

    1. Explain your actions/comments,
    2. correct the offensive behavior, or
    3. apologize.

    So, I’m sorry. You know who you are.

  81. Vimes

    10. People who misuse comma’s.

    Ahh the irony… that apostrophe doesn’t belong there.

    1. People who have nothing better to do than read this whole topic and complain about other people.

    Okay, so I’m a hypocrite. Sue me. :mrgreen:

  82. Mandy

    Sounds to my like Sir Ossis has a guilty conscience. Did you make some poor girl smell your hand? 😛

  83. Jules

    Comment 84 belongs in the bad date post, no?

  84. #87. People who dislike peanutbutter.

    Just supporting the cause. Come on, 13 more replies. We can do this for our Zillicous. He wins a trip to camp if he sells 100 comments.

  85. Interception by Jules. Now we’re at #89. Let’s get this party finished.

  86. People who never finish their senten- Who said peanut butter?!

  87. Jules

    People who hate peanutbutter probably give head to clowns, Tami Jo. :wang:

  88. You said the ‘C’ word, Jules! Never say the ‘C’ word. :dead:

  89. And Michael Meyers lives in her kitchen.

  90. He’s probably smothered in peanut butter, giving head to an evil, lobotomized clown.

  91. hippychick

    Mandy, do YOU know where Sir Ossis’ hands have been? **cleans monitor** You are the only one who made me spew my soda…at work no less..and then have to explain this website to them. Jeez! The things we do for Dave. 🙄 :kiss:

  92. Kristi

    Yeah… about #10 on my previous post (#34), the comma thing… that was a JOKE. Apparently I’m the only one who got it. Sorry. I rather enjoy ironic humor.


  93. tinamarie

    Oh, come on now, can’t we get one more ignorant comment from MissKitty and her happy friends? And I was just beginning to like her.

    #105 People who take blogs so seriously that they feel the need to FLAME half the world.

    Get over it. It’s a blog, not the war in Iraq. People are dying in Iraq. People are dying laughing at Davezilla. Big difference, ‘kay?

    p.s. ‘zilla, not that your site isn’t important…but it’s still not anything to get my undies in too big of a bunch over. I think I dangled a participle, Midwesterner that I am. 😀

  94. Dogwood

    I agree with hippychick. #86 cracked me up.

    The people that make my skin crawl are the type that look you up and down like you are trash….
    because maybe you are dressed a little differently or yur clothes aren’t the height of fashion. (Sometimes these types are women wearing fur coats with several wee, yippee dogs on leashes)

  95. Anyone who takes this site seriously needs to move along. I’m just a puppet for your amusement.

  96. javajunki

    1.”close talkers” (yeah they usually do have bad breath)
    2. Smokers who have so trashed their own sence of smell that they have to bath in cologne to think they have some on.
    3.people who serve you watery brown stuff and think it is coffee.
    **I belive in your dragon CroneWynd (mine too)**

  97. Dragon

    I don’t believe in Davezilla. 😈

  98. coley

    Ooo…I like puppets. 😛

  99. Just letting you know I linked to you. You have some funny, and some nasty (in mostly a good way), posts. Peace,


  100. hippychick

    And amuse us you do indeed Dave, thanks! :kiss::grin:

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